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10x Commissions Review – Brandon Mace’s newest bust!

There has been a lot of hype with this make money course as of recent. I have read the reviews from other marketers online and it is safe to say that these marketers are affiliates for 10x Commissions. The other reviews you might have read online are over hyping a subpar course.

If you are looking for a legit review from someone who is not looking to earn an affiliate commission from 10x Commissions, you are in the right place.

Let’s dive right into the 10x Commissions review and find out exactly what this is about.


Quick Overview10x commissions product

Product: 10x Commissions

Website: 10xcommissions.com

Owner: Brendan Mace

Price: $13.95 + upsells

Rating: 2 out of 10


Summary of 10x Commissions

10x Commissions is a training course that is going to teach you how to earn commissions as an affiliate marketer.

This course promises to take you from a struggling newbie trying to earn an income online to an expert who earns 2x, 3x, and even up to 10x more money online.

10x Commissions is going to walk you through the process with video training that is going to earn you $1,000 online in the next 30 days with FREE traffic online.

These are some serious claims by this course. To understand if this course actually holds any water to these claims, we should first take a look at who the owner is.


Who owns 10x Commissions?

The owner of this affiliate marketing course is Brendan Mace.

Brendan is no stranger to online marketing and has been in the industry for quite a few years now.

10x Commissions is not Brendan’s first eLearning course that has started to generate buzz online. In fact, Brendan Mace has released 4 other products online.

All of these eLearning courses that Brendan Mace has released are all pretty much the same exact thing. The last one I review by Brendan was Zero Hour Work Days , which made the same exact promises as 10x Commissions.

If Brendan was releasing quality products that actually deliver as promised, would he really need to keep releasing new products in the same affiliate marketing niche under a new name?


What’s inside 10x Commissions

10x Commissions has 2 main subjects inside.

  1. Unlocking the money making force.  This is supposed to be your cheat sheet to making $1,000 in the next 30 days with free web traffic.
  2. Step by step video training to make $10,000 per month.  In 90 days this video course is going to show you how to make 10k a month


Apart from the overhype, what you will be learning is:

  • How to build a target email list in the niche of making money online.
  • Building out this list with free and paid traffic online.
  • How to make money while building this list.
  • Make more money from this list by sending out follow up emails.

10x Commissions is a course that is going to teach you about affiliate marketing. Click here to learn what affiliate marketing is.

You will be learning how to find leads and buyers through free ads on Facebook, a Youtube channel, and from your website.

You will also learn how to build your list 10x faster by using solo ads to get paid traffic and which sources offer great rates.

You will then be capturing people’s emails in the niche market of making money online. When you have someone’s email, you will be sending them a message for an affiliate product like 10x commissions. When they click the link in the email it will direct them to a landing page just like 10xcommissions.com. If they buy, you earn a commission.

You will also be taught to send follow up emails every day for different products in the make money niche that you will earn a commission from.

You will be using an auto responder to send this emails out every day.


The price of 10x Commissions

When you land on the sales page of 10x Commissions, you are lead to believe that this product is going to teach you all of this at one flat rate, but that is a trick.

The initial price is $13.95 but there is quite a few upsells and down sells along the way.

A down sell is when an upsell is offered but you decline to buy it, so then an adjusted or discounted price is then offered to try to entice you to buy.

  • Upsell #1 –  $19.95 per month – Subscription to learn how to make your own product.
  • Upsell and down sell #2 – $47 upsell and the down sell is $37 – a 10x money page.
  • Upsell and down sell #3 – Upsell $97 and the down sell is $47 – 10x license rights
  • Upsell #4 –  $997 – Private coaching program with Brendan Mace

10x Commissions has upsells because the main product is definitely not good enough. You are not going to earn $1,000 in a month without purchasing the upsells.

This is very common with all of Brendan Maces products. Zero Hour Work Days has the same exact formula to try to squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

5 reasons not to buy 10x Commissions

1.) Unrealistic Income Claims

The income proofs that are shown all over the landing page from 10x Commissions are BS. Brendan has 4 products that are earning him commissions.

Every product that he has, has a lot of affiliates that are out there marketing the products for him. Do you really think you are going to be earning the same from his products?

Brendan doesn’t even make 10k a month from 10x Commissions. If he does make 10k a month it’s from ALL of his products.

2.) Sales Funnel to upsells

The product of 10x commissions is not good enough on its own. That is why on the sales page, you are shown these upsells.

If the product really was good enough, you wouldn’t need to pay for any other products Brendan has put out.

Can 10x Commissions earn you 10k a month on its own? NO.

3.) Training vVdeos are Sub-Par

The training videos are going to show you the 14 steps it takes to set this up. But, if you are new, then you are going to be left figuring out how to do this on your own.

Each step is not follow explained how to do this.

The only way you will be able to actually learn how to set up this entire system step-by-step is by paying for the private coaching which costs $997.

4.) Zero Support

You would think that when you bought a product, support would come with it. But no, not with 10x Commissions, if you want support you need to pay for it.

Quality products and training programs include support.

Wealthy Affiliate is in the same niche and has a ton of support for newcomers. Click here for more details.

5.) No Value Offered

This product is going to teach you to build an email list that you can spam with make money products. Those products are going to teach those people how to do the same thing.

There is zero value for anyone who buys this affiliate marketing product.

Do you think people are going to read your spam emails? Or do you think that these people are just going to click unsubscribe when you send them a new make money system every single day?



Don’t believe the lies of the sales page from 10x Commissions or the affiliate marketers who have bought this product and are now trying to shove it down your throat.

10x Commissions is a scam and you should not buy it.

If you want my #1 Recommended affiliate marketing training, click here.

This platform is free to join. The training is excellent and does not leave anything left out. There are no upsells to this product. What you see is exactly what you get and don’t have to worry about hidden fees.

First 10 lessons are free. The first month is $19 and every month after that is $49.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a lot more substance than 10x Commissions and is a much better price point for a newcomer.

Click here to see the process taught at Wealthy Affiliate.

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