12 day millionaire scam

12 Day Millionaire – Scammed in less than 2 weeks!

Name: 12 Day Millionaire

Owner: Benjamin Carter (Josh)

Website: www.12daymillionaire.com

Location: Unknown.



‘All that glitters is not gold’ readily comes to mind when people pitch profit-making businesses with little or no input. The money we know oils the wheels of life and sure cushions some of the challenges life throws at us, nevertheless it is common knowledge that legitimate wealth comes by hard work, diligence, skills, persistence, and taking timely hold of opportunities amongst others. Hence, it sounds preposterous to think that anyone will think of making HUGE sums of money in few days when loads of successful men and women attest to the fact that getting rich did not come easy for them.

As the name implies, 12 days Millionaire is a get rich business opportunity that sells products which claims will yield millions of days. Not much is known about its owner, as even the domain registration name is made anonymously, however on the website the owner is pegged as Josh. Research shows that the company is owned by Benjamin Carter, who also owns another business company named ‘Copy my Cashflow’. 12-day Millionaire runs on a similar template as Copy My Cashflow, this further grounds the assertion that indeed Carter owns it. Click here to see our #1 Rated Program online.

In the sales video, “Josh” claims that in 24 months he has made 8 figures and that he will give pre-made cashflow websites that have made him earn these stupendous amounts of money to members of the scheme at the price of $37. Pause a bit and think about this, if you have a business that yields a great amount of money will you give this ‘top secret’ away at the paltry sum of $37? Of course not! You will charge millions in exchange for it. Can we then assume that Josh is very benevolent or more truthfully has no special secret to sell, but just wants to fleece people of their money?

12-day Millionaire on its video’s website claims that with few clicks members are on their way to making a fortune and that at the end of the video, members will be equipped for life to make loads of money. Is 12 Day Millionaire a scam? Is it legitimate and reputable? Will members get the earnings promised? Are there upsells? What exactly is the product it sells? These questions and others will be duly answered in the course of this review.


The Good

  • There are chances that people can make money with the program.
  • The training package sure has information that is productive, enlightening and will be functional for affiliate marketing promotions.

The Bad

  • Its earning claims are quite over the top and unrealistic.
  • The identity of the owner is shrouded in secrecy; this is a red flag as any legitimate business person understands that his/her personality is an integral part of the company.
  • The testimonials of people in the videos online who have made lots of money from 12 Day Millionaire is fake! The owner enlisted the help of promotional actors from online recruitment pages to lie that they have personally benefited from the scheme. This is a no-no because there are no real proofs of earnings.
  • It has been discovered that the screenshots of the earnings in the sales pitch video were doctored. These screenshots do not reflect real earnings as the owner has photo-shopped them to deceive unsuspecting people.
  • Little information is given about how the product will affect a change in the finances of registered members.
  • It involves upsells. After the initial purchase, you will discover that you have to invest more cash to have better opportunities for making money.
  • The system is characterized by lies. Lies about earnings lies about testimonials, lies about doing next to nothing to earn, lies about the time frame the online promotional videos will be pulled down and several others.
  • Members will discover upon purchase that through the training package will do a lot of good, it in itself is not sufficient for making loads of cash.


The Product  

12 Day Millionaire claims its products are pre-existing cash flow websites which are possible for the purpose of affiliate marketing. In addition, video training will be made available to members when they purchase this product at the sum of $37. The content of the training is indeed valuable but is out of context and quite disjointed. Contrary to claims that the training are exclusive, it is now known that they date back to 2015 and are in no way special. Its content is what can be easily gotten from the web. Furthermore, Josh says the original price of the product is $97, but that a 60% reduction has been effected hence a one-time purchase of $37 is obtainable. 12 Day Millionaire promises to remove another $10 off the price if members want to opt out, thereby pegging it at $27 and $17 respectively.

The company stipulates that after 60 days, it will refund the investment of members who are dissatisfied with the product. How true this claim it is still largely unknown as the current testimonials online are untrue. Basically, 12 Day Millionaire sells information on how to make money online, this is a popular scheme but the company stands out because it claims people in its member area can make millions in few days without skills or much work. Also upsells are involved. To get additional information and pieces of training you have to cough out $197.

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Who is This For?

Ideally, this scheme should be what no one who is circumspective should get involved in, nevertheless the get rich quick syndrome that is prevalent in the human society will make people throw caution to the winds.



Is 12 Day Millionaire a scam? I will say out rightly so! There are enough red flags to signify that this company is a not an organized system. Information on how to make money with the product is vague, the financial propositions are outrageous, the testimonials are false and the earnings are doctored. Why will a company so surround itself with falsehood, if it has nothing to hide? Perhaps money can be made, but getting to find out yourself will be nothing short of you being gullible and overly financially ambitious.

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