1k Daily Profits Review – Can it be trusted?

An overview of 1k Daily Profits

1k daily profit is a program that offers users a binary options trading automated software designed to guarantee them one thousand dollars daily in real time trading as the name implies. The system was founded by John Becker and encourages individuals to get into binary trading as the software greatly simplifies the processes for even the most inexperienced. A quick look will tell you that the software is user-friendly unlike your typical trading app but that does not verify its legitimacy or tell us whether 1k daily profit is a scam.

According to John Becker in his sales video, the software is designed to attain an efficiency of 99.8% and can be run on auto-pilot without requiring you to put in any extra work. Of course, these claims seem really ridiculous but seeing as there is a promise of big rewards, we must dig a little deeper into 1k daily profits and see if it is a scam or not.


How to use the 1k daily profits software

With the user-friendly nature of the program, the software is quite easy to use. It simply requires you to follow a few steps. This includes;

  1. Set up an account- this step requires no payment and is simply the first thing to do in order to get started.
  2. Commence trading- this requires an initial investment of $250 dollars after which you can customize your settings to have the software conduct trades on your behalf.
  3. Profit withdrawal- at this stage, when your trades have been profitable and your earnings have accumulated, you will need to file a withdrawal form in order to access your funds.


How much does 1k daily profit cost?

Just like other programs that are similar to 1k daily profit, there are no charges to join. However, individuals who are interested in trading will need to make an initial investment of $250. This investment will be done through one of their recommended brokers by funding your account after you must have completed your signup process.


Is the trading software legitimate?

The software is described to be designed in such a way that it can make predictions based on the trade trends and then decide what assets will have an increase in value. In examining this data, it generates signals that tell the user the profitability and then notifies them to make trades or automatically executes depending on how it is set.

The software can operate either on auto-pilot where it conducts all trading activities by itself after which the settings must have been properly done, or it can operate in a manual mode where all it does is to send trading signals to the user, after which they have the liberty to decide on whether or not to trade.


Red flags of 1k daily profits

The program may seem quite impressive as it is but a closer observation will expose a lot of scam characteristic. The first thing to note will be the fake stock photo of the alleged founder John Becker which was gotten online and ultimately makes the product faceless and highly suspicious.

There is also the case of the numerous testimonials on their sites with results that cannot be backed up using real data, and false evidence that is too good to be true. In a bid to provide some proof of the legitimacy of his claims, John Becker shows an account with an initial investment of $250 and moves quickly through a time lapse of about 7 hours of trading and at the end of this period, the software had accumulated an excess of $1500 and hadn’t lost a single trade. This might seem overwhelming until you realize that there is no proof of the legitimacy of this either, and if it is too good to be true then it probably is.

Finally, if this is truly as ground-breaking as it promises, then there would be a lot of information as to how it actually works and the program would have received a lot of recommendations from experienced traders and would have obtained the patronage of regulated and licensed binary options traders.

1k daily profits bio data

Name: 1k daily profits

Website: www.1kdailyprofitss.com

Price: $250 initial investment

Founder: John Becker

Overall rank: 0/100


My final opinion of 1k daily profits

From the information that I have examined about this product, 1k daily profits are something I would definitely NOT recommend. Before you can get great results with any automated trading software, you need to use products that you can trust. But the fake testimonials and invalid demo account is a massive red flag that cannot be ignored.

Often times, people are attracted by the figures and rewards that they stand to gain that they fail to take an objective look at what they are being offered. This review should serve as a guideline that clearly points out that the risk here far outweighs any potential for gain.

If you are really interested in binary trading options, there are more legitimate ways to do that but this program is entirely shady and not exactly trustworthy.

As a general rule in the future, programs that offer you an absolutely insane amount of rewards while telling you that no work is required are always out to get your hard earned funds and you should always be critical about such products.


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