20 minute results review

20 Minute Results Review – Don’t buy the hype!

When a make money product starts to generate a lot of buzz online, the question is always, is this product a scam?

Can you really make 100s of dollars online while only working 20 minutes or less? That is the marketing pitch we are presented with from 20 Minute Results. Building an income online takes longer than 20 minutes a day, if you want to start your own business online, click here to learn more.

Well, I have reviewed 20 Minute Results and it is not a scam, but do not believe the hype you will earn 100s of dollars or even a dollar from this product. To find out why read this full review.


Quick Overview

Product: 20 Minute Results

Website: 20minuteresults.com

Owners: Mark Barrett & Paul Prissick

Price: $6.27 + upsells

Rating: 3 out of 10


What is 20 Minute Results?

20 Minute Results is a digital product that will teach you how to make money online by you only having to invest as little as 20 minutes a day.

The owners claim that this system they are now selling has helped them generate over $250,000 online and they now want to sell it to you.

Does it sound to good to be true?


What is inside 20 Minute Results?

When you buy the basic package of 20 Minute Results all you will receive is a video series that will discuss how their make money system works.

There is a total of 8 videos and the total length of these videos combined is about 30 minutes. There is actually no real value here but are designed to entice you to buy their upsells.

You won’t have an understanding of how YOU can make money but as how this system is going to teach you. The first product of 20 Minute Results is not going to set you back much but it is only created to get you hooked on their system and spend more money.


What you will be learning from 20 Minute Results

As the introductory video course does not offer much help, it does go over what their course is going to teach you. There are some good lessons that a person with no prior knowledge can benefit from.

  • Building a website
  • Email Marketing
  • Selecting and promoting affiliate offers
  • Generating traffic to your website
  • Tools you should use

As this is a great place to start. A system like this is never going to make you rich or earn you 100s of dollars with only 20 minutes worth of work.

Earning money online as an affiliate takes dedication, time, and serious effort. So the name of this product is lying to you and trying to make you believe you can earn a nice income with almost no effort and that is not true.


The upsells of 20 Minute Results

20 Minute Results has some very dubious upsells that come with this product. At first, it is going to seem pretty expensive but if you hold off for a few minutes, this platform is going to offer a discounted upsell.

The first upsell: $27

A follow-up email series – For $27 you will be buying a license that will allow you to use pre-written emails. These emails are going to be in a sequence you can use for your own email marketing campaigns.

Decline the offer and in a few minutes, that same upsell is going to reappear to you at a discounted price of $17.

The second upsell: $27

50 blog posts you can publish and monetize. There actually is no quality control when it comes to buying articles. As other people most likely have bought these articles, you will be penalized by search engines when you publish duplicate content. You will have to rewrite these articles to pass a Copyscape test.

Hiring a writer on Fiverr to write 50 quality articles is going to cost you a lot more than $27. I would avoid buying these articles that have no quality assurance or benefit to you.

Decline the offer again and in a few minutes, the same upsell for these 50 blog posts will be presented again. This time they are going to be offered at $17. Again, decline these articles, they will not make you money.

The third upsell: $197

The private membership – This is where 20-minute results really want to get you. They know you are a beginner and are going to need help, this is where you will have to break open your wallet if you really want to earn money online.

This private membership will allow you to be a student under Mark and Paul.

But wait, if you decline this offer the first time, it will be presented to you again at a discounted rate at $97.


Is this a recommended product?

20 Minute Results is not a recommended product. You are not going to get results by only working 20 minutes a day.

There is no free trial to see what this product or program is going to teach you.

You have to spend $6 first to access an 8 part video series that will cover what this system COULD teach you.

The only way to actually make money from 20 Minute Results is by paying for the private membership for $97.

Do you want to spend $6 on a video series to learn about what you could learn about? NO. Avoid this product.


A system that is recommended

When it comes to internet marketing (which is what 20-minute results are teaching) you need to find a platform that is going to teach you all the ins and outs but also offer all the support along the way.

That is why there is only one platform I recommend and that is Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only is their training program state of the art and is going to teach you in a simple way that someone who is an absolute beginner is going to be able to grasp it. They also have a full and active community that can help along the way.

If you have questions or need help, it is very simple to contact the owners (Kyle and Carson) or use the live chat feature to discuss issues with other members.

If you want to earn money online, then I suggest you take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review and make sure this is the platform you.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped thousands of people generate income online, it is a trusted program to help you make money online too.


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