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5050fifty – Scam or is it Legit?

5050fifty is a mail order program. If you are reading this now you most likely have received a post card in the mail. Postcards are sent out to individuals who are seeking opportunities to make money.

5050fifty prides itself on people not needing to have a computer to join the program. (I think they don’t want you to read this review)

This company is a multi-level marketing scheme. People who join MLM schemes usually do not make any money.


Company: 5050fifty5050fifty scam

Website: www.5050fifty.com

Price: Level 1-$25

Owner: Scott Beals

Overall Ranking: 1/10


Introduction to 5050fifty and Time Freedom Rings

This program is designed for you to send out postcards for people to join. When someone joins the program through the postcard you sent them, you will receive a commission.

5050fifty is an easy company to begin with, all it takes is your initial investment of $25. The whole purpose of you joining and sending out postcards is for recruitment.5050fifty scam

This is a Multi-level marketing scheme. Anytime a company tells you how easy it will be to have others join the program they are lying to you!


The Good and The Bad 5050fifty

The Good:

  • Paid daily and weekly
  • Postcard mailing is offered to fit many budgets
  • Income potential is simple – 3 levels of recruitment paid out
  • Offer company shares as bonuses
  • Retail website of products
  • Receive a 10-day trail of products
  • No computer is needed
  • Offers a 60-day money back guarantee

The Bad:

  • There is no contact number or email
  • No support from the company
  • Buyer has to pay for their own postage
  • Website is not professionally designed
  • Website only has an introduction video and a tab to join
  • Videos try to convince people to buy into this scheme
  • It is a MLM company


Who is this program for5050fifty post card review

Time Freedom Rings or 5050fifty is for people that are looking for a basic income. With no need to understand the products they are marketing. All you need to do is pay for postcards and send them to job seekers to make your own commission.


Tools and Training

From all the searching I have done, there seems to be not tools or training offered for employees. Possibly, when you sign up tools and training will be mailed to you. It seems basic and all you will need to do is pay for postcards. No training need It seems.



This program offers no support at all. Once you pay you are on your own from there. You will not be able to find a contact number to call the company. There is no email to contact the company online. You will not be able to directly contact the owner.


Price5050fifty review

You will have to pay $25 to enter into this program. From there you will need to decide which mailing budget fits you. This company is trying to upsell you into purchasing higher mail campaigns.


Final Verdict on 5050fifty

This employment opportunity is a pyramid scheme. I do not recommend joining 5050fifty.

The website is only presenting you a video to convince you to join. After you watch the video you will be transported to a secure web page. This is the only other page on the website.

Joining a MLM company is never a good idea. You will not make the kind of money this company is offering.

There are major red flags about this company. There is no way to contact this company for support. The website only has two pages to offer information to you. There are no testimonials or interviews of people who have made money with this company. This company does not offer any training.

60-day money back guarantee is usually another sign of a scam.

Is there a better option for you? Yes.


  1. I was looking around after the last post I was on because this caught my eye as I’ve heard about this but wasn’t sure what it was.

    Just curious why are members referred as “employees” when you have to pay to join. When you pay to join something, how can it be an employment opportunity?

    I know to stay far away from MLMs so I will do so with this one too. 🙂

    Thanks for your review!

    1. I believe that is just a trick to lure people in. Tell them they are employees who have to buy in and make the owners of the company, even more, money. I hope you do, I am not sure how MLM are still allowed to operate and rip hard working people off.

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