is 7 figure profit code a scam

7 Figure Profit Code – The truth revealed!

Name: 7 Figure Profit Code


Owner:  Michael Grayson



The act of making money online through the several opportunities that the web presents continually booms now more than ever. Several platforms with different niches are out there and it will take careful consideration and lots of research to sift through them.

Do you not have the time to do this? Do not worry, we’ve got you covered. After reading this review you will be better equipped to save yourself from online scams and the attendant loss and stress that come with it.

7 Figure Profit Code is a scheme that launched in 2017 and claims that you will earn $1000 a day when you get access to its member area. Wow! Don’t you think that’s a pretty mighty claim? With minimal effort, it postulates that you can make $365,000 in a year for just a token. First of all, let’s do a background check before delving into scrutinizing the system.

7 Figure Profit Code’s owner, exact location and modus operandi of the business is largely unknown. What we know is that Michael Grayson owns it; a man whose information is absent on the web. The domain was also registered anonymously, so we have no idea who the business partners are or the pedigree of their professional career. I have also discovered that there is a similar scheme like it called 7 Figure Cash Code which runs as an MLM. Also, the Mike in the sales pitch video has been discovered to be fake, obviously the image was bought from Shutterstock.

What then does 7 Figure Profit Code sell? Basically, it sells a ‘product’ that will make you earn about $1000 daily. How you will earn this money is not disclosed, neither are the needed prerequisites you need for success listed. The company promises that you will get access to a pre-built website that has a lot of web traffic on it and so you will earn cash daily through the links on it. Simply put, it offers affiliate marketing and the commissions that come from it. Popularly, online businesses that are illegitimate use this catch on people, they promise you heaven and earth at a token, only for you to discover you’ve been scammed. Affiliate marketing is fun but takes time to learn.

In the other sections of this review, I will examine the claims of the company and its legitimacy status. Can you really make money from 7 Figure Profit Code? Let’s go find out.



  • It is quite sad but I have to submit that 7 Figure Profit Code has zero value. This is my personal opinion though.
  • There is a slim chance you will get a refund because payment is made through Clickbetter.


  • Overhyped profit claims. Making money online is no walk in the park, to then think that someone plays with people’s intelligence by claiming otherwise is appalling.
  • It is a lazy approach to online money making. It states that with the push of a button and just 15-25 minutes online you make thousands of dollars daily. If it were that easy then everyone will be rich.
  • It employs scarcity tactics to trap people. This technique is usually associated with scams because when legit companies use this they stay true to their word so that they can give their best to the number of people they can handle. However, 7 Figure Profit Code claims that it needs just 45-47 people in the system after which the gates to this money making ‘machine’ will be closed. I have discovered that since September 2017 that the claim was made positions are still open till now. Go check it out yourself now. Laughably, the number of limited positions keeps changing.
  • Nothing is known about the owner and how exactly the system will help make a profit. Why then should you entrust your hard earned money to someone who does not deem it fit to put a face to his business?
  • There are no real testimonials from real people. A quick web check reveals that the testifiers are paid actors from a freelance website (Fiverr) who make a living from lying about personally profiting from the company. These actors make sales pitch for several other online scams. This in itself speaks volume.
  • The disclaimer on the website negates the company’s claims that you will make successfully make money or earnings.
  • There are upsells and hidden charges involved. This is a high-risk investment.
  • Your personal information will likely be sold to other platforms.


The Product, Compensation Plan, and Pricing

There is no physical product, just ‘top success secrets’ that the owner has that will enable you to earn money. He says the information costs over $5000 but he will be willing to give it away at a reasonable price. Ordinarily, it costs $67-$97 to purchase, but interestingly after watching the website’s video and you choose not to proceed, a price slash as low as $17 is offered to you. Which business personnel who is worth his salt and has valuable content will do such? Your guess is as good as mine.

Furthermore, the content of the product has been found to be of low quality. You need to ask how a new website will garner lots of traffic when the knowledge of targeted keywords in content is essential and it has to compete with existing ones that understand better how the system works.

There are ‘coaches’ who will suggest better ways to make huge sums to you by pumping more money into the system. Your personal information is also required to get ready to receive lots of spam emails from platforms you did not subscribe to. The system emphasizes a ‘buy it now’ approach, the truth of the matter is that there are no limited positions, and there will not be anytime soon.



It will be apt to end with the disclaimer on the website which states “the typical purchaser does not make any money using this system. does not guarantee income or success, and examples shown in this presentation do not represent an indication of future success earnings.” What better way than this do we have to get the truth from the horse’s mouth? This is proof enough that the ‘just push a button with minimal effort’ is a scam to make wealth only for the creator of the program. You’ll do well to steer clear of 7 Figure Profit Code, but if you like risks then, by all means, invest, just bear in mind that you won’t be able to cry wolf when you are scammed.


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