About Me

Hello! my name is Kurtis and I have been working online since December 2016.

True wealth to me is having the freedom to do what you want when you want to. The idea of clocking in and going to work from 9-5 has never been the dream for me. I use to do that for many years. I was not happy waking up to go to a job just to make a paycheck. My mindset has always been on creating a lifestyle around work I love not working for someone else. I have begun to work on my dreams after years of working for just a paycheck.

My story of how I got here

When I graduated college in 2008, I had no idea what type of job I truly wanted to do. I always have had many interests and having to pick just one frightened me. What I decided to do was begin working at an electrical wholesale company. I was doing logistics on inventory and shipments from companies to our company. It was incredibly boring but the pay was worth it a the time. After the first year, I was losing motivation, the thought in my head was there was no way I could do this for ever. I decided to quit after my second year. From that point on I decided I only wanted to work for myself. I started my own real estate business. I took what I learned from the electrical wholesale and applied it to real estate. I run a company that connects real estate investors to properties that are being sold at a discounted price. Investors come to me for properties because I do the logistics on the numbers, resell value, repair costs, taxes, and any other costs that come up. Investors know I account for every numerical detail which will save them time and money in the end. As my one business is growing, I decided I wanted to start another business online. I never created a website or sold anything online. But, I knew if someone else has done it, then I can do it too!

Why my story is Important

Starting out online is difficult, everyone is trying to sell you an idea or a know how to make money online. I have looked and done the research and found a true place that helps you. For someone like myself I did not have prior experience online, but was willing to learn. I just needed to find the right platform that actually would set me up for success not just want to take money from me. Learning how to start your own business online step by step is what I was looking for. But, I did not know who to trust, who would actually want my business to succeed. I found a community online of like minded people who wanted to be self sufficient. These people are in this community are friendly, they do not judge, they understand the growing pains of starting out online. At Wealthy Affiliate everyone is there to help each other.

What I can tell you

I have started two businesses myself. One in real estate and now one online. I did not have the know how to get started online. At no point from the moment I started did i feel lost, every question you have will be answered. I can make money online in my spare time, then you can make money in your spare time.

If you would like to contact me you can reach me at Wealthy Affiliate. (here is a direct link to my profile)