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Accelerated Income – Fast track to a scam!

Name Accelerated Income.


Owner:  Susan Whitman

Location: United States.


“If it sounds too good to be true, it is most likely not true.”  This assertion has saved discerning people from lots of headache, scams and unnecessary stress. In the world of online money making opportunities, there is nothing truer than this statement. Times without number legit review websites have noticed the trend and pattern that scam sites use; ridiculous earnings promises, less emphasis on hard work, substandard training, the vagueness of products, recycled scam under different names, fake testimonials and earnings screenshot, absentee creators, anonymous domain registration and a host of others.

Yes, you can definitely make money with the gimmicks they present, but you won’t make it through them because you will be scammed. This introduction will help to put this review of Accelerated Income in perspective.

What is Accelerated Income? It is a site that promises that members can earn about $397 daily with about one hour of work online. How? By posting links on sites, forums and basically everywhere and thereby earning through the number of clicks on the links. Susan Whitman is said to be the owner of Accelerated Income and she states that she divorced early and so had to work 2 menial jobs to support and take care of her two daughters. She was continually in debt and so hated her work and bosses until she found out a way to make money with less workload and subsequently she became her own boss. Accelerated Income will give you a website through which you can promote your link, it will also train you on how to post ads online and earn commissions from them.

While this is a way to make money, it is an old method that usually no longer yields results because there are more innovative ways to engage in affiliate marketing. On this premise, Accelerated Income has nothing to offer, there are tons of sites like them telling you, you can make money but actually giving you nothing in return for your investment. Come with me as I expose Accelerated Income. Affiliate marketing is being an online entrepreneur.


The Good

  • Absolutely nothing!

The Bad

  • Its earnings promises are ridiculous and highly out of reach.
  • It says prior experience is not needed to make money, this is quite untrue because of knowledge of the web and how to utilize it is necessary for affiliate marketing.
  • Its training content and methods are archaic and will help in no way.
  • Susan Whitman the supposed owner of Accelerated Income is false. She is on another scam site giving the same testimonial and story on it. We need no other proof that it as a scam.
  • On its sales pages, Accelerated Income makes news post that misleads people to believe it is featured on news stations, this is a lie. The news videos on its site has been seen on other scam sites.
  • The testimonials on its website are false.
  • It needs access to your credit card number so that it can charge the $29.75 for hosting and maintenance. Possibly, your account may be hacked.
  • There are hidden charges that are not disclosed initially.
  • Upsells are involved.
  • Your private information is not safe with Accelerated Income, it will be used by other marketers to spam you.
  • It is a high-risk investment.
  • There are no links to contact customer support.
  • There are no limited positions in the system, it is just a gimmick to make people panic and rush to sign-up.



Accelerated Income is a work from home online business where you sign-up, then begin to post links for companies’ product and thus earn commissions for doing so. Accelerated Income calls this a job, I however disagree. Posting links is not a job and no company will pay you for posting links. What Accelerated Income has refused to tell for its own gains is that when purchasers click on your link and purchase the products, only then will you earn.

Of course, this important truth has been downplayed and people will rush in only to realize that what they know is a half-truth. Yes, it is possible to make money through affiliate marketing but Accelerated Income has decided to twist this legit business opportunity for its gains at the expense of signed up members. Need I state again that to make money through this business model you will need relevant information (not the out-dated one Accelerated Income gives), skills, persistence, and hard work, it does not have an easy way out as Accelerated Income claims.


Sign Up Fees and Rewards

It claims that sign up is free, but it will request your credit card number and charge $1.95 dollars to enable it to verify if you are a person and not a program. This is amusing, isn’t it? It is public knowledge that there are ways to verify persons and keep robots off a site, usually, you are asked to match pictures or fill in specific letters or numbers.

Accelerated Income just wants to fleece you, simple! It will further charge $29.75 for maintenance fees. As time goes on you will be asked to pay $197 to qualify for some rewards, and sincerely this cycle will not stop. Its coaches will lure you into ‘more promising plans’ and you will cough out more money. For each click, it claims you can get about $15.


 A Scam?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Its owner’s name and the picture is false because Susan has been found on other sites peddling the same story on Accelerated Income. The testimonies of earnings on its website are false, the same people there are also in several other sites giving the exact story, it does not have any news endorsement, it is a false claim, and also the fake news post on its website are on several other sites.

Why does Accelerated Income need your credit card? Your guess is as good as mine. Its quick and easy money making mantra is common with scam sites, they are more focused on the money rather than the product. Generally, Accelerated Income is founded on lies and more lies



The above submissions clearly and solidly verify that Accelerated Income is a scam. There are many like it outside and sincerely you won’t make money through them. Why lose your hard earned money to smart scammers because they offer you a seemingly attractive and less difficult way of making money online. You can be your own boss, true. You can make money through affiliate marketing, true. But you will need lots more than Accelerated Income brings to the table for you. Blacklist it, it is not a profitable venture.


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  1. This company is now out of business and the domain name is for sale. Google and other search engines have likely banned this domain name from their search engines making it worthless for marketing purposes. 10-28-2018

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