ads cash scam

Ads Cash Review – Cryptocurrency Scam?

ads cash review

Ads cash review

Name: ADS cash


Overall rank: 50/100


Ads cash overview

Ads cash is an online digital marketing agency that provides a platform for advertisers, publishers, site owners and marketers to source for valuable advertisement currency for their sites and campaigns. The agency prides itself on being a next generation cryptocurrency platform where users can mine advertisement coins to help conduct their future ad campaigns. In its prediction, ads cash plans to be a worldwide used and accepted currency for use in online advertisement transactions and it is based on the biggest and most secure block chain platform, Etherium.

The idea here is that advertisers and publishers can buy ads cash coins to pay their advertisement fees or sell these coins that have being earned in the exchange market.

It aims to make the advertisement process and transaction easier through a faster and electronic platform with frictionless payment by the secure features of Ethereum. However, since this is a currency based organization, we must explore if it is an investment of the century or a setup that should be tagged an ads cash scam.


The good

1.) Ads cash is a form of digital currency, this implies that it has a good potential to grow bountifully in the next couple of years into a widely accepted means of exchange and transaction.

2.) It explores a seemingly fresh category in the online world by providing a simple way to carry out exchanges and payment in advertisement through digital currency.

3.) It offers a free sign up as at this moment where users are provided with 100 free coins which can be used in the exchange market.


The bad

1.) It requires the formation of networks and teams which add a touch of multilevel marketing to its mode of operation seeing as more profit is made when you bring more people to the network.

2.) There is absolutely no guarantee that the ads cash coins will grow in tremendous values like its more popular counterpart which is universally accepted in all sectors as a valid means of exchange, the Bitcoin. This is particularly disturbing as it focuses only in the advertisement world and might not be accepted as the norm.

3.) It functions with the same ethics of some other crypto-currencies that have performed poorly in the past and may die a natural death on its own. This implies that there is a small possibility that all coins bought or earned during this initial start-up phase may vanish with the wind if it crashes.

4.) Aside from the ads cash coins itself, there is no real exchange of tangible and material products as users are expected to carry out mining and networking to make their gains.


Who is ads cash for?

Ads cash has some claims of becoming the currency for future advertisement. For that reason, the first set of audience it aims to target are advertisers or people who may be interested in making their product reach a wide audience, and publishers. Its referral system also makes it possible for anybody else with free time on their hands to join the system. However, being highly focused on the use of its own new crypto-currency, ads cash is suitable for people who seek to invest little and bid their time for a possible explosion in the future. Just as Bitcoin started with a value far lower than what it is today, ads cash proposes a wider acceptance and universal use in times to come.


Ads cash tools and training

There is a lot of video training and orientation made available for new members in their dashboard on the website upon registration in the system. However, there are no special kits provided as users are simply directed to sign up and proceed with referring new people, forming teams and mining their coins.


Ads cash support

The number one resource for members and interested participants who are willing to join the system is the company website at It provides all necessary information for members who are involved in the system and also answers questions that participants may have. All emails of inquiries and questions you might have are to be directed to


Ads cash price

Ads cash works on a very simple referral base process. It is currently running a free membership program where new members are presented with 100 free coins upon registration. However, users are required to have a minimum of 1 pack coin valued at 25 dollars in order to be able to make money on their downlines.

All downlines and their countries of origin are depicted clearly on your dashboard and have access to your contact information. The system operates on a basis that gives you a commission of 10 dollars worth of Bitcoin for every 100 dollars purchased by a downline beneath you. This implies that the more your referrals are actively engaged, the more money you stand to make.

The members of this platform can also carry out ads coin mining operations where they compete with each other and are rewarded for every successful block mined.


My final opinion of ads cash

While it seems to be a really innovative venture, there is an inherent issue of trust that must not be taken lightly. Several of such platforms have started out with great promise only to fall short along the way and encountered massive crashes. An example of this site is click intensity which is closely affiliated with ads cash and had undergone a meltdown that resulted in a lot of people losing their virtual investments.

It is true that it offers great investment opportunities especially in the advertisement world but you have to be extremely cautious when entering such schemes. Another issue is the matter of acceptance. As at this moment, the ads cash coin is not accepted by the exchange market and thereby does not exist. Bitcoin is still the most used and generally accepted currency and any other form of digital currency trying to break into the scene must follow a similar pattern which brings up the issue of imitation. Therefore, if you are passionate about tremendously risky investments, you can start out small here to test the waters. But don’t expect life changing results.

Verdict: NOT LEGIT

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  1. hi thanks greatly for you continued enlightenment,kindly guide me to a good online trading business where i can invest for my children

    1. Robert,

      You can always download STASH or ACORNS which is a great way to start investing small amounts of cash. You can download them in the app store on your smartphone. I personally use Acorns.

      I would recommend you open an actual brokerage account. Contact Morgan Stanley or any of the major trading firms and open an account.

  2. Alpha Cash is HYIP without hype! Another scam project by the Questra owners Alex Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk. Actually if you have a closer look you discover how much it’s close to ill-famed Questra – technically and even visually. They offer absolutely enormous for the market rewards and have typical for Ponzi scheme “grades” or “ranks” structure. Be aware and stay away!

  3. As Questra has been already banned in many countries – in the UK, Italy, Austria, Belgium, the Czech republic. Instead of running oand hiding Prochukhan and Pestyuk are trying to launch new “projects” – Ponzi schemes Digithereuem and Alpha Cash… Their greed shall kill them – if I were them I would I fly to some forgoteen island in the Pacific and sit there quietly drinking my coctails until the investigation is over… But it’s their choice to proceed financial pyramids – we’ll wait and the logical ending for the history.

  4. I think it’s absolutely clear. Questra/ AGAM is thinking.
    Alex Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk are busy with their new pyramids – Digithereum, FWAM, Golden Island – people their money with these swindlers. Typical financial pyramids – just looks at this “investors ranks” and enormous income promises. I wish the police could caught them in an act!

  5. I´ll never invest in such an investment plan.

    Alpha Cash Investment Plans – they offer 10-15% per month starting from $10 deposit, and 200% profit a year!
    (Presumably I’ll have give them $30000 for 360 days, LOL – utter scam!)

    Also it’s obviously connected with MMGP

    All people who believe in these promises belong to psychiatry!

  6. It seems that the biggest problem with crypto tokens is that the market is barely regulated and controlled by financial authorities that makes Ponzi schemes and financial pyramids like Questra/ AGAM, Five Winds (FWAM), Digitherium, Alpha Cash, Golden Island possible. And their creators, like Prochukhan and Pestyuk are still able not only to avoid criminal punishment and attack other market players with black PR-campaigns.
    The market definitely needs international professional standards to be implemented as well some global regulative acts. Also, in my opinion, the players shall create and participate in the professional associations, which would provide no place for the people like Alex Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk.

  7. Recieved no refback from them!!!
    Registered in Hong Kong and have no offices in the EU to have a talk with someone, who is in charge for it personally!!!
    Scam!!! Stay away from dealing with them!!!

  8. Anyone must be very careful in joining this kind of scheme. The internet nowadays is crowded with scam sites. High-yield investment program (HYIP) is a kind of Ponzi scheme. It has an interest of much low or sometimes doubled in a short period of time. The investor will only be paid when there are new members joined and invested. They used fake address and details, falsity CEO.

  9. New extensive and in-depth investigation about Alex Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk projects – Questra, Digithereum, FWAM, Alpha Cash – has been posted on Youtube recently, and it’s not an another 5 minute thing full of giving damns on Prochukhan and Pestyuk but a competent almost 40 minutes long fim, giving some answers to our questions. Worth watching definitely! A link:

  10. Alpha Cash offers absolutely enormous income without revealing their portfolio and the promised income is much higher than let’s say the US treasuries)). There’s even no any rules or regulations on their site! But what’s even more important Alpha Cash is said to be one of the next scam “projects” Alex Prochukhan’s and Cheslav Pestyuk’s of ill-famed Questa, which was blacklisted by the most of the EU financial regulators.

  11. As my Questra’s director (8th level) said, which is now in this project, the company is from Pestyuk and Prochukhan. And it’s as if everyone knows. This HAYP is likely to stretch for year or so. But to my question to jump in now or not, he advised it’s better not to do it anymore. So it’s up to you, risk if you’re lucky but you’ve been warned!

  12. is an exchange luring people in with U.CASH. When you deposit money, there are no issues. But as soon as you want to withdraw the money, you have to verify your e-mail account. That’s not possible though, since the verification e-mail will never be sent to you. So if you have deposited money into, you will not get them out of that exchange.

    So what’s happening is you can use the money as monopoly money, but they won’t ever see the light of day again. Say goodbye to your money.

  13. Traders` reviews for BTC-Alpha
    Thank you, your review is held for approval.
    Stole my ETH
    I had a failed transaction nearly 1.0 ETH . I have been in contact with them for a month now and all they keep telling me to do is to send text and then when i send a text they tell me to send screen shots , when i send screen shots they tell me to send text. I would never recommend using this exchange. They have literally stolen my money. Please be aware of this exchange. This is not FUD this is the honest to god truth!

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