is advocare a scam

Advocare Business Opportunity Review

Advocare review

Name: Advocare


Owners: founder- Charles E. Ragus

Price: $79 membership/distributor kit


Advocare overview

If there is one business that has generated a lot of buzz both online and offline, it is the Advocare Company. Advocare is an organization and a multi-level marketing scheme whose products are targeted at the health and wellness sector. One of its most popular creations is the Advocare 24 day challenge which has gained traction as a top notch weight loss program. Aside from the weight loss plan, Advocare is also involved in a wide range of dealings, from nutrition, skin care, supplements manufacture, and distribution. It has its headquarters and base of operations in Texas. The main components of this business model are the use of direct sales and multi-level recruiting to help distribute their products.

However, even with the wide ground that the company has gained, there has been a few controversy in regards to the legitimacy of the health claims and validity of the results been presented by the products being sold by the company. The 24-day challenge has specifically gained a lot of attention as most people have testified to its results while a few others have reported actually gaining weight while on the program. However, while they may be some disparity in the reported success of some of the products, we can safely say that Advocare products are original and high quality as they deliver good results especially as they make use of independent testers that test these products to ensure their viability and effectiveness. To address this, we must take a deeper look into the various products being offered, how they actually work, whether or not they deserve the attention they get, and whether or not Advocare is a Ponzi scam.


The good

The company presents a wide line of products that are beneficial and have obtained

their own status as high-value commodities.

Due to its popularity, marketing and distribution have been made relatively easier as there is a lot of information on the net where intending members and potential customers can source their own information independently.

It provides good earning potential as it avails you the opportunity to make your own income on your own terms. A feature that is prevalent in most multi-level marketing schemes.


The bad

They have been a few bad reports with some of the products. Even though a lot of customers have provided great reviews, they still remain a few who have claimed that the products are not really what they seem.

The issue of oversaturation is one that cannot be ignored. With the amount of attention that the scheme has drawn over the years, a lot of people have been attracted to the system which had caused some sort of saturation. Therefore, it would require extremely hard work to make any reasonable impact to outsell the competition.


Who is Advocare for?

Advocare has a wide range of products that has provided itself with a solid foundation such that it can thrive well in any market. Their flagship product which is the 24-day challenge is targeted at weight loss, an issue which has been really problematic for the vast populace. Therefore, the advent of the company itself makes it a setup that can accommodate anyone into the system. It is especially well suited to people who can market such products and have a flair for advertising. Its products, however, are for just about anyone seeing as they address a plethora of issues. Therefore, whether you are a full time employed individual, a student, or a person who runs his/her own business, this is a venture you can engage yourself in on the side.


Advocare tools and training

Aside from the initial start-up and membership phase, Advocare sponsors provide personal seminars, presentation and meets to help new users get oriented and acquainted fully with the system. In a few other occasions, there are webinars (online seminars) and three-way calls to reach a wider audience and provide them with the requisite training to help get started and get ahead.


Advocare support and products

There is a lot of information available on the internet for free about the company and you can link up with some of these providers as they themselves are affiliated with the system. However, the number one resource for information and support is the Advocare website at where there is a designated page for members to direct their own personalized queries for detailed answers.

The company is known to have more than 90 products in their supply and distribution line. These generally fall into categories of weight loss, nutrition, supplements, energy boosters and a host of other sports performance products.


Advocare price and membership

Just like other counterparts in the multilevel marketing world. Advocare operates on the basis of referrals and commissions. These two activities are an integral part of the system that keeps the organization up and running. However, an important edge it has over other multi-level marketing schemes is the prevalence and domination through direct sales. To get into the system, one needs to first purchase the membership/ distributor kit at $79 that enables you to become a distributor with the system and makes you eligible for a 20% discount on future products purchases.

However, to maintain this status, there is a $50 dollar annual fee that is required to enable you to have access to the 20% product discount. The distributor kit contains 3 boxes of one of the company’s most popular products; spark and gives you the right to resell at a price you want. According to the company retail price, one box of spark is valued at $22.95. Aside from this membership fee, there are a few other discounts that you are provided with by the volume of products you purchase. You are entitled to a discount of 25% when you purchase goods between $500-$1499, 30% when you purchase between $1500-$2999 and 40% discount when you purchase $3000 and up.


My final opinion of Advocare

If you are going to join an MLM company then you might as well join a network that has gained its own popularity audience and trust. However, you must take into account that there will be a lot of competition that requires you to work vigorously if you aim to make an impact. This combined with a few claims that the products are not exactly remarkable has got your work quite cut out for you. But be rest assured, this is a legitimate business model that works and there is no doubt as regards to its income earning potential.

If MLM is not for you, there is an alternative option online that could be better suited for you. This, just like MLM is going to take your effort and dedication to become successful with. You can learn how to build your own business online. There is potential to earn as you learn. This platform is one of the most recommended online to begin internet marketing.

This is the 4 step process you will learn.

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This very well might be a brand new experience for you and that is why their training program is divided into daily tasks with video walkthroughs for you to fully grasp every aspect of building your website.

It is free to join and you will have access to 10 lessons and 2 free websites. Also, a live chat feature and tons of help and support from members as you need.

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