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Affiliate Marketing Revolution – Should you buy it?

Luca Destefani or better known as “Big Luca” as he calls himself online, has created the Affiliate Marketing Revolution course.

This course is designed for you to follow Big Luca, who makes astronomical amounts of money online (or so he says) and then duplicate his affiliate marketing system. You can join the Big Luca Academy to learn and follow Big Luca’s marketing techniques.

I will review Affiliate Marketing Revolution but first, let’s take a look at Big Luca and see if he really is an internet marketing expert. That should help decide if buying Affiliate Marketing Revolution is going to be worth it.


Who is Luca Destefani?big luca academy

Luca is the owner of Affiliate Marketing Revolution, Video Course Revolution, and Self-Publishing Revolution.

Big Luca is a self-proclaimed internet marketing expert. He has income claims ranging from 10k all the way up to 40k a month! That type of income would most definitely put him near the top of leading industry experts.

Luca started from humble beginnings as a bouncer, then in 2015 decided to switch gears to internet marketing. He claims after 2 years to have all the secrets when it comes to publishing ebooks, selling video courses, and being an affiliate marketer.

Could that be true? has Big Luca cracked the secret of internet marketing and become a guru in the industry in just 2 years?,, and are simple squeeze pages that hype his own products and entice you to buy. seems to be his main website, which by industry standards is by no means well put together. A Very simple blog that does not make me believe it comes from an industry expert. There are some designs I would like to see Luca update and make his blog appear more professional.

As for his Youtube channel, the most views I have seen on any of his videos seems to only be around 5,000 and the rest of his videos seem to only be around 1,000. That is a low amount of traffic compared to some of the leaders in the industry such as Tai Lopez or Nick Anderson (Online Sales Pro).

Luca definitely is a different personality when it comes to the internet marketing industry, he has a no bullshit attitude. That is a great approach and whether he actually is one of the top marketers, it is unclear, but keeping a consistent voice will definitely help him become one of the top marketers in the future.


What is Affiliate Marketing Revolution about?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where an online retailer will pay a commission based on the amount of traffic or sales generated by referrals.

This course is designed to show you how to make money as an affiliate marketer. AMR will instruct you on which niche you should be in to make money and which products you should market. You will be able to follow the same strategies that Luca has been using.

This course is not designed to show you how to set up a blog, social media accounts, or a Youtube channel. But instead, AMR will demonstrate strategies once you have these systems in place. This could be a major problem for someone who is new to internet marketing and needs detailed instructions on how to do each and every one of these steps.


How much does Affiliate Marketing Revolution cost?

AMR is not a cheap course by any means. What I do not like about AMR is that there is no free trial. You do not get to see any of the marketing material before you have to open up your wallet. There are a lot of other affiliate marketing programs online that offer some free training modules. Yoonla and Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Revolution costs $99 monthly. For the year that will cost you $1,188 but to be an affiliate marketer, you will still need to buy a domain name, website hosting, an email responder, and a few other important tools. For the year you could be looking to spend closer to $1,500.

There is a lifetime membership which is at a discounted rate for $899. That is beneficial but not being able to actually see the training, resources, and tools it makes it hard to pull out your credit card to pay for it.

Monthly: $99

Lifetime: $899


What will AMR teach you?

Affiliate Marketing Revolution will not help a beginner launch a blog or help you through the setup process, which I do not like since affiliate marketing really is based on having your own website. But, if you have a blog set up here, here is what you will learn…

  • Secrets of the affiliate marketing pros
  • Making money with email marketing
  • Choosing programs that make money
  • Using social media to make money
  • Ranking, conversations, and optimization
  • Start different businesses in different niches. (apparently under different names, which I highly do not recommend.)
  • Some SEO
  • Making sure your businesses earn commissions

The course contains 8 hours of video footage for you to follow and learn from. That is a hefty amount of training.

There are some real pros with this course.

  • Learning niches
  • picking profitable products
  • marketing strategies
  • step-by-step training

There are some real cons to this course too.

  • Should contain a lot more about SEO. SEO is a key component to being an affiliate marketer. If you do not understand how to rank high in search engines for your website or videos, you will never make money. Keyword research and content creation are two major factors for SEO. AMR is not the place to learn SEO for affiliate marketing.
  • Not a course for a beginner. When you are starting out with a blog, email marketing, or social media. You will need help setting everything up the correct way. AMR does not teach you how to do this.
  • There are changing tactics and strategies. As search engines and ranking change, tactics have to change too, AMR is not the training course that is prepared to change with it.


AMR affiliate marketing with Youtube

AMR has a completely different idea on how to make money with Youtube and that is affiliate marketing. As I have been in the online industry for some time now, I know quite a few Youtubers. All of which are making great money.

I have asked them before why don’t you affiliate market with Youtube? The simple answer is usually the same. People are there to watch videos, not to buy products. So focus on making quality videos and using Google Adsense and you will make more money.

AMR wants to teach you how to affiliate market with Youtube, where successful Youtubers focus on making quality videos and using Ads to make money.


Help and Support with AMR

The only help and support you will receive from Luca and AMR are by joining the Facebook mastermind group. As AMR does not have a customer support, live chat, or help center.

The only way to get help and answers to your questions is by posting them in a Facebook group. You could be sitting around for 24-48 hours waiting to have a question answered.

For how much you have to pay every month, you should have a lot better help and support.

AMR cannot offer any technical support for your website, hosting, or email campaigns. If you have issues with HTML or coding, you will have to seek answers elsewhere.

As a beginner affiliate marketer, you will have lots of questions and need help. AMR is not the ideal course and program, to begin with.


Affiliate Marketing Revolution Conclusion

Affiliate Marketing Revolution is not a scam but I do not think this is the program to join. You can absolutely learn some great techniques but if you are new to the internet marketing game, I would avoid joining.

This program costs too much and does not offer as much as other programs do for much less. If you want to join an amazing affiliate marketing program, see my #1 Recommendation.

You will have step-by-step help with choosing a niche, building a website, generating tons of traffic from SEO, and monetizing your website.

This program focuses mainly on white hat SEO. You will also learn how to rank Youtube videos if you want, how to build and grow social media accounts. It is all offered there.

You will have 50 lessons with step-by-step videos. 2 free websites, website hosting, security, and a team of technical experts that can fix any issues you have.

More help and support than you could possibly need. There is a full community of internet marketers that are leaders in the industry that can help you and there is a live chat for instant answers to questions or problems.

For all of that it is still free to join. There is a premium membership which only costs $19 the first month and $49 every month after that you stay a member.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer than join a program that is focused on making sure you actually learn how to succeed in the online industry.

Join my #1 Recommendation today.


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