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Alliance Systems scam or worth signing up?

Alliance Systems Reviewalliance systems scam

Is Alliance System a scam? Or is this a real check processing site?

Check processing can be very lucrative as long as the company is not a fraud or scam situation.

Before you decide to join, you should read this review in entirety.



Price: $400-$700 investment. (These will be your start up fees: becoming incorporated & opening bank accounts)

Scam or Legit: We will find out.


Getting Started with Alliance Systems

“We are a comprehensive check processing provider focused on solving universal payment acceptance challenges for clients to help them remain current, competitive and profitable in a rapidly evolving marketplace.”

You might be asking what does this mean? Alliance Systems claims to have business clients that need to have cash funds. Your job or business opportunity with Alliance systems will be to open 5 different bank accounts and manage the checks deposited into those accounts. The clients will need cash funds for their day to day operations.alliance system review

The process seems to be totally legitimate from the start.

  • You have to apply online.
  • Alliance Systems does a background check.
  • Once approved sign a contract with Alliance Systems.
  • Open 5 bank accounts
  • Start managing bank accounts.

Seems pretty simple, their website says you will only really need to work 1-2 hours a day. Something seems off about this company.


Checks you deposit and how you will be paid

It does not cost much for an initial investment with this company, but will you be paid legitimately?

Alliance Systems states that you will be paid 5% for all the check holdings you have deposited in your bank accounts. All you have to do is process the checks the way the agreement states when you signed the contract.

So, if you processed $50,000 in checks for the month you would receive 5%, which is $2,500. Not bad for not having to do much work.

Alliance Systems claims they will pay out every two weeks for all the check processing you do.

The checks you will be depositing into the bank accounts you set up are RCC. These type of checks are generally used in FRAUD.

If the checks are fraudulent the bank will not be able to tell until the victim reports the fraud.rcc check scam

When the checks turn out to be fraudulent, Alliance Systems will not be charged but YOU will.

Alliance Systems will be considered a 3rd party, they will be untraceable. When the Federal Reserve comes to get the money back. They will be coming to the bank accounts that deposited the checks. That’s you!

It gets even uglier

Depending on the total amount of the checks you deposited into the accounts you set up, that is how much you will owe the bank. This amount can depend on how quickly the victim finds out their money was stolen. It could be over 200,000 dollars you owe to one back. (and think you created 5 bank accounts)

This could potentially bankrupt you, take all your assets, your home, and even JAIL TIME.

How do I know these checks are fraudulent?

The bank account numbers on the checks are stolen. When you research into the account, you will find it is either someone who works from home or had their bank account information stolen.

Before you incorporate, you should research each and every check. Look up the address and you will find out just like I did that it is someone’s home and not a business.

What you are really doing in stealing someone’s money, clearing it through your bank accounts, then sending it back to a company that cannot be traced! You’re providing stolen money free and clear.

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Wait, can this get worse?

Yes, this can get much worse for you. Besides that fact that when you get caught, you will owe the bank a ton of money that you do not have, you are also about to be the victim of the scam yourself.

You provided Alliance Systems with your bank account information when you signed up. Now, all they have to do is create RCC checks from your bank account, send them to someone else who signed up to be a partner. And, now all your money is gone as well!

That silly little background check they ran on you was to get your Social Security number.

Now, Alliance Systems has your social security number they can begin opening credit cards in your name ruining your credit. Or, they might just sell your Social Security number to someone else and let them ruin your credit.

This company will not disclose any of the important information you need to be in the check processing business.

They will not tell you the check return rate.

They will not disclose any risk management information to protect you from fraud.

Please, whatever you do, do not fall for this scam. You might possibly ruin your entire life. alliance systems review

  • Jail time
  • Bankruptcy
  • Will have to pay all money back to the banks.
  • Credit will be ruined

This is a scam.


Need a real business opportunity. Read the review below and make sure this is the right opportunity you are looking for.

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  1. Holly Smokes! This is the absolute worst scam I have ever heard of. The Alliance System will take everything you have and leave you in a black hole of debt.

    I dearly hope no one falls for their scam, but clearly, the Alliance System scammers are having some success. Otherwise we probably never would have heard of them.

    I suspect a scam this complex and detailed must be the work of organized crime.

    1. I found out about this company because they are using PPC ads on GOOGLE!!!
      It sure seems to be an organized crime. I could only find the country of origin for the website…which would be Switzerland. Clearly, the owner is hiding their idenity. We can’t find the owner city or country. So this people are being very careful.

  2. Thanks for the article is very important to know about this scams, because they take advantages of people that want to make some money and get totally ripped off.
    I hope with this article nobody falls into this scam
    Definitely Wealthy affiliate is a great company that worth every penny of it.
    Thanks for the article great information.

  3. I’m not being funny here but the first few paragraphs of this review really scared me – Your job or business opportunity with Alliance systems will be to open 5 different bank accounts….WHAT????
    I’m so glad you covered this setup – I’ve been working online for several years now and I’ve not come across this type of scam before – it sounds absolutely terrifying!
    Are there any customer complaints about them online?

    1. Yes, it says it right on their website they tell you what you will need to do in the beginning and admit to how much it will cost to begin. I found them on Google in one of the Ads. I double checked scam advisor and it says the website is 76% safe which is a good rating. So everything looks to be very legit. I could only find 1 customer complaint online. Let’s just hope only 1 person has fallen victim to this scam!

  4. Wow! That is a scary scam! I hadn’t heard of check processing before as a way to make money from home. It sounds like you might think there are some legitimate companies out there, but that Alliance Systems is definitely not one of them. I think I will steer clear of the whole check processing idea in general lol. The awful scenario that you outlined of getting caught up in fraudulent transactions doesn’t sound like anything that I would want to risk messing with. I’m glad that you provide info on better ways to make money online than this scheme. 🙂

    1. It is very hard to say if each check processing company is going to be a legit work from home opportunity. There are big companies that do this and the clients trust using a big name. You do not want to get caught in a fraudulent system like this. I am here to help people like you Kiersten to stay clear of the bad and help you find the good!

  5. Thank you for this review, it sounded fishy when you have to set up all the bank accounts, knowing the way the banking industry works, it set off red Flags. The sad thing is that the BBB Report says they are and A++ rated company. This has to be a money laundry operation of the worst kind.

  6. Thank you for this review, it sounded fishy when you have to set up all the bank accounts, knowing the way the banking industry works, it set off red Flags. The sad thing is that the BBB Report says they are and A++ rated company. This has to be a money laundry operation of the worst kind. However, I would like to point out the links in your review to legitimate work from home industries takes you to a web page that is expired.

  7. Ok i am still a little shocked…cause they are paying for the incorportion fees for the company in my name . There is no investment on my part at all..still i am a little skeptic about

  8. Has anyone actually been ripped off by this company or is it all speculation? I ask because I started the process and want to know has anyone personally found out the are scammers and now have thousands to pay back?

  9. Kurtis, I want to thank you for the review. And I will post the email correspondence with the rep from the company:
    Dear David,
    Recently you have applied for a partnership for running a check processing
    business at I would like to outline several
    important points that you should understand before we move forward with your

    Step 1. We incorporate a company for you and pay the incorporation fees. No investments are required from you.
    Step 2. Once the company is active, you will receive the incorporation
    documents. When you do, you should visit some banks for opening corporate bank
    accounts. This step requires about $100 – $200 as a minimum deposit for the
    banks. Please note that once the bank accounts are opened in one bank, you
    should withdraw this amount and use it for opening the bank accounts with
    another bank etc. Thus, after the last account is opened, you can finally
    withdraw your funds.
    Step 3. We integrate your corporate bank accounts to our system that may
    take up to several weeks. We pay all the monthly fees for all the bank accounts
    once they are opened.
    Step 4. We start operating the bank accounts. Your job is inputting the
    required transaction information in your profile at our website. It can be done
    any time during the day and may take up to 1 hour per day.
    Please let me know if you have any questions and email me if you are willing
    to move forward and start earning with our company

    Isabelle Mauro
    Managing Partner
    Alliance Systems Ltd

    6 Karaiskakis Street, 3rd Floor
    Limassol, CY-3032, Cyprus
    T: +357 2503 0629
    I have an LLC. And ein already. I also have a sole proprietorship. But I am very interested and actually I am a little nervous because of the companies offering to pay for cashing checks that ultimately bounce. I have been lucky to avoid those pitfalls but I have seen people not so fortunate. What reassurances do I have that this company is entirely on the level? Once that is established, I am more than willing and perfectly capable of performing all the requirements for the position. I was a manager for a several debt collection companies and one of the tasks was to keep track of the payment arrangements for the debtors and create and manage a spreadsheet with the monies collected and if declined following up with the consumer.

    Thanks for your time, help and the opportunity. Pending the resolution of the angst I have because of the multitude of scammers and my own unfamiliarity of banking and it’s policies, protocols and procedures.

    Please respond at your earliest convenience
    David Everett Leibowitz
    Show quoted text
    I think I will send a copy of the review to see if they even reply.
    Just a note, when I did my application, in place of the social security number and driver’s license number I wrote ” will furnish upon hire. I would like to talk to you Kurtis about finding a legitimate company from home. Please contact me at with leads and a push in the right direction.
    Thanks in advance.

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