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Ariix Review – The Truth Finally Revealed

My Ariix Story

The majority of the reviews you can find online about Ariix claim to be honest. Like this is the best opportunity for a profession you could possibly find. That is not the impression I got when I was told about this company.

If you are like me, then one of your friends contacted you and told you they had an amazing opportunity for you. Of course, being curious I had to find out more about this. He would not tell me anything, not a name, not what industry, or what this opportunity was.

All he would tell me is that there was a meeting that was going to go down soon. So, I figured it does not hurt to check it out. Right from the start, I was weary, but it was recommended by a friend I grew up with so how bad could this really be?

I’m always interested in finding new ways to earn money, so I might as well see what this opportunity is about.

I got to the meeting thinking it is going to be at an office, but no, it was at some dudes house. The place was relatively nice and the cars in the garage were actually awesome. I started to think this isn’t too bad. An informal meeting, that is pretty cool and laid back. My kind of people I want to make money with.

That is when it started to get weird.

I was under the impression this was going to be a “legit” investment opportunity. I came to find out that this was basically a cattle call to rope in as many people as possible. Everything that was being said just struck me as this is a pyramid scheme.

The presentation got pretty strange. The guy that was presenting Ariix to us and everyone who was affiliated with Ariix, including my buddy, kept agreeing with things that were being said. I’m pretty sure I heard an “AMEN” at one point. It seemed as everyone who was associated with Ariix was brainwashed into thinking this was the greatest money making opportunity.

All I could think is this is another MLM and pyramid scheme.

This was not so much a presentation of Ariix, but more of a group of Ariix associates trying to shove it down our throats. They were trying to pressure us into “investing” with Ariix. All we had to do was buy a sample kit for $200-300 to show to our friends and family.

I am not one for multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes, so I knew right away that this was a HELL NO.

When I finally left, I had to start looking into this company. It is strange because I can only find a ton of websites calling this company legit. Okay, so this company isn’t being shut down today or tomorrow, but I know this company is going to fail at some point.

Here is the research I did into this company and why you should avoid joining it.

Here is why MLM companies are not worth joining.

They are lying to you!

The failure rates of joining an MLM company is unbelievably high. Don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t. Even the people at the top of MLM companies have to jump ship eventually too.

Which brings me to the first point of why I would avoid Ariix.


The leadership of Ariix

The ownership of Ariix is as follows:

  • Fred Cooper – Cheif Executive Officer
  • Mark Wilson – President
  • Jeff Yates – Chief Financial Officer
  • Riley Timmer – Chief Operating Officer
  • Deanna Latson – Chief Product Officer
  • Wenhan Harry Zang – Chief Information Officer
  • Ian Chandler – Chief Sales Officer

All of the founders at Ariix came from a different MLM company called Usana. Usana is an MLM company in the same exact market sector. Health and sciences.

But all of these leaders jumped ship from Usana in 2011 to start Ariix. 3 years later in 2014 Usana is under investigation from the FTC, SEC, and IRS. Did the founders of Ariix know trouble was coming their way and get out before something bad was about to happen?

From what I could find it seems the leadership at Usana was under investigation for possible violations of federal securities law. Probably because it is right on the line of an illegal pyramid scheme.

Maybe the leadership at Ariix is smart. Smart enough to get out before they get shut down.

(This is just findings I have found online and should not be taken for fact.)


Ariix Products

The health and wellness sector always seems to have some devious tactics for selling. They often use false advertisement on products that do not work to sell to consumers.

Is that the case with Ariix?

Why has Ariix not settled a claim from that was issued in 2014?

Ariix Review

Are we looking at a company that is making false claims to their products?

For companies like Ariix, there is a regulation that needs to be met in order for this company to not be illegal. The representatives of this company need to make up 30% of the retail sales. The rest of the sales (70%) should be made by the company itself or it is going to be deemed an illegal scheme. That is based soley on recruitment and not the actual distribution of products.


Why you should stay away

If this was a reliable way to make money with this company, they would just hire you and put you on salary.  The ownership would keep all the profits for themselves while kicking you bonuses as the company excelled.

Most the time when these companies are formed is because there is no viable way for the company to make money off of their products. That is why they need you. They need you and your personal network. The majority of the time the company is just making money off of you.

Some will get lucky and make a ton of money. Few people will actually break even. Most of the time companies like Ariix will just end up costing you money before you decide to quit.

The drop out rate of people who join these types of companies is through the roof. There is no longevity to joining an investment opportunity like Ariix.

According to, here are the statistics of the drop-out ratio.

  • In the first year, a minimum of 50% of representatives have quit.
  • Afer 5 years, a minimum of 90% of representatives have quit.
  • By year 10, only those at the top have not dropped out, making safe to say 95% of representatives have quit.

Do you really want to take a chance with a company you have no longevity with and could leave you with less money than when you started?


This company is looking for you to use your personal network to move products. I’m willing to bet it saves them a lot of money from advertising their products when they have you badgering all your personal connections.

Here is a screenshot of a Youtube video claiming to be an honest review about Ariix.

ariix review

This is all the personal connections in your life who Ariix wants to see you target to sell their product.

Do you really want to badger the barber as he/she is cutting your hair? How about annoying your mechanic as he is fixing your car?

The training from Ariix a network marketing company is for you to go after everyone you come in contact with in your life. I know I do not want to be chasing down my teachers asking them to either buy products or invest into a company.

It is no surprise that the first one on the list is “people who are dissatisfied with their job”. This makes for an easy target to try to recruit these people into the scheme.

Save yourself and all your personal connections and avoid this. You do not want to be the friend or family member people want to avoid because you are always trying to shove Ariix into conversations.


Why I avoid companies like Ariix

I am all for building my own businesses. I have done that with an internet marketing website. I have multiple social media accounts with thousands of followers who engage with my content.

I don’t have to spend my time blabbering to my friends, family and everyone else I come into contact with about a new opportunity.

When I am looking to invest, I invest in the stock market. No, it is not always huge investments, but I would rather invest my money in a company and not have to go out and sell product and recruit others.

I want my money to work for me not the other way around.

I recommend that you also avoid companies like Ariix. The failure rate is way to high. Don’t lose your money trying to build a business as a representative.

You would be much better off learning how to do internet marketing. This is how I make a full-time income. No, it was not easy to do and it did not happen overnight. But, I learned how to do it and I am happy I did.

I’m more than happy to show you the exact platform that I learned from.

Wealthy Affiliate.

You want to make money and build your own business. This is a much better option that will teach you all the skills you need to be successful online.

Building a website, content creation, keyword research, SEO, and choosing a profitable niche.

That is where I learned to be successful online and it is a great alternative to joining a network marketing company. This is done all online and you do not have to chase your whole network to join.

You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

If you have questions or concerns, please leave them in a comment below.


  1. I have review many MLM program as well as MLM as a whole. It’s a beat. Most are illegal due to the FTC’s 70% rule.

    It states 70% of sales have to come from non members. Most MLM’s do not even come close.

    I am happy there are other people out there trying to warn people off. If you want to make money online build YOUR OWN business.

    Get the training you need and learn how it’s done.


  2. Based on what you have said here, and based on the fact that to me Ariix sounds too good to be true, and based on my time online anything that sounds too good to be true it probably is 90 percent of the time. Thanks to this review I’ll be staying away from Ariix.

  3. Yeah I always get suspicious when someone asks me to invest in something like that and they can’t clearly explain to me how they make money besides signing up new people…

    Maybe it just my impression, but it seems like the majority of Multi-Level-Marketing programs these days are actually total scams! I’m hard pressed to name more than just a few that actually sell a good product or service to the general populace.

    But switching topics now, it sounds like you are pretty happy with Wealthy Affiliate. How long have you been with them?

    1. Nick,

      That is how MLM or in this case network marketing is. I didn’t even want to try to break down the matrix compensation plan.
      I have been with WA for about 1 year. I have learned a lot about marketing online. I started this website recently to help people find the great place that I got my start at. My other websites are well built and earning well, I wanted to help show people a better path than their MLM options.

  4. Oh my that was a great, informative and funny
    read!! I’m so familiar with these kinds of mum used to work for Herbalife years ago, then one of my friends got sucked into one..invested a lot with no results, tried to pull me in as well but it just felt wrong to me so I said no way!
    Great job with the site!!

    1. Ingrida,

      Yeah, I think we all know at least one person who has been sucked into these types of companies. If you are a marketing expert than an MLM company would be perfect for you. But, If you are an expert at marketing, you do not need an MLM and will be just fine marketing your own business.

  5. Another MLM Scam. I have joined MLM before and though some are legit, most are schemes. I tried my luck with MLM and as you stated I became a statistic of drop outs. For legit MLM it is a long hard work. Thank you for providing a review on scheme like this.

    Have a great day!

    1. Jonathan,

      It is a legitimate company but I do not recommend people joining. You are going to have to put in a lot of work and it is not going to be worth it. I’m sorry you tried an MLM company and dropped out. I hope you spread the awareness of your experiences with other people. It is good to have the word out there.

  6. Haha… I have to laugh. I read your article and I still can’t figure out what Ariix sells! I hate it when people try to get me to buy stuff from their MLM jobs (so many of my SAHM friends have been roped into one, an it sucks to always have trying to sell me something). I’d be running from Ariix really, really fast too. Good review!

  7. Hi Kurtis,
    I don’t think I’ve ever read anything good about Ariix. It’s amazing how companies like that manage to remain active. I suppose there must still be enough believers to keep the thing running.
    I enjoyed your article and echo your support of Wealthy Affiliate – a great resource with loads of helpful people!
    Best wishes,

    1. Maybe I have just been coming across people who are affiliated with Ariix and that is why I am only seeing good things about this company. A quick Google search for Ariix reviews and all I could find were people praising this company.

  8. Unfortunately I’ve fallen for these types of MLM programs before. There are a few decent ones out there, but for the most part, they are just like pyramid schemes.

  9. Hello and thanks for sharing, I now about these kind of program where you spend and see very little return for your money, I was a part of those type of system. What you have said is the truth and it is not worth the headache. I had rather own my website, write blogs and promote products. Because with this type of business we are in full control. Thanks again.

    1. Norman,

      That is my point in all of this, even if it is a legit company, the amount of work you have to put in for the return you get does not add up. You are right, I enjoy having my own website, controlling my content, and making money online. The trouble of MLM is definitely not worth all the work.

  10. Thank you for a wonderful post. For the most part any MLM that has a product you buy is not a scheme or scam and the pyramid is the strongest standing structure in the world today. BUT, with that said, I prefer the passive nature of Affiliate Marketing and like you, not chasing friends and family. I have Wealthy Affiliate and I have my Karatbars which are both passive. Most drop from MLM because in order to really make the most money you have to recruit to do that. Great Article as well as the info on the directors.

  11. I tend to avoid sales pitches that ask for an “investment up front.” You’ve done some excellent research into their background and operating practices and that information is what we readers depend upon to make informed decisions.

    Thank you for getting the word out about Ariix and MLM’s in general.


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