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Name: AWS Mining




This is a Cryptocurrency mining company that allows people to sign up, choose a plan and then pay a fee that entitles them to mining earnings. Thus, these subscribers are offered cryptocurrency mining contracts with little amounts as investments starting as low as $40. These mining contracts are measured in CMP units and displayed on the site. The website portrays the company as a professional destination for Cryptocurrency mining. It also portrays the company as having a global presence although this claim is not substantiated and there are only three videos displayed as proof of this assertion. Also, the company gives the impression of having their office outside Australia but then gives an Australian address. A second China address is given as well and on the whole, the website portrays the company as reliable.

The good

  1. The company displays a huge level of transparency as we can see from the various features on their site
  2. So far, their customers seem to be satisfied

The bad

  1. It is not clear how much subscribers can earn from using their products
  2. The parameters for the fees charged on coins mined are not clear

Who is it for?

AWS Mining is for anyone who intends to invest in Cryptocurrency mining and wants a transparent company to operate with. It does require a certain level of tech savviness and a rudimentary knowledge of the fast-growing cryptocurrency world.

Products and Services

The products that this company have to offer are its mining contracts and there are five in number as displayed on the website. The measuring unit used on the site is CMP. 1 CMP has been taken to mean $400 which means that 0.1CMP is $40. This also means that 0.1CMP is the basic plan. Investors who choose this plan will pay $40 for the company’s services.

Although the company’s office addresses are provided on the site, the location of the mining farms are not disclosed but there is a declaration to the effect that new mining farms are added often. In the FAQ section, there is a claim that the cost of electricity, the price of cryptocurrencies and other factors affect the selection of a mining location and of their fees. The company boldly states that the location of their operations cannot be disclosed for security reasons. While this may sound reasonable, it is imperative to understand that having a physical presence is one of the first and best ways to verify the validity of a venture and without one, there will be lots of room for doubt.

Final Opinions

The feedback on the AWS Mining social media handles look great and the company appears ready to be traceable as they have provided a contact email and phone number as well as a determinable office address. In this light, we can say that they are transparent. Payouts have not been all over the place because the company has not been around for too long.

However, their website looks genuine. The fees are low and the company is charging 20% of the output. We cannot estimate the output and are not clear on how much exactly one can earn from this site or how quickly the figures can change. So, it would appear that AWS Mining requires more observation over a longer period of time.

If you are interested in making an extra income online, I highly suggest taking a look at this program review here.

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