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Do you want to become self-employed today?self employed

Have you thought about starting your own business but do not know how or do not have the capital to start a business from scratch? Today I can teach you how to begin your self-employment journey online. I can show you the correct steps to take that will not cost you a penny to begin and soon enough you will be bringing in some serious cash.

If you want to be self-employed online continue reading on.


What it takes to become self-employed online

You have come this far and that is fantastic. You have already planted the seed of self-employment into your mind. Here are some of the key concepts to becoming self-employed online that will ultimately provide a revenue stream into your pocket.

  1. Motivation to work for yourself.
  2. Deciding if you will provide a service or a product.
  3. Platform to learn as you go.
  4. Networking online or in person.
  5. Building trust with your customer base.

If you can accomplish these 5 things, you can become self-employed and create an income you have always dreamed of. To start building your own business online there is one community I would recommend to you. That is Wealthy Affiliate. This online platform will help you learn as you build, network with many other business owners, and all you need is your motivation.


Who are the people that become self-employed?

We have all heard the stories of people who venture into business for themselves and create an amazing business. We are all capable of accomplishing such a goal.

When I started to build my first real estate business I was on my own. All I had was my self-motivation to go into business for myself. I did not have prior experience in real estate just the drive to accomplish my entrepreneurial dream. I had to learn on my own, break out of my shell and shake hands with people I had never met, and the hardest part was build trust with homeowners that they were in good hands working with me. Starting my business online was much easier.

People who started businesses online come from all different walks of life and have a unique story to tell. Some of the people I have come into contact with who have become self-employed online started as.

  • part time after their day job. (like myself)
  • unemployed at the time and could not find a sustainable income.
  • disabled and unable to show up to their day job.
  • of course men and women!
  • college students who just needed to earn a few bucks but started a profitable business.

There are much more stories of people who have started businesses online but that was just to name a few. What do all of these people have in common that have started a business online?

Freedom to work from anywhere – Whether you want to work from home, a coffee shop, or on the road as you travel!

Create their own flexible schedule – When it’s your business you work harder for it! The hours you put in are when you want to put them in. The work you put in is much more meaningful.

Incredibly happy to have started – The reward you feel from working for yourself is the best feeling in the world.


Is it possible to start self-employment online for free?

The biggest challenge people tend to face when they want to begin their journey to self-employment is how much it costs to build a brand, a website, and costs to marketing. Hiring someone else to do this for you will cost you thousands of dollars. Most of us do not have thousands to start a business online. BUT, there is a way to get the ball rolling on all three of these for free!

Below I posted an overview of what is offered for free at Wealthy Affiliate. All the knowledge you need to begin online self-employment is offered there.

Read my review about Wealthy Affiliate!

As you might have guessed this is where I started and I would recommend starting there to everyone (my family and friends hear about it all the time).

Step 1: Start building your business online at for ZERO dollars

Step 2: Create a 100% free account

Step 3: Begin learning how to operate your business online

And in just a few seconds you are on your way to building a business online


Need help with your self-employment online?

All you have to do is ask! I can help you with any information need to get started. Please leave a comment below. Or you can reach me at my profile inside wealthy affiliate here.


  1. You mention Networking online or in person and this is where Wealthy Affiliate help you create your own interactive website.
    I like the way they have set-up their give and take thread where members interact on their platform providing comments for each other. You provide one for a member and they reciprocate returning the favour on yours.
    After a while if you are determined to interact, you can really create an engaging presence with comments at the bottom of posts.
    Search Engines adore interaction and visitors gain trust from your engaging presence which ultimately leads to conversions.
    Great post,

    1. Simon, Networking online or offline is very important for any business you are trying to build! online it is easier to network for people who might be stuck in their shell and its a good way to slowly break out of it. thats why wealthy affiliate is a great place to start an online business


    1. Yes I think self employement is possible for everyone. The great thing about WA is you do not need to go full time, sure you can, but if you already have a job you can work on your own site part time at your own pace. As for not being a technical person becoming employed online WA is the place to start. Every step has a video lesson, and if you still are stuck there is a search bar for answers or a live chat to run your question by someone online. All the programing you need to do is very basic and everyone and anyone can do it!

  2. right now I work from home for cigna. I think i might have to join WA and start building a second incone from home. great post. thank you

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