How to build a successful online business

These are the steps to build a successful online businesssteps to success

When you begin to create your own online business, there is a simple formula you should follow. Having a successful online business is not rocket science anymore and can be achieved by anyone. To make a successful business online, you are going to want to implement the following steps.


Step 1: Find a niche.

Your niche is going to be your marketplace. The niche you choose should focus on something specific inside a market. You do not want to have a broad idea or else you will get lost in the crowd.

The niche you choose for your online business does not have to be something complex or this brand new idea. You as a person already have experiences, interests, and hobbies that you are passionate about. The best place to start is with a niche you already have knowledge on.

Fitness would be too broad for a niche, but maybe you might know which supplements people should be consuming. You could be into beauty products so why not create a niche where people can find all the beauty products that are not animal tested?

There are many ways to create and find your own niche to focus on.

If you need help with your niche leave me a comment below and I will help you get started. You can also find out more about niche’s here.


Step 2: Start planning.

You have now selected which niche you want to have as an online business. In this next simple step, you want to decide if your niche is going to sell a product, offer a service, or affiliate market products. When you affiliate market products, you do not actually sell them, you have links for people to buy the product from another website. I’m sure you have clicked links from other sites and bought products. The site you clicked through made money off of your purchase. The formula for all 3 ways is exactly the same.

  1. Your headline should create interest.
  2. Discuss the problem your product or service will solve.
  3. Show how it solved your own problem.
  4. Show testimonials from existing customers.
  5. Describe the product and how it will benefit your viewer.
  6. Make your offer on the product.
  7. Guarantee the product.
  8. Establishing an urgency will help close the sale.
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale.
  10. You just made money online.

This product or service is in your niche. When you create your content for the product, people will be able to feel the passion you have about it. Don’t forget to read your content as you create it from the view of your potential customers.


Step 3: Build a Website.

You have your niche and your formula for selling. When it comes to your website design, keep it simple. You know when you go to a website that has been over done, you just leave right away. Think about Facebook, the design, and layout of Facebook is incredibly simple and easy for every user. I have some tips for your website design.web design

1. White background with one or two generic fonts.

2. Navigation around your site should be crystal clear.

3. Graphics, audio, and video should only be used to enhance your product

4. A registry to collect emails, customers are loyal to people they trust.

5. Easy to buy, 1-2 clicks away from purchasing.

6. Your website is your business, make it customer friendly.

Building a website is not as complicated as you might have thought. There are services out there that make it extremely easy for beginners to start building. WordPress is a website builder I would recommend for anyone looking to start.


Step 4: Create traffic to your site with search engines.

Pay-per-click advertising is the quickest way to get traffic to your website. With keywords, you select you will be a top search result on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For some starting, this might be too expensive and you will need organic growth to your site. Organic Growth to your website is SEO. The goal is to have enough traffic to your site when people are searching for you to show up on the first page of all major search engines. Instead of the PPC advertising, the traffic to your website is going to be much higher. SEO might seem very complex to achieve, but it’s not complicated. I have simplified SEO for you to read here.


Step 5: Establish your expert reputation.

The internet is an information super highway. Provide your views with free informative material about your niche. Link to other free information on other sites. As your website is your niche and you are creating the content make sure to produce quality content.

  • Expert articles, and videos for free on your site will be key.
  • Have a share button for people to link to their social media for all their friends.
  • Hang out in different forums and networking sites to share all your content.

What this will do is increase your reputation. When your reputation increases that means there is more traffic to your site. More traffic to your site means more people are reading your content. More people on your site, more chances someone will purchase a product.


Step 6: Following up with potential customers.

The popular saying, out of sight out of mind. This is very true when it comes to your viewers. If you are not following up, or creating hot leads for your website, you are missing out. What you need is to have people subscribe to your website so you can send emails. When someone subscribes to your
website you have a hot lead to send them products or information directly to them. That person who subscribes is email customersyour exact target market.

  • They want the information you have or else they would not have subscribed.
  • You begin to develop a relationship with your customer.
  • You can measure the response to all the emails you send.
  • Email marketing is incredibly cheap and highly effective.


Step 7: Higher income with upselling and back-end sales

The hardest part is selling to a first-time customer. Once you have done that most customers will come back. Think about yourself and where you shop. Most of the products and stores you shop at are places you have already been. This is what you will want to establish after you make the hardest sale, the first one.

  • Offer products that may compliment the first purchase. If you sold someone a pen, they mostly could use paper to go with it.
  • After the purchase have a section with more products that are related.
  • You can also use the marketing tool, as you see on Amazon users who purchased this also purchased this good.

Always reward your customers for being loyal to you. Treat them well and they will come back.

All of this may seem like a very complicated process, but each step is critical for your business online. I have found a website that is teaching people about building a business online, Wealthy Affiliate. You can read my review about Wealthy Affiliate here. The website Wealthy Affiliate is free to join. Head on over if you would like some serious instructions on completing each and every one of these steps.

If you have any questions or would just like to say hello, please leave me a comment below.


  1. You have made building an online business easy and direct to the point. From a newbie point of view these could all be confusing and complicated but that is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. For someone who is seriously considering an online business, they should get the right training first and put in some hard work. In time, success can be achieved.

    1. Yes, I wanted to show everyone how simple it really is to start your own website for free. The best part is after you have your website. All the steps for adding content and making your website bigger and better is all walk-through help just like that!

  2. Very useful information for people wanting to start online. Just started myself and the part about niche and how to narrow it down to a sub-niche is very informative. Thanks for this!

  3. Hi Kurt,
    For someone who is new here you sure have come a long way, you have a great site and even have comments. My site has been out there for 3 months and I still don’t have traffic or comments. Great Job!! Keep up the good work and share your success.

    1. Gretchen,

      Thank you very much. I work really hard on what I am trying to build here for everyone. I take my writing content and keeping information very informative for everyone. If I can help someone get started that would be amazing! As I keep building and adding more, Don’t forget to check in and see all the useful content I will have for you!

  4. Great information. It all looks rather overwhelming at first, but if you take it one day and one step at a time, breaking all this up into manageable tasks, you will be amazed at how your website starts to grow.

    I also use Wealthy Affiliate, and I think I would be lost somewhere in cyberspace without them. Glad to see another user out there and judging by your website, you have also learnt a lot from them.

    1. I learned early on Michel, the best thing you can do is break down your overall goal into smaller goals. The smaller goals can be achieved daily or weekly, bringing you closer to your overall goal. And yes I started there and you can see the amount I have learned through WA learning and practicing. Its a great place to start for anyone.

  5. I always liked how simple making money online is.
    Even if it’s not really that easy, it’s pretty simple.

    This is actually shown by the way you broke down the process into such simple steps.

    None of these is all that easy, starting right from the “choose a niche” step.

    It’s doable though, so there’s that.

    Cheers, Vlad!

    1. Vlad,

      The steps are simple to follow. With all great things in life, they are never easy. It is not going to be an overnight success. If you work at it and put in time and effort, you will be making serious money online.

  6. Well done. You have written good overview of the steps needed when starting an online business.
    I find the points under step 2 particularly useful. This way you get in touch with the consumers. By explaining how and why the product you are recommending can help them, you will have a much better chance of making sales then if you are only writing about features and advantages.

    1. Jojo,

      I think that is the biggest part when it comes to learning how to make money online. Discussing features of a product is not always the best option right out of the gate. If you can find products and describe how it will solve issues or problems. Then use that to first draw in your customers!

  7. To help you find a potential customers It is important that people subscribe to your website so you can send emails. When someone subscribes to your website you have a hot lead to send them products or information directly to them. Glad to know this.

  8. I really liked your site. It’s different because you go past the basics and add some points on the end like following up with your customers and joining into discussions about your niche. Too often, the conversation revolves around submitting your site and waiting for the magical traffic to occur. Nice job.

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