Cash 4 Invite – Will you just become a spammer?

Name: Cash 4 Invite




Cash For Invite is an online advertising company that sells ad spaces to new recruits who in turn recruit others to use the company’s advertising system and then make money by doing so. In other words, when you join, you buy ad space(s) with which to advertise your website, blog or business. You then recruit others and earn money when they join. If you want to find out how we got started online, check out this program here that helped teach us the fundamentals.

The company has no physical products for you to sell so all that you need to do is invite others and earn cash in return just as the name implies. We have not been able to find the details of any owner and the contact form on the site contains no email address and usually goes unanswered. Also, the company recently changed its name from Cash for Invite to Cash 4 Invite.

The good

  1. It is cheap to join
  2. It features a very basic system of operation as opposed to complex levels and pyramids that may be difficult to understand especially when both virtual and physical products are involved.

The bad

  1. The company is faceless
  1. You risk giving out your personal details to them
  2. It appears there is no ad space in reality
  3. The ad banners contain no company name which could seem a bit suspicious

Who is it for?

It is for anyone looking for an advertising channel for their company and also for anyone looking to make money merely by referring others to join the scheme

Business Tools and Training

The business tools of this company are the ad space and ad banners. However, a look at the website shows that there is no ad space whatsoever and what’s more, there are only two ads displayed which are about the company itself. The ad banners appear more useful but the only problem with them is that they look rather bland since Cash For Invite did not inscribe their name as the source of the ad banners anywhere on them.

There are no training programs offered to members seeing as there seem to be no real need for it.


The only products the company sell are ad spaces. While this is an entirely legitimate means of operation especially in a technologically charged world that relies heavily on marketing, there doesn’t seem to be a real plan to expand and make it a long-term venture.

Compensation Plan

Cash For Invite is not free to join and members pay to join under a payment structure of $5 per month for basic membership, $10 per month for pro membership and $15 per month for ultimate membership. Hence, Cash For Invite is cheap to join and in the event of any loss, members will not lose much. (Note that this is dependent on how much they put into the system after joining).

Members earn by buying ad space on the Cash 4 Invite site to advertise their own websites, businesses or blogs. They also earn by recruiting other people to join. This is the company’s own premise for the business opportunity they offer. However, members cannot change the membership they choose at the onset. Once they pick a membership type to pay for, they must continue under that type. This results in members going for the highest membership once and for all since it offers more to them. Below is what you can get from the Cash For Invite Membership packages:

*For $5 a month you get 60% commissions, seven days pending time, 500 referrals and one banner ad as a BASIC member

*For $10 a month, you get 70% commissions, five days pending time, 1500 referrals and two banner ads as a PRO member

*For $15 a month, you get 80% commissions, three days pending time, unlimited referrals and three banner ads as an ULTIMATE member.

You can earn commissions on everyone you refer and the percentage of that commission is dependent on your level of membership. Also, the number of people you can refer is dependent on your level of membership. This is a rather intelligent way to tell members to invest as much money as they can as they will be unable to level up by changing their membership type.

Final Opinion

The company has no disclaimer, no privacy policy and no contact email address thereby making the owners much more anonymous. Also, there are complaints that people have not been paid and to buttress that, the payment section on the website contains no payment proofs. When they are these many red flags, my go-to advice would be to tread with caution if you must or avoid it entirely.

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