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Chew The Fatt Off Business Opportunity Review

Name: Chew The Fat Off

Website: www.myctfo.com

Founder: Stewart Finger



Chew the Fat Off (CTFO) is a multi-level marketing company that deals with health and weight loss products. It was founded by Stewart Finger in 2015 following the demise by way of sale of its predecessor company by the same owner GBG (Glorified by God). However, these two companies are rather similar than separate entities. The company is enticing largely because it is free to join but the downplay on this is that there are no sign up bonuses as well. In spite of that, customers are expected to recruit downlines to build their businesses.

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The good

  1. It is absolutely free
  2. The company’s business tools include a free website that is easy to use
  3. The CEO has some experience with multi-level marketing
  4. The products are affordable and of high quality

The bad

  1. There is no sign up
  2. The competition is fierce
  3. You have to be a US or Canada resident to access the business opportunity
  4. The training tools are almost absent

Products and Business Tools

The company offers all its users free websites which is easy to use and which helps them with their recruitment efforts. This website along with the products are just about all of the business tools that the company has. Training is very minimal and business owners have to learn how to climb the ladder themselves.

The company’s products include the Shake Off Meal Replacement, Super7 Drinkoff, ChewOff and Shakeoff Shaker Cup. The Shake Off Meal Replacement is the company’s major product. People who live in Canada will however find that it is expensive with all the shipping costs included and therefore more stressful.

The Super7 Drink off is made with a combination of in-demand fruits such as Blueberry, Pomegranate and Goji. The ChewOff is a chocolate flavored snack while the Shake off Shaker Cup is just water like bottled water.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is a matrix that expands with each new member. Members are called associates and can make money either by buying the products or by recruiting others. They can also become distributors but to be eligible for this, they must buy at least one product and recruit three associates. Also, associates have to keep buying products every month. The matrix is made of seven levels of at least three downline associates. Every affiliate moves to the next level with each new downline.

Commissions are fixed at 50% of the price paid for the products. However, it is not clear exactly what the company pays to affiliates on levels 2 and 3 of the matrix. Affiliates who buy the products continually will earn a 20% commission on 50% of the purchase price and this is paid out to them every month.

You can choose to be either an affiliate or a retail customer. Members can advance from the level of 1st Manager to Executive Vice President depending on the volume of dollars that their downline can yield each month.

Final Opinion

The Chew The Fat Off (CTFO) marketing program offers business owners the chance to start up with nothing. So there is no excuse. However, these results in the absence of sign up bonuses may mean very little seeing as people get nothing for joining and also get nothing for others joining under them. In other words, their efforts are not compensated.

With the free website tool, recruiting downlines is quite easy. You get nothing in terms of dollars for the ease. Training your downline is not easy at all either because you get nothing from the company to help you do that. In order to get any commissions, you and your downline (affiliate or retail customer) have to keep buying the products. You also have a lot of work in terms of sales and recruitment to do. The entire business seems rather daunting and something you may end up not succeeding at. It appears that this is the company’s design.

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