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Circle of Profits Review – Should you buy it?

Name: circle of profits


Price: free on his personal website

$1.99 on Amazon

Owner: Anik Singal


An overview of Circle of Profits

Founded by Anik Singal, circle of profits is an entrepreneurship programme that offers you a guide on how to achieve your dream of financial freedom by turning your passion into a source of revenue generation. In his book, Singal claims to have been involved in the struggle for financial freedom for over 10 years, a period during which he claims to have perfected the knowledge on how to gain wealth online. The course suggests that those who purchase the book and implement its teachings would begin to see great results in less than 7 days.

Circle of profits teaches individuals on the various steps on how to create and market your own digital content products by converting your passion into a lifetime of profits. The book is mainly a guide on how to generate income through email marketing and affiliate marketing, both of which are recognized and highly represented means of making money online. The book is a digital product that has been made available on amazon and can also be ordered in paperback format for those who would prefer it in hard copy.

The creator of this book has also founded other programs including one which relates most to the circle of profits aptly named as “profit academy” and is an online membership website that gives you access to a training course that is reportedly more detailed and more expensive.

There is absolutely no doubt that there is a huge money making potential from both affiliate marketing and email marketing but it remains a mystery as to whether circle of profits can deliver on its promises and make you a millionaire, just like Singal. Therefore, in this circle of profits review, we will take a good look into the product and find out if it has great potential in stock for you.


The good

The main advantage of circle of profits that could be counted as such is the focus it puts on affiliate and email marketing. A lot of programs try to find non-existent shortcuts into making money online which often ends with people losing their hard earned cash but these methods has proven to be great ways to generate revenue if done properly with a lot of patience.


The bad

The first thing to be concerned about would be the negative reviews that the books has gathered on amazon from people who have purchased it and read it. These reviews center mainly about the book containing only basic information while others complained about it being a sales pitch for his academy. This could mean that it only introduces you into the world of digital value creation and not an actual tutorial on how to get it done.

There are too many unrealistic promises with the program which will be difficult to fulfil. The first example is that people will begin to make money within the first 7 days of purchase which is simply not true. Ultimately, while the book may contain good information on money making, it is not exactly technical and value filled.

The author seems to be extremely focused on getting people to sign up to his training program “profit academy” and this becomes apparent in the book at the expense of actual information for those looking to get into internet marketing.


Who is circle of profits for?

The book is simply for those who are looking for ways to make money online; it is particularly well suited for individuals who are new to the world of online money making. It is important to keep in mind that making revenue online is not always a part time job like these programs try to make you believe and would require your time and a lot of patience. Therefore anyone looking to try out circle of profits must be ready to put in the hard work involved in reading, further research and execution.


Information contained in the book

  • The book contains some helpful details about internet marketing and will definitely be helpful to those who are entirely new to all of it. It centres around;
  • Affiliate marketing teachings- finding products online, selling them through your website and making money from it.
  • Email marketing- the importance of email marketing and why it is needed in order to grow your business.
  • Setting up a landing page and a few others.


Circle of profits support

The book is available on amazon for a token price and can even be downloaded for free on Anik’s personal website at . All those looking for extra information may browse through this website to get all their queries solved.


Circle of profits price

The book is available for free on the author’s personal website and can be purchased at $1.99 in kindle format on amazon. People looking to get the book in paperback format can get it also from amazon at $4.93. The small price should not come as a surprise as he is even willing to give it away for free with the end game being that those who read it will need more information and be convinced to sign up for his profit academy program which comes with a very high membership fee of $2997.


My final opinion of circle of profits

It is important to note that Anik Singal is giving away all these information for free and that never hurts. But on reading the book, one may be compelled to immediately sign up for his expensive profit academy program as he makes internet marketing look pretty easy to do. Wrong!

There is a lot of time, money, research and patience that goes into email marketing and those looking to make a quick buck rather than build a stable and lucrative base will never make it here.

Ultimately, the circle of profits book is a pretty good read and does a good job of providing

basic level information on making money online. By getting the book, you have absolutely nothing to lose but extreme care must be taken so as not to get seduced into purchasing a membership worth $2997 into profit academy as it is overpriced and comes with limited support. Therefore, read the free book and find out if internet marketing is something you want to try out.


My Recommendation

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This platform has a training program that is designed for a beginner to follow along too. You will learn every aspect with regards to picking your niche, building a website, generating traffic, and earning a profit.

Wealthy Affiliate also does not cost a lot. The first month is only $19 and every month after that is $49. This is a great price as some programs online that teach the same exact material can cost thousands of dollars.

If you are ready to build a business online, then I suggest taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate and becoming an entrepreneur online.


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