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clickbank legit?


On the off chance that you know about affiliate marketing, odds are you have heard about Clickbank. It is one of the biggest and most popular platforms that connects products sellers and affiliate marketers, and there are quite a number of resources and membership programs that are ready to teach you how to make the best of Clickbank as both a member and vendor.

However, underneath the gleaming outside of Clickbank, is it truly the best place to purchase from or promote products? Depending on the source, it appears to go either way; some say it is an amazing place but then others say it is crap. In case you are thinking about whether Clickbank is a waste of time, we will jump into the points of interest inside this review.

The main point we will consider here is would you be able to TRUST Clickbank as an affiliate marketer, product seller or even as a potential client of any item sold through the marketplace?



Clickbank is a market platform for merchants to sell their digital products. Such products could range from eBooks, downloadable resource/programs, or online membership sites. On the flip side, it is also a place that attracts affiliate marketers to help them sell their products, basically giving them a platform of free publicity and advertising in return for a commission charge on each sale.

The organization has been running since 1998, so they have established a very popular reputation in the online marketing industry and they have gained the trust of thousands of merchants and affiliates. However, in later years, Clickbank has gotten ugly.



It is essential we differentiate in this article between Clickbank and products sold through Clickbank.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the Clickbank marketplace the way things are. They handle the digital screening process of their vendor products better than most other platforms and make an entirely good job of honoring refund requests.

The main issue exists in the products Clickbank sells as opposed to the organization overall. They have such a large number of repulsive, borderline scam type products in their marketplace and it can be truly difficult to know which ones you can trust. As a result of the considerable amount of products sold there, many individuals will request refunds on substandard items.



Promoting Clickbank items is an amazingly prevalent choice for both new and experienced associates. There are such a large number of programs out there that are planned around teaching you how to promote via Clickbank, and in addition 1,000’s of digital products to promote inside the market place around an extensive variety of topics and interests.

The most compelling motivation why such a large number of individuals choose to promote Clickbank products is the huge commission payouts, as it’s normal for affiliates to earn 50% – 75%+ commission for each sale. Since the products sold there are for the most part digital guides, books, videos or tutorials, the sellers have low associated expenses with the reselling of such materials and in this way can value their products fairly low and still make a profit after giving the 50%-75% commissions to affiliates in addition to the expenses of any charges taken by Clickbank.



There are certain regulations and standards set up for affiliates that may make it hard for some individuals to get paid their commissions.

From Clickbank’s “accountant help” page, here are some of the rules set in place:

You must make a minimum of 5 sales with 2 different forms of payment before they will pay you commissions

If you don’t make sales for 90 days, your account will be charged $1/day, $5/day after 180 days and $50/day after 1 year of inactivity. (The money is taken out of your affiliate earnings, though. They don’t bill you such fees if you have an account with $0 balance).

It feels like they are taking advantage of you, especially from those new to online marketing that don’t have a solid amount of month to month sales.

For the individuals who seriously promote and consistently make sales with Clickbank, the issue no doubt wouldn’t affect you (well, unless your business abruptly went dry and you stop making sales and your account went dormant).

As indicated by Clickbank it has done this to prevent fraud, so whether you concur with it or not, it’s something to simply know about before you begin promoting with them.



While Clickbank is entirely great about screening their items for potential scams, there are as yet a quite huge number of low-quality information products available to promote. They regularly allow products to keep being sold even after the refund rate is considerably high. You can be kicked out of their affiliate program for having an excessive number of chargeback sales, you need to ensure you promote quality merchandise.

Some important advice for beginning as an affiliate with Clickbank is doing appropriate RESEARCH into any item you choose to promote.

Not all Clickbank items are created equal. You can find some decent things in their marketplace, however, you need to hunt. It is unorganized and a large portion of the stuff is awful, however, in the event that you give it enough time and exertion, you will find something great.

Be extra careful dealing with items within the “make money online” and “health and fitness” niches. Everybody is searching for both of these things, and there are many individuals willing to exploit that and sadly many times not in a good way.



Something that is critical for the clients of Clickbank products is being able to feel safe buying any product knowing you can simply get your money back in the event that it winds up being not what you were expecting.

Clickbank prides themselves in honoring any refund request. Their support is quick with reacting to requests and additionally courteous and friendly.

Keep in mind that Clickbank doesn’t have a site wide refund policy, and that will be something that varies by the individual merchant. Some offer 30, 60 or 90-day money back guarantees, while others may not offer the ability to return the product at all. That is something you should be exceptionally mindful of before you buy a product.

On the off chance that you need to return the product after the acceptable return date, then it no longer turns into an issue including CB and you would need to contact the seller directly. That might possibly work out either, contingent upon the seller and what they are willing to do.



While I wouldn’t call Clickbank a scam, there are very few things you ought to know about before you join as an affiliate or buy products from their platform. Be educated about the products, your products and ensure they meet your quality standards, and check the refund rate beforehand.

Likewise, simply know about the reality that Clickbank could take your commissions in the event that you don’t meet their deal requirements, so that cash you may find in your account may never make it into your hands by any stretch of the imagination.

As a customer, always check the refund policy before you buy the product and ensure you request a refund within the time limit or they will have no commitment to respect the demand.

While Clickbank can be a decent place for online marketers to begin in the event that they select the right products, it’s not really the best choice for everybody particularly considering digital information products don’t don’t really make sense with all niches.

If you are looking to become an affiliate online, there is only 1 place I recommend that will offer all the training, tools, support, and help you will need along the way.

To see my full review on this platform click here.

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