is countdown to profits a scam

Countdown to Profits Scam – Profits will never come!

If you are considering buying the program Countdown to Profits, don’t. There is no reason to buy this program unless you believe the false hype that the sales video tries to generate.

The presentation gives us false hope about earning an income with little effort and yet we are never actually told how we will be able to do this.

Is it possible to earn a lot of money as quickly as Countdown to Profits promises? No, it never is that easy and that is the first reason this program is a scam.


You won’t be paid $500 to watch the presentation

It is very unethical of marketers to promise money for completing a simple task. That is exactly what Countdown to Profits does.

They say, “if you watch the 500-second video, for every second you will earn $1.” At the end of the video, you might think you will be able to cash out $500 richer but that is not the truth!

The only way to get the $500 is to buy and try out Countdown to Profits. If within 30 days you do not make any commissions, then Countdown to Profits will pay you $500.

BUT there is only a 30-day money back guarantee, so after 30 days, Countdown to Profits won’t pay you a dime back!


What’s Countdown to Profits all about?

Even if you watched the 500-second video, you probably are left wondering what is this system trying to teach me?

Richard (the owner) has a made up story about a childhood friend who apparently created an algorithm that allows him to make huge commissions on autopilot. (LIES)

All we hear about is how much money we will be making but never how we are going to be making it! When you join, all you know is that you will get some training, payment processing, software, and advertising.

Also, you will have access to someone who is going to be your “millionaire mentor”. This person is going to personally guide you to making your first commissions within the first 30 days. The truth is, this person is more like a personal salesman who is going to try to upsell on garbage you do not need.

We are lead to believe that we will have to pay a small hosting fee. That is for hosting a website online so it sounds like we will need a website for something.

It is only after looking in the terms of service that we actually find out what we will be doing!

Gold – Set up a website and learn to sell digital products

Platinum – Learn how to set up and e-commerce store

Platinum Plus – Mentors will work with you through the setup process.

It would be nice if this information was told to us and not buried in their terms of service.

It would be even nicer if we were presented with some of their training even if it was a brief overview. If it is a legit opportunity why wouldn’t you want to boast about how great your training is?

The truth is, with these types of businesses you will never earn on autopilot in 30 days. You need to be dedicated and work very hard. If you do this day in and day out you might be able to start earning in a few months.


Who is the owner?

We are told that the owner of Countdown to Profits is Richard Paul.

This same man is associated with a couple of binary options scams called Stark Trading System and Profit Stackers System.

Whether Richard Paul is a real person is unknown. It very well could be that Richard Paul is a paid actor and it just so happens that he has been hired to create fake sales videos.

I get the feeling that Richard Paul is a real person, who is just out to try to take people’s money. Because from all the bogus systems he keeps putting out, it is clear he is only interested in taking your money.


10 reasons not to join Countdown to Profits

  1. Sales video does not tell you what you are actually doing and the only reason we know now is that I searched in the Terms of Service.
  2. The owner is associated with two other scams online. That is not a good track record online.
  3. “Millionaire Mentors” from programs online are just a way for a person to use person to person selling to try to upsell you.
  4. Terms of Service says that they are not presenting you a business opportunity. REALLY? Then what the hell are you presenting us?
  5. Photos from the testimonials are fake. These photos can be found online on many different websites. If you do not believe me then go to and reverse image search and you will see for yourself.
  6. There is nothing but hype in their sales video but in the terms of service, it states they do not use hype! well, that is a load of BS!
  7. Income Disclaimers contradicts their entire sales video!
  8. They are using pressure sales tactics by telling you there are only a few spots left. In reality, they want as many people to join as possible.
  9. A promise of $500 is an unethical sales tactic and a trick to lure you into their system.
  10. The initial price is $97 but there is going to be a lot more upsells so by the time you might actually have to earn your first $1, you might have to spend $1,000.


Conclusion on Countdown to Profits

There is a lot of reasons not to get involved with Countdown to Profits.

If you ask me, is Countdown to pPofits a scam? yes, it is. I would avoid this system like the plague it is.

If you are actually interested in building a business online then there are legit training programs online.

NEVER is building a business online going to be autopilot. You have to work at it to make it grow.

My #1 recommendation for people who actually want to make money online is Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a trusted platform that has helped thousands of people get started online.

What is your experience with Countdown to Profits? Did you watch the presentation expecting to get $500 at the end of it?

Comment below if you have had a positive or a more likely, a negative experience with Countdown to Profits.

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