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Creating a Website for Free Online

How to create a website for free step by a website

I am going to show you how to build a website in under 30 seconds.

There are a few things you are going to need.

Once you see how to do it, you will be amazed how easy it really is.

First, I want to tell you a few things you will need to create your website for free. And, yes you can get all of these for free too!


What you need to build a free website

When you build a website, it is nice to have everything you need is one place. This makes everything much more simple. I will list the few details you need in order to create a website. Then, I will walk you through step by step of building your free website.

Domain name. (you can get 2 for free)

  • Pick whichever domain name you want as long as its available.

Platform or content management system. (CMS)

  • WordPress is a CMS and you can use this platform for free.

Hosting site. (usually, have to pay)

  • Wealthy Affiliate will host for free.

This is all you need in order to build a website and start adding your own amazing content to it.


Setting up your website step by step.

You want to sign in to your hosting website, which in this case would be Wealthy Affiliate since it is free to join. (link at the bottom of page)

From the home screen when you sign in on the top left you will see this layout.

Click on SiteRubix (light blue tab). This is the platform you will begin to build your website on.

You will open the tab and see these options.

Select the second option from the top (highlighted in blue), Site Builder. Click Go.

Next, you will see.

4 easy steps for you to follow. I will explain each step in more detail.

Step 1: inside SiteRubix – Site Builder.


  • Select the free website. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can create 2 free websites. You can also use domains you own. Domains can cost between $10-15.
  • Since these are free websites it will be Siterubix just wants the free advertising.


Step 2: Name your website.

  • Don’t worry you can change this at any time. (unlike your domain name)


Step 3: Pick your layout


  • You now can select the theme of your website.
  • There are over 2,500 themes to select from.
  • You can change your theme at any time.


Step 4: Build website.

  • You have your theme selected.
  • Simply click “I’m Ready, Build My Website Now!”

While SiteRubix begins to build your website you will see a loading screen.

This will only take a few seconds for your website to be created.

Other platforms can take hours to even days to configure.

At Wealthy Affiliate, it will only take a few seconds.


You will be redirected to a confirmation screen after your site is configured.

Your website has been built.

Now you can access your website in the SiteRubix tab.


Click the SiteRubix tab (highlighted in blue)

From the drop down screen, it is the top option.

From there, you can log into your website.

Log into your newly created website.

From the site manager tab, you can see your site health.

Posts, pages, views, comments, feedback, and many more details.


After you log into your website you will enter WordPress

This is your content management system.

Now you can start creating your beautiful content for the internet.

Articles, pictures, videos. Now be as creative as you can be!


You can access your website at any time now.

As you build your website out, check to see how it looks with all your content.

(This is how it will look when you first create your website)



What you get for free at Wealthy Affiliate to build your website.

Costs nothing to join to start setting up and building your website. This is what they offer for free.

  • 2 free Websites.
  • Free Hosting.
  • 2 free domain names.
  • A community there to support you through your journey.
  • Classes.
  • Tutorials.
  • Videos delivering step by step tuturials.
  • My personal support every step of the way.
  • Starter members also get full premium access for 7 days for free!
  • Read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.


I am here to help you along the way as you build your website. If you have any questions or concerns please leave them in the comment box below.

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  1. I’ve been looking for some type of “hub” for a blog and I can’t thank you enough for sharing this valuable information that was beyond a task to find!

  2. Hi Kquick, your site is very easy to follow to create a website with a ton of guidance and information. Active Scams I thought was pretty good educating the viewer what to look out for and stay away from. Getting started was a lot of valuable information and presented clearly for a person new to this field and all the images provided as well makes it look achievable. Anyone interested in starting an online business would surely try this system especially with no obligation and free startup trial.To me this site displays integrity by providing so much clear information and isolating Scams which everyone are afraid of.

    1. Kevin,

      Thank you for all the feedback on my website. I will be adding more scams as I come across them online. I want people to be able to find legit ways to make money online. This day and age I have the power with the internet to call out scams and help people from being taken advantage of. I hoped I helped you build your website!

      1. I have been trying to get answers in regard to WA but havent no one has responded, perhaps you can help. By the way, you are the first person pitching WA that I have seen give an objective review to a legit program so thank for that. I have seen WA members saying programs that are a scam when they are not or saying they are horrible when they arent.

        I joined WA a couple of months ago and am curious about somethings. Do you have an email or something if you would be willing to discuss. You can hit me EMAIL REMOVED FOR PRIVACY REASONS Thanks.

        1. Randy,

          I do my best, to tell the truth about WA and any program I look into. No company is perfect and there is always going to be flaws with employment opportunities. I think it is best to put that out into the open and let someone decide if it is best for them.
          I have sent you an email and I look forward to answering your questions.

  3. I laugh now to think about it, but my first attempt at building a website took a month and the end result looked awful.

    The first time I build a website with the method you show here it was so darn easy I built a second to show my girlfriend. Now she wants to build an online business! Thanks for setting us straight.

    1. Gary, That is the amazing thing about WA. Everything you need to get set up is so quick and easy. I did not come from a computer background. So, if I can do this, I’m sure everyone can do this. I just want to show people how easy it is to get started building a website online and from there they can start making money from anywhere with their laptop! I hope your girlfriend starts! If you or her have any more question or need ideas feel free to stop by and I will surly answer them!

  4. This is so much more simple than it used to be.

    I remember when I first tried to build a website some years ago it literally took me weeks. There was a lot of programming and i constantly found myself stuck and having to overcome hurdles.

    I have heard of siterubix before but I did not realize just how amazing it is. To build a website in such a short space of time is great and will save people a lot of problems if they go down this road!

    Thanks for the information!


    1. Chris, I could not have been able to build this website years ago. I did not have the know how and the technology was not exactly easy to learn as a newbie. Its so easy to start now. I hope this post helped you. Good luck!

  5. It seems like website building has come a heck of a long way since the late 90’s when I first started out as an affiliate marketer. Back then, it was extremely difficult to put a site together, and paying to have one built was also expensive.

    But it’s awesome to see here, that Wealthy Affiliate gives anyone the amazing opportunity to quickly and easily build their own WordPress site via the SiteRubix builder.

    Thank you for your step-by-step guide, and creating a free website with WA is really a no brainer.


    1. Neil,

      That is how it is done at WA, all the instructions on building your website are just as I showed you here with this post. Not to mention how simple it is to add content, graphics, videos, and all types of data to your website now! The whole process has been simplified!

  6. I recognize all the steps you mentioned in the process of creating a website. I have a good experience with WA where I build my first website really fast. Additionally they provided me with great support since I am a beginner in this field.

  7. Great information! Definitely helpful step by step in getting started with Wealthy Affiliate. If I wasn’t already a part of this, I would be wanting to look into it more.

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