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DealsnCash Review – Don’t Waste Your Time

DealsnCash is not a scam website, but there are reasons you should avoid signing up. In this DealsnCash review, you will find the good and the bad.

Yes, you can make money on DealsnCash but the amount you will earn is not worth the amount of time you will invest.

There are many other paid survey sites that pay a much higher amount. To see our recommended survey site click here.

Read this full review of DealsnCash and see if you agree with us that joining DealsnCash is a big waste of time.


Quick Summary of DealsnCash

Company: DealsnCash


Owner: Adam Cherian

Type: Surveys and Advertisements


What is DealsnCash?

DealsnCash is a company that pays its members for watching advertisements, reading emails, and partaking in surveys from other companies.

DealsnCash will notify you via email when there is a new advertisement or survey for you to participate in.

Very simple system that does not require too much effort on your part. Since it does not require much effort from you, that also means, DealsnCash is not going to be paying you much for your time.


About DealsnCash – The company

DealsnCash was founded by Adam Cherian.

The “” website was registered with WHOIS on June 11th, 2006.

The website is registered by Adam Cherian in Hurley, United States.

As DealsnCash also has this information disclosed on their website, they are not hiding who the owner is which is a plus and one of the reasons it is not a scam.


Who can join Dealsncash?

DealsnCash is a free website to join. It will cost not you a penny to sign up.

The only catch to joining is dependant on where you live. As of right now the only people who can join have to live either in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia.

The only other requirement to join is having a valid email address.


Making money with DealsnCash

When you join Deals N Cash, you will receive a $5 sign up bonus.

The minimum withdrawal amount from DealsnCash is $30.

Once, you have joined you will receive emails to watch advertisement videos and do surveys. All you will have to do is click the link in the email that was sent to you. The main problem is the number of ads sent to you. There are not a ton of ads for you to view and it is going to be incredibly hard to reach the $30 payout limit within a year!

These videos or ads are only going to earn you $0.02 – $0.05.

You can also earn money by referring people to join Deals n Cash. You will be given a special affiliate link, if someone clicks your special link and joins Deals n Cash, you will earn $0.02 for every ad they partake in.

This might sound like a great way to earn money, but here is the problem.

Since the payout threshold is set at $30 and you will only earn a max of $0.05 per ad, it is going to take a long time to reach the minimum cashout amount. You might think well I can refer people and make more money, but remember that the people who are joining are only going to make a maximum of $0.05 per ad. For almost everyone, this is going to be a waste of time since they are not making money quick enough and will eventually leave DealsnCash.

The only way to earn great money with DealsnCash is to have a steady flow of new members you have recruited to join.


Conclusion on DealsnCash

DealsnCash is not a scam. The company is going to pay you for participating in their advertisement scheme but it is not worth joining.

There have been customer complaints from users stating that DealsnCash is late a payouts, pending payments for too long, not giving enough ads, and the payout threshold is too high, and suspending their account of no reason at all.

As of now, DealsnCash is still paying its members. The company is legit but there is no way you are going to earn a full-time or even earn 100’s of dollars online with DealsnCash. That is why we think, joining DealsnCash is a giant waste of your time.

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