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Digital Millionaire System – Should You Buy?

This Digital Millionaire System is going to cover everything you need to know about it. You will found out if Digital Millionaire System can hold water to its claims of making thousands of a dollars a day online.

When a make money program is claiming large amounts of cash earned on a daily basis, you have to wonder, is it legit or is it a scam?

Well, let’s dive into this review of Digital Millionaire System and find out if you should buy it or avoid it!


Quick Overview of Digital Millionaire System

Product Name: Digital Millionaire System

Owner: Shaqir Hussyin

Sales Page:

Price: $49

Rating: 2 out of 10


What is the Digital Millionaire System?

The Digital Millionaire System is the latest brainchild of Shaqir Hussyin. The digital Millionaire System is an internet marketing program.

You will learn how to affiliate market and internet marketing as a whole and there is a side of personal and mindset development. This is accomplished with 1-on-1 coaching calls.

Digital Millionaire System is a program designed to teach you how to earn commissions for high ticket items online.


What is inside the Digital Millionaire System?

The Digital Millionaire System consists of a 21 step program, Shaqir claims that after 2 weeks in this program you will begin to make $1,000’s of dollars worth of commissions.

digital millionaire system DMSSo what’s inside?

  • Skype sessions with a trainer that is teaching you how to do this 1-on-1.
  • Access to the 21 step program
  • Done for you sales funnels that will sell products for you.
  • Done for you high ticket sales. A team of salesmen will close these leads for you.
  • Done for you product fulfillment. Payment processing and customer support.

Digital Millionaire System offers some decent training and the good part is, you are going to have help through it.

Usually, when you are trying to close a sale by phone, you have to do it yourself, but with DMS, you have a team of expert salesmen on staff that will do this for you.

The main issues are the done for you aspects of sales funnels. There are no done for you systems when it comes to internet marketing. It takes work and effort to create high converting lead into sales and no premade product is going to be good enough.

DMS claims that their system for internet marketing does not require you to have a website. Which in the world of internet marketing is vital. Could this be an opportunity for an upsell at the end of the 21 steps? Entrepreneurs online need to have a website.


About the owner Shaqir Hussyindigital millionaire system shaqir

Shaqir is one of the top affiliates from Matt Lloyd’s MOBE system. That was a high priced internet marketing system that has upsells in the 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Shaqir is one of the mentees of a performance coach, Dan Pena. Truth be told about Dan Pena he is a snake oil salesman. Send him money and he will teach you how to make money. It is my belief that Dan Pena creates more snake oil salesmen. Guys that just want to take your money.

Shaqir might have a great income from internet marketing but has he helped anyone make money? Shaqir’s Wealth Academy costs thousands of dollars to join. Some members are 30k in debt from joining his program.

I recently interviewed a girl who attended one of Shaqir’s live events where it cost her $1,500 to attend. After that, one of Shaqirs slick talking salesmen called and tried to convince her to start her own online business by only investing $15,000 with Shaqirs team.

Can you trust Shaqir Hussyin to help you earn thousands of dollars online? I say no, no you cannot. And I will explain why in the cost of joining.


How much does it cost to join Digital Millionaire System?

The price to join Digital Millionaire System is $1. That is how you will get access to the platform. But to start the 21 step program it is going to cost you $48. It is just a one-time payment to join the system.

Here is the catch.

This system is drumming home the idea of you earning thousands of dollars online. What is going to happen after you complete the 21 steps and have no earned a single dollar is that “coach” is going to call you. Your coach is going to tell you that there is another training program that is really going to help you and this time it is going to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Digital Millionaire System has good training but you will feel like it is holding something back, but don’t worry your “coach” is going to call and tell you how to get it.

That is the thing with Shaqir, all of his systems have upsells because he is after your money and not actually teaching you to make money for yourself.

You are better off looking for entrepreneurship training online somewhere else. Here is my #1 recommended program.


Pros and Cons of Digital Millionaire System

With this system, there are pros and cons of joining, even if you are just joining for the extra online training.


  • Step-by-step training
  • Not too expensive to go through the 21 steps
  • There is a coach


  • Way over hyped on how much you can earn
  • A done for you system will not earn you thousands of dollars
  • No free trial
  • Your coach will turn into a salesman


Conclusion on Digital Millionaire System

Is the digital Millionaire System a scam? Well, the training is good but the outrageous claims of income make it seem illegitimate.

Most of the training that is offered by DMS is going to be decent and help you learn if you are brand new but at the same time, if you are brand new, it is not a recommended program, to begin with.

Understanding Shaqirs track record online, you will understand that he does not put out systems to help you make money but instead to help make him more money.

If you honestly believe that Shaqirs Digital Millionaire System is designed to make you thousands of dollars online, then go ahead and join. But, if you don’t then there is only 1 platform I recommend you join to become a digital entrepreneur.

Click here to get the proper digital entrepreneur training.

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