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Direct Cellars Review – Is it a scam?

There is a business opportunity that has been making the rounds and you might have come across it in your searches and you want to know whether it is legitimate or not. The name of the company is Direct Cellars. It is important to have all the facts before joining a company to know where it is a waste of time or not.

In this review, I am going to the cover the company, the products, and the compensation plan so that you can have enough information to make up your mind.

Before we move on I would like to state that I am neither an affiliate or distributor for Direct Cellars. This is an unbiased review that is aimed at giving you detailed information about the company.



The company was founded in 2014 by David DiStefano and its offices are located in Seattle, Chicago, and Fort Lauderdale.

The company sells wine and it is also an MLM company. Only people residing within the United States can have access to the products and services.



Since they are wine connoisseurs they handpick some of the finest wines throughout the globe for their customers.

The wine comes in 2 main packages and there are also 2 membership opportunities, either you order the 2 or 4 bottles per month service delivered to your home.

  • 4 Bottles One Time= $99.95
  • 4 Bottles Monthly Auto-ship= $79.95
  • 2 Bottles One Time= $69.95
  • 2 Bottles Monthly Auto-ship= $49.95



Commissions are paid when a member sponsors another member who in turn becomes a customer or a distributor. The company allows its members to promote the wine subscription through their MLM business model.


There are 9 ranks within their compensation plan and they are;

  • Wine Lover – Sign up as an affiliate and recruit people and maintain at least 1 affiliate
  • Wine Enthusiast – You will achieve commission qualified status
  • Wine Critic – Recruit and retain 3 commission qualified affiliates
  • Wine Specialist – Recruit and retain 4 commission qualified affiliates
  • Wine Expert – Recruit and retain 5 commission qualified affiliates
  • Wine Connoisseur – Recruit and retain 6 commission qualified affiliates
  • Wine Aficionado – Recruit and retain 7 commission qualified affiliates
  • Wine Master – Recruit and retain 8 commission qualified affiliates
  • Master Cellar – Recruit and retain 9 commission qualified affiliates

The company operates on a hybrid compensation plan and affiliates can earn through binary and uni level commissions.

Every time an affiliate sells a bottled package to a new customer they get $20. When an affiliate recruits a new premium wine lover affiliate they get $125.

When an affiliate recruits a new premium wine lover affiliate they get $125.  When an affiliate recruits a premium wine lover elite affiliate they get paid $250.

Binary commissions are paid on the rank the member is and it follows this chart:

  • Wine Enthusiast: 6%
  • Wine Critic: 8%
  • Wine Specialist: 10%
  • Wine Expert: 12%
  • Wine Connoisseur: 14%
  • Wine Aficionado: 16%
  • Wine Master: 18%
  • Master Cellar: 20%

Unilevel is also paid according to rank and the range is between 10% to 38%.



The price to join the company is either $249.95 or $499.95 product packages. The 2 packages are available to you as a customer and it contains the same wine products that qualify you to be a distributor.

  • Premium Wine Lover (PWL): $249.95 to join
  • Premium Wine Lover Elite (PWL Elite): $499.95 to join



Direct Cellars scam, I do not think so. It is a good company with good products and a well-structured compensation plan. You need to check out their wine and if you like it and the prices are competitive you can give it a shot. But if you feel it is overpriced and it will be difficult to market to I have an alternative.

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