disabled veterans work from home

Disabled Veterans Can Work From Home

Veterans have done their duty. You have protected and served this great nation. Unfortunately, as a disabled veteran seeking out your typical job is a difficult task.

disabled veterans work onlineThe typical job of clocking in at 9 and clocking out at 5 is not the best option for a disabled veteran. There are certain things that your normal job employer does not understand about being a disabled veteran.

I have been asked the question “can a disabled veteran work from home?” My answer is Yes, any disabled veteran can be working from home.

If you are a disabled veteran, working from home is a great option. Let me show you how you can accomplish this.


What is this work from home job?

The best way for a disabled veteran to work at home is to become an affiliate marketer. You might have no idea what affiliate marketing is but it is not very complicated.

As an affiliate marketer, you will be promoting and selling products that you do not own. That means there are no product costs, shipping costs, or having to deal with angry customers.

Online there are special programs called “affiliate programs.” There are over 100,000 different affiliate programs online. Joining one of these means that you will be given a special link for every single product that is carried by that company. All you have to do is have someone click that special link and when they buy it, you will earn a nice commission.

There are MILLIONS of products that you can affiliate market online. These products that you market can be something that you are interested in or use yourself.

As an example: Amazon has the largest affiliate program online

Joining Amazons affiliate program will give you access to over 4 million different products that you can promote and earn commissions from.

  • electronics
  • car parts
  • musical instruments
  • fitness equipment
  • books
  • clothing
  • jewelry
  • You name it, Amazon most likely carries it.

When you join the affiliate program, every product sold on Amazon will have a special link with your ID number attached to it. When you promote that product and someone clicks and buys, you get a nice profit.


How do you promote your affiliate links?

The best way to promote your affiliate links as an affiliate marketer is to have a website. Creating a website is not very difficult and I am sure a veteran can handle this. It will probably only take you 30 seconds to launch a website.

When you have a website, you will want to attract visitors to your pages. This is done by either SEO or PPC. SEO is free and considered organic traffic, while PPC is paid traffic. You will be using search engines to drive traffic to your website.

The more visitors to your website, the more opportunity to make money.

Another great way to promote your affiliate links is by using social media. Sharing your link with your friends, family, and followers for them to check out that product and see if they would like to buy it also. The more followers you can gain on social media, the more opportunity to make money.

Attracting visitors or gain social media followers is the hardest part of the process. You will need to create articles, posts, and pages on your website.

One great way of promoting a product is by reviewing it. Telling others what you thought of that product and whether they should buy it or not.


How can you get started as an affiliate marketer?

As a veteran, you understand that there is training required to do a job effectively. That is why there is only 1 platform I recommend for people to learn how to do this.

That is Wealthy Affiliate.

WA will break down this process into 4 simple steps.

  1. Choosing your niche. (this is your audience and depending on your audience the type of products you should promote.)
  2. Building a website. (All the aspects of building a website will be taught to you. They make it very simple for someone to understand.)
  3. Generating traffic. (again the hardest part. You will learn SEO, PPC, content creation, keyword research and a lot of other traffic techniques.)
  4. Earning Revenue. (You will be shown some of the most effect methods of promoting affiliate links to earn huge commissions.)

This platform is designed for someone who has zero experience with internet marketing. All the training is going to be step-by-step with lessons and video walkthroughs for you to fully understand every aspect.


Training, Support, and Tools

Military personnel understands that training is needed to perform a job to the best of your ability. If you want to become an expert affiliate marketer, then getting the right training is needed.


Wealthy Affiliate offers 10 free lessons on the fundamentals of internet marketing. From the first phase, you will have an understanding of how to make money online and have the foundation of your website set up.

The platform is not 100% free and has a paid membership. The paid membership offers a lot more training. 5 more phases containing 10 lessons. If you want to see what is offered in the premium membership click here.

Every week, there is a live training session. This live training will cover a different topic each week that will lead to a high rate of success.

Getting the right training is going to put you on the path to success as an affiliate marketer.


There is an entire community of entrepreneurs that are there to help you. If you are ever stuck on a lesson or need help, you can post your question to one of the classrooms. You can even reach directly out to a member and post your questions on their personal profile.

You will have access to directly ask both the owners, Kyle and Carson for help along the way.

For quick and easy help, there is a live chat where there are usually tons of other members willing to offer helpful advice.

There is also a technical support team that can help you with any complex or issues with your website.


There are tools that are offered at WA that expert affiliate marketers use and you will have access to also.

  • Keyword research tool
  • Rapid writer tool
  • Domain purchase platform
  • Website hosting
  • Link tracking
  • Banners to use
  • Keyword lists

The list goes on but these are the main features that you will most likely use on a daily basis.


How much does it all cost?

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is free. You will be able to start the training and launch your very first website. Oh yes, you will be given 2 free websites to start off with.

For the first 7 days, you will have full access to the platform and all of the features that are offered. This is basically a free trial period.

Does not hurt or cost you anything to try it out.

The premium membership is charged on a monthly basis. The first month is deeply discounted to only $19 and every month after that you stay a member will cost $49.



If you are a disabled veteran, work from home can sometimes seem like a scam. This is far from a scam. This is real opportunity that will teach you how to build a business of your own out of a passion that you have.

There are millions of people online searching for something, you could be making money by helping these people find what they are looking for.

Not only will you be working from home but truthfully, you will be able to work from anywhere at. You will have the flexibilty to do this at your own leisure. That is the real beauty of working online.

If this is the right opportunity for you, then click the link below and create an account.

Create your free account.

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