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Dropped out of college – Now what?

“School isn’t for everyone”.dropout of college

I always hated that saying and I grew to hate it even more after I dropped out of college. Yes, I dropped out of college too.

There is a giant misconception about making the decision to leave school.

People fear the worst and think that is the end of the road for you. That you will never be able to rise to the top of a profession because you don’t have a silly little piece of paper that cost you 10’s of thousands of dollars.

I am here to tell you different. You can do great things without a college degree.

When you drop out of college and tell your friends and family there is going to be 2 types of people.

Some are going to be supportive and I know you will hear this saying A LOT “I get it, I hate school too. School Isn’t for everyone.”

But you might have it worse.

The other people might offer you no support at all. “What the f*** are you going to do now just sit around being a loser?”

Let me share with you, my personal story and how what I learned from dropping out of college.

Maybe my story and triumphs will help you figure out what is next for you.


The day my life changed forever

I was 20 years old and I had just finished my 2nd year at college. I was studying marketing and I came the realization that I was spending thousands of dollars to learn a skill I already knew. Think about our generation, from the moment we are born we are being marketed too and branded. You do not need a formal education to understand marketing techniques. We live it every single day since we are born. All I had to do was open my eyes to see the truth and understand I was overpaying for an education that I already had.

I never thought of myself as uneducated or stupid, I just never enjoyed going to school. Worst yet, going to school and paying thousands of dollars a year for something you hate. It didn’t make sense to me.

I did not want to finish school and begin looking for a job and having to take the first thing that came to me because I was in massive amounts of debt from my student loans. That idea just resonated with me and made me ask myself, isn’t that the type of life people hate? Having debt so you take a job you hate to pay off the debt. I didn’t want my life to get stuck in a miserable cycle.

So I dropped out. No plan. No idea. Just the desire to start fresh.

It was far from a fresh start. I needed money and I needed to figure out the direction of my life. I began to look for a job. Something I was going to love to do. Everything I kept applying to was asking for a minimum education level of Bachelors Degree. These companies would not even let me in the door.

That is all I ever need is a chance to get in the door. I am an intelligent person and very personable. I knew if I could just get an interview at a company I liked, I would be hired. But, my resume was always passed over. No degree, no job interview.

So I took got 2 horrible jobs. A warehouse worker in the morning and server at night. I did long horrible hours at 2 terrible jobs. I was able to save up enough money over the next 3 years before I was ultimately kicked out of my house for being a “loser with no direction.”

Until I started to my self-education on becoming a digital marketer. I had the know how of understanding marketing but I didn’t understand how to get started online. I began to search for platforms to teach me the basics. I needed to learn how to get traffic to my website.

Once I learned the basics, I have been very successful since. I work from home every single day and I am very happy.

You can’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.


What you can learn from me


You have dropped out of college, now you need to start working on bettering yourself before you can become successful with anything else you do. This is what is going to separate you from doing nothing with your life and being incredibly happy with the moves you make.

All of these are crucial and should be practiced every day.

Your health is most important – If you are leaving school because you are depressed then I highly suggest you find someone such as a counselor to speak to about this. Your mental health is the most important aspect to your wellbeing when it comes to making big life altering decisions. Next, you want to focus on eating healthy and exercising daily. This is going to boost your energy levels and leaving you feeling great about yourself. Self-confidence is a good thing. Having a healthy mind, body, and diet is going to go a long way to helping you achieve self-confidence for everything else you do.

You are the CEO of your life – You are an adult and all the decisions you make for your life are on you. No one else can make them for you. You can ask for guidance and advice but at the end of the day, every decision is yours to make. This is not a time to stay indecisive. Think, act, and plan. You are the one who is in control of your life.

Who is around you matters – When you leave college, you will also need to leave your friends behind. I am not talking about the ones at college. I am talking about the ones who are at home who are actively doing nothing. You want to surround yourself with people who are motivated, determined, and have similar goals. If you cannot find peers who have these qualities then I suggest you find a mentor or a family member who can help guide you.

You cannot stop learning – Self-education is the sole reason I am successful today. Just because you dropped out of school does not mean you gave up on learning. All you did was let go of paying for a formal education, but there is real wisdom in learning from experience, reading, and making mistakes along the way. I know I have and I know you will too. All you can do is learn from there. I learned how to build my own business online and that is what made the difference for me.

See the bigger picture – Do not let the small details drag you down. Some of them are going to feel like it is the end of the world. But trust me, these small details mean nothing. Don’t worry about what people might say to you or have said to you. These are going to be irrelevant in 5 years when you are working and become more successful than that person.

Don’t stop dreaming – Keep dreaming and keep taking risks. You have made a bold decision to leave school and that takes risk. Don’t stop after that because your risks are what is going to take you further in life than you expected. Do you think I woke up one day and knew I was going to make a ton of money online? No, I took a risk and went for it.


What you do with your life and how successful you are with your life is up to you. Dropping out of college does not mean you will not have a successful and fulfilling life.

I have been in the exact position you are in right now. I know how it feels and I know what it takes. Listen to my suggestions and what you do with your life is limitless.

Keep your head up and keep moving forward, that is all any of us can really do.

If you are interested in learning how to do internet marketing, then you should learn the basics. This is the exact place that I learned how to do it.

It is definitely not an overnight money making system. It takes real work, dedication, and desire to succeed. But, if you have that and want to start your own business online, then the training there is going to help you.

Self-education for online marketing, it is always going to be required. As rules and regulations change online, you will need to adapt so you cannot stop learning.

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  1. Hi,
    Although I have two college degrees I also happen to agree with you 100%. College is not for everyone! It is too bad that there is such a huge burden placed on going to school, (with sometimes 6-figure loans that are taken out), getting that piece of paper and then trying to find a satisfying “job”! I’d like to know how many people actually work at what they feel is a “great” job?

    Your story is uplifting in that you provide such sage advice for the individual not interested in going to school to take a long look at him/herself. The individual needs to come up with an idea- being an online marketer as example that he/she would enjoy – but more importantly serve the need for others.

    I also agree that each person is the “man/woman” in charge of his/her own destiny. All people should not be forced to have an occupational goal in mind that would please someone else.

    You are an inspiration to your readers in that not having that college degree is not a reason for a person to be a complete failure in his/her life.


  2. I dropped out of college, although it was health-related, and I did finally get back and finish the degree. 40 years later, I have definite proof I didn’t need the degree, or the debt. I’m now involved in internet marketing, and am having the time of my life! I love finally getting to use the creativity I’ve always had, and agree completely with your ideas about us being in control of our decisions, and about how we relate to life situations.

    Also, your thoughts about keeping the big picture in front of you at all times is so very valuable. Keep your eyes on the prize!

    Yours is an inspirational story, and I wish you every success!

  3. thanks for sharing your story about dropping out, and what you’ve learned from it. I like your phrase, “CEO of your own life” – what an affirming point of view! a lot of responsibility, of course, but focused responsibility. People can certainly succeed in life and in business without a college education. College works well for some and not for others. More emphasis should be given on trade schools as viable alternatives. Self-employment and entrepreneurship is another, and many successful people are college or even high-school dropouts.

  4. I really love this article. Dropping out of college is nothing to be ashamed of or a deterrent to a future career. Heck a lot of job apps have a box called “some college which may be good enough, depending on the job. Think of the thousands who will graduate with degrees in fine arts or arts and science. I can’t see where these people have a leg up on anything when it comes to moving forward with your life. Your points are excellent and should be read by anyone who is afraid to “drop out” of college. Well done.

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