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Dynasty Facebook Money – Scam or Legit?

diamond dynasty fb moneyDiamond Dynasty Facebook Money is this a real opportunity to make money on Facebook? Or just another dirty little scam?

I have looked into other Facebook employment “opportunities” before like Facebook Bonanzaand that turned out to be a scam.

I wanted to find out about this Dynasty Facebook Money and whether it was a scam or a real opportunity to make money on Facebook.

Before you download Teamviewer and start working with Dynasty Facebook Money, you are going to want to read this full review.


What is Dynasty Facebook Money?

Dynasty Facebook Money claims to work with various businesses and advertisers to expand their reach on Facebook by using ads.

These businesses and advertisers for some reason do not want to use the highly effect Facebook Ads and would rather pay a real person to promote their business on Facebook.

Dynasty Facebook Money will pay you to post ads from these business and advertisers on your FB.


How Dynasty Facebook Money works

There are a few requirements that you need to have in order to get started with Dynasty Facebook Money. Those are loud and clear on their website.

Must be 18.

Must have a computer.

and so on.

As it is free to get started with Dynasty Facebook Money, all you have to do is download TEAMVIEWER. (more on that below). Once, you have downloaded Teamviewer the “tech support” of Dynasty Facebook Money is going to start posting ads on your fan page or is going to be setting up a fan page to post ads.

This system claims it is not going to spam your friends and family because the ads placed on your Facebook will be on your fan pages.

Once you have set up your account with Teamviewer, 24-36 hours later you will receive your first payment of $20. For doing absolutely nothing.

The tech team from Dynasty Facebook Money is going to be putting ads out for you, you will be paid $10 for unsuccessful ads and $20 for successful ads run.

You can also be paid $60 for every person you refer to join Dynasty Facebook Money.

You will be paid out from Paypal or Square Cash.


Are Businesses working with Dynasty Facebook Money?

You would think that a company that is doing marketing on Facebook would have an entire section on their website about the type of business they have.

“a 3rd party marketing company that can use real Facebook users to increase the exposure of their company by using word of mouth on social media.”

The thing is, I cannot find 1 real company or advertiser that is working with Dynasty Facebook Money.

Dynasty Facebook Money is starting to look like a marketing scam.

The website http://dynastyfbmoney.weebly.com/ is Dynasty FB money’s company website. There is no information about the companies they work with. Who own this marketing company. Or if you want to advertise your business with them how to start doing that.

The website has one sole purpose of recruiting people.

This company Dynasty Facebook Money is starting to look like a pyramid scheme.


What you need to know about Teamviewer

For you to start working with Dynasty Facebook money you need to download an application called Teamviewer. This is what Dynasty Facebook Money has to say about Teamviewer.

dynasty fb money review

When you provide your Teamviewer information to Dynasty Facebook Money, you could be in for some real trouble.

Teamviewer is a software that allows for remote access to your computer and all of its information.

Whoever is running Dynasty Facebook Money might be using Teamviewer to gain access to your computer’s files.

When someone has access to this they can steal all your passwords, your bank account information, and will be able to enter into your Paypal or Square Cash account.

When you give someone your Teamviewer ID and Password. That person can control your computer and do as they please on your computer from anywhere in the world.

That is how I think Dynasty Facebook Money is a scam. This program wants your passwords and bank account information.


Is Dynasty Facebook Money a scam?

Yes, in my opinion, this is a scam.

1.) Facebook is known as an advertising platform. It has a very power algorithm that can put a business in front of the exact people they want to see their ads. Businesses do not need to hire a third party company to advertise on Facebook.

Dynasty Facebook Money claims that this is perfectly okay with FB and Mark Zuckerberg knows about companies like Dynasty FB money. Do you really think FB is okay with losing money from other companies advertising on their platform?

Facebook makes all their money from advertisements. At no point are they okay with other companies taking money out of their pockets to advertise on their platform in a different manner.

2.) Teamviewer is a program that will give Dynasty Facebook Money access to your computer’s files. You will be handing over your passwords, bank accounts, and any other information these people want to steal.

Yes, Dynasty Facebook Money is a scam.


A much better and safer option to make money

When it seems to good to be true it is because it is. Making money on Facebook by doing nothing but letting someone put ads on it.

Well, a better option than getting ripped off is by building your own business online.

That is what I did and you can do it too. It is okay to have zero experience, I know I did when I first started. That is why you need to join a program that is going to teach you everything to you.

Their training program offers 10 free lessons. In total there are 50 lessons that are step-by-step with video walkthroughs.

This is what you will be doing:

overview of WA

You will be earning revenue from affiliate marketing. Another way you will earn money is by using Google Adsense.

This platform is free to get started on. You will have 10 free lessons and will be given 2 free websites to work with.

The paid membership is for people who enjoy the platform and program and want to continue learning more to be successful online.

This is where I started and where you can get started too.

This is not for the lazy, it is not a get rich quick scheme and you will need to work at it. But you will be working with your own interest, hobby, or passion and that makes it a lot of fun.

My full review on Wealthy Affiliate.

Or you can join Wealthy Affiliate with the link below. It is free to join.

Join Wealthy Affiliate


  1. lies lies lies, Great opportunity, great members, been with them over a year, we pay taxes, we the members get paid, we have no issues with any info being taken because they do not do that, This whole article is bogus.

    1. Maybe the article is bogus but here are the things that stood out to me. They do not even have there own domain name or website. They use a Weebly free hosting to build their website. Oh yeah that sounds legitimate to me.

      There is no contact information orno company information on who owns the website because if you have a free weebly website and that information does not have to show. Own your own website you have to show who you are. Weebly website you do not have to do that. Hmmmm!

      Now on top of that I am going to give someone who I do not know or never had a business relationship with access to my computer through Team Viewer and trust them because they say they won’t touch anything there not supposed to. Since I do not know them how do I know that. Really just because it is typed out on a website they don’t even own I am to trust that.

      This one has so many red flags on it that it is amazing people still sign up.

      Granted I do not know much about computers and Internet Marketing. I have only been making a full-time living on here since 2001 but from what I do know just the fact that you have to give them control of your computer even though they promise to play nice is enough for me to stay away. Add to that a legitimate company that is going to help you build your business empire that does not even have their own domain or website but uses Weebly. Wow that inspires confidence.

      No as others accused I am not promoting another product trying to get you to join me. If you can’t see the red flags in this I don’t want you in my business.

      I think you called it like it is Kurtis!

    2. No DYNASTY is Indeed an elaborate SCAM. YOU, are are defending it is probably at the top of the pyramid making money. Good for you, but everyone underneath is getting scammed.

      This system is about making money off other people signing up. Its NOT about actually making money from online marketing. This is just like all those other scams who are people trying to sell the IDEA of making money online, however it never works. They don’t need it to work, because Dynasty is making money OFF every single signup. They got your money and then that’s it. The only way you make money is by doing the same low methods that they are doing and that is to scam someone else, get paid your $60 and move on to the next person. Anyone can do that, but HOW MUCH MONEY ARE YOU ACTUALLY MAKING FROM THE FB ADS THAT THEY ARE PLACING FOR YOU? That is the question and that is what Dynasty is suppose to be selling. Instead, it is selling the idea that you can make money off getting more people to sign up. Its crazy circle, yet so many thugs are doing this. People are trying to sell the idea or tools or system of how to make money online, yet the only income that is made is the ‘how to’ part of it. Their actual system never works. If it did they would not be selling it I can tell you that. they would be making a lot of money off the actual system and not need to sell it if it worked.

  2. Wow you are simply throwing false claims in order to promote your own agenda! Another that join Diamond Dynasty can actually go in the ads after they are placed and see what the ads are so they see first hand what company is being promoted. Also No tech has EVER attempted to gain bank or password info besides team viewer info. There is NOT ONE claim from the almost 2000 members of Diamond Dynasty claiming any foul play or there obviously wouldn’t be so many people joining rapidly. Also the team viewer ID and password change after each login so whatever ID and password is given to the techs to place the ads are invalid immediately after the ad is placed and team viewer is closed. Its so crazy to see you attempt to degrade an actual legit FREE opportunity that pays people just to promote your own thing. #ShameFul

    1. Nick,

      I watched a training video about responding to “leads” who are interested in this opportunity for working from home. In this video, the commentator was walking people through sending copy and paste messages.

      One of the copy and paste messages starts off like this…

      “We are working with ADS INC! Basically, what we do is place an ad…”

      Diamond Dynasty claims to be working for ADS, INC. But this is a complete lie. I have contacted ADS Inc about Diamond Dynasty. Here is what they had to say about Dynasty Facebook Money.

      “We do not- can you send me the link for that?! Want to ensure that we are not affiliated in any way!”

      Can you tell me why Ads Inc would not want to be affiliated in any way?

      If Dynasty FB Money is not working for Ads Inc, then please provide us with proof of who this opportunity is advertising for. Why keep it a secret? Wouldn’t Dynasty Facebook Money be more than happy to talk what companies are advertising with them?

      From the research I have done, this is a scam that is based upon recruiting people into this scheme. It is all about posting in “work from home” groups to get more people to sign up and join. Earning commissions from recruiting other people.

      Diamond Dynasty is #aweful. That is why I have no problem promoting a much better option for people who actually want to build their own business online.

      1. Everything that has been stated in this article is fabricated false information . It may sound great as an article . But it’s sad to see such lies be portrayed just to draw people back to your business .

        This is coming from someone with actual background on Facebook ads .

        I’m not going to go back and forth with you from post to post , but what I do know is that none of the information that has been presented in this article is factual

        1. Is your experience for FB ads all by posting in work from home communities? Or do you have actual insist into using Facebook Ads using Facebook’s ad system? There is a very big difference between the two.

          It is not my business Damon. It is a great alternative option to joining a program like Dynasty Facebook Money.

          I have no problem updating this post as it needs to be.

          Tell me the facts. If I have missed something. Because from all the research I have done this is just a system where a person copies and pastes ads in an attempt to recruit other people. With the possibility of being hacked from Teamviewer.

          These are the facts that I have come across online. Talking with companies and talking with Facebook support its self.

          So give me the facts that I have missed and addressed and I will update this post. Otherwise, I am going to keep expressing my opinion that people should avoid this scam.

        2. Damon, YOU ARE FALSE. I bet you are high up in this pyramid? Or, you work for Dynasty or you are all one in the same commenters?

          Have you made any money directly by the system itself? Or, are you making all of your money by selling this idea to others? Probably the latter. You are getting paid by Dynasty $60 for everyone who signs up. This isn’t about marketing or placing ads online and legitimately making income from the ads. Its about tricking people into signing up for the idea of how to make money online. You collect their money and that’s it. You made a sale. However, the system may not work but you don’t care because you already made the income you set out to make. THIS, MY FRIEND, IS CALLED A SCAM. And there are thousands of them online these days. People trying to sell the idea or the “HOW TO” make money online, even though if those people were actually successful making money online in a legit way they would NOT need to sell any system of how to do so. They would be making enough money doing the marketing. Instead, they make money off scamming people over the ‘idea’ of it. What a joke.

    2. Nick and all you other commenters are probably the creators of this scam. Or you are at the top of the pyramid making money just like the creators of Dynasty are doing.

      Tell me this NICK, have you actually made any income directly from the ads that Dynasty is placing on FB or other social media for you? Are you making money off the online marketing system, OR ARE YOU ONLY MAKING MONEY off getting other brainless people to sign up under you? Think about it. Is the goal to make $60 per person you get to sign up, or is the actual ad placement system? The first one I am sure and that is why you defend it. You support scamming people into signing up and collecting their $60 bucks.

      I applaud this author for this review and I hope that everyone sees it.

  3. I have been working with Diamond Dynasty and everything in this article is a lie. I have seen the ads, they are real businesses, usually new or smaller but nonetheless a legitimate business. I WORK.I GET PAID. I GET A 1099 AND I FILE TAXES. Just because you were not able to “uncover” the secret to someone’s success doesn’t make it invalid. The fact that you would publish such an article without factual proof says everything about you and your sneaky desire to ride of off someone else’s achievements by falsifying information in order to push your own product. Your true character shines through this article but it isn’t in the way you had hoped. That’s evident!

    1. Joy,

      Diamond Dynasty’s website is on Weebly. There is the first red flag. It is a free website and reputable companies don’t use Weebly websites.
      Based solely on DD’s website there is…
      ABOUT US
      or ANY information for companies who are looking to advertise with Diamond Dynasty.
      This is business 101.

      I searched all over the web. Please tell me how companies find Diamond Dynasty to hire them to advertise with them because I have looked all over and cannot find how these “new” or “smaller” businesses are finding Diamond Dynasty if I can’t.

      The second Red Flag
      Why do you need to be setup by using TeamViewer? It would just be as simple to have a walkthrough video with instructions on how to do this. Why would anyone give access to someone who they have no idea who they are to control their computer?

      I have been in the online tech world for some time, have friends and colleagues who all agree that using TeamViewer in this manner is asking to be ripped off.

      Onto “uncovering the secret to someone’s success”
      When conducting business, a company should be transparent.

      As I have just addressed 2 red flags that should be considered RED WALLS, why is no one from Diamond Dynasty actually commenting on these?

      I am willing to change this review but so far none of you from Diamond Dynasty are providing any actual information. Again, not my product, just a better option than going with Dynasty Facebook Money in my opinion.

      Thank you for stopping by Joy.

  4. Hi Kurtis, I am not familiar with Diamond Dynasty. I had people(still do) send me something about making money online with FB. I wrote FB and asked them. They told me they are not affiliate with companies that claim to be doing business with them. I have been burned by money marketing sites. I realized it comes down to doing the work on your own. What are they doing that I can not. I appreciate all the information you have given. Keep up the good work and research! Thank you.

  5. Thank you for this article. I’ve been corresponding with a “sponsor” and have been trying to get information about this company. Your comments about why is Teamviewer necessary are valid and I thought the same thing. Just tell me what to do to set it up and I’ll do it. I’m not that well informed on pyramid schemes, but I do wonder if you’re just getting paid to sign people up and there’s no start up fees to sign up, where is the money coming from? I’d like to find out the city/state that this company is setup in so that I can validate that it’s a legitimate company with their secretary of state.

    1. Trish,

      As there is no information on where the company is based out of, or who owns it, I cannot tell you.
      What I do know is that there seems to be a paid membership. Again there is no information on being a paid member within their website. So, this seems to be where money is coming from as an upsell or hidden fee.

      Diamond Dynasty Facebook Group

      You will see the description, “ONLY ADD PAID PEOPLE TO THIS GROUP.”

      At some point after signing up for Diamond Dynasty, I think they are going to ask you to pay a fee.

  6. I don’t know a lot about Internet Marketing but what little I know makes me worry about a company that is supposed to be paying out thousands a day, have a technical staff working, and do not have domain or website but are using a free Weebly account

    The other thing that bothers me about this is allowing people to have access to my computer using Team Viewer when I know nothing about them.

    Saying we are not going to access any of your information does not inspire confidence in me. I don’t know them and they don’t even have a website.

    This does not look good to me at all.

  7. Thank you for the review Kurtis, your findings are very astute.

    Let me address one Red Flag that alone would cause me to recommend people not do business with Dynasty Facebook Money. That is the required use of Teamshare.

    I am no expert on internet marketing, my business is helping non-techy people manage their IT environment. My experience is that many if not most people have not a clue of the risks they are taking by allowing someone they do not know to remotely control their system.

    The person controlling the session may as well be sitting behind the keyboard. At risk is everything on that computer and everything it is networked with. Hacking cannot get much easier.

    I hope this review causes people to think twice before jumping in with this company.

  8. Hi Kurtis,

    Great Article. Though I have never heard of this company as you mentioned all of the red flags are there.

    But the one thing that really stands out to me is that none of the people claiming to work for this company has a picture of themselves on their avatar. That’s another RED FLAG!

    Thanks for the article.

  9. Thanks Kurtis, for the warning. Seems too fishy to be real…I also checked for a proper website and couldn’t find one! Obviously they are not profitable enough to have a proper website?

  10. I’ve been in online marketing and advertising for a while. This opportunity doesn’t feel right to me. Thanks for posting.

  11. Hi Kurtis, I can imagine you have your doubts. This is their FB page
    The Alexa rank is higher than my niche website.
    Dynasty FB Money claims to be 11 years online and scores 5290251 and my 2,5-year-old niche website scores 3203545.

    For sure, there will be people earning from this ad program, but when I search Google for “dynasty fb money scam” I get About 330.000 results (0,68 seconds). Conclusion, you are not alone in warning people for a dubious website.


  12. I agree, this sounds very dubious to me, I definitely think they are a scam … there is no way i would give access to my computer to someone I didn’t know or indeed didn’t trust!

    No legitimate company would look for access they didn’t need and say that won’t touch your stuff while in there! NO, NO from me .. I would need a build up of trust & if the company needed access I would expect them to be honest, above board about why, how and for how long they needed this AND I would be expected to be given a choice … the only choice i see is NOT to join and I think that would be the option I would pick for this product ….diamond dynasty FB is showing so many red flags ….

  13. Thank you, Kurtis, for all the research you did. Thank you for alerting us about dubious business opportunities on the web. Obviously you found a hornet’s nest and the occupants aren’t happy about being exposed!

  14. I was shaking my head through the whole article. Red flags everywhere. It’s sad that there are so many scams out there which are not only ripping people off, but also making it hard for people to put their confidence in legitimate programs.

    If those who support Dynasty could come up with a counter argument better that “you’re lying, you suck” I might be willing to listen, but they can’t because you’ve got their number.

    Good job getting this out there for people to see.

      1. This is not just a scam it is a criminal activity. I would contact the better business bureau to start. Make sure to copy many remarks made on this page not only fron normal people that have raised concerns but also from some of those that are attacking you personally. I would discontue this practice since you do not know who the crazies are and what they might do. Your actions are commendable. I with see that you receive the appropriate government agency to report this to.

      2. What proof do you need to see Kurtis, just be ready to apologize for all the negativity you have brought on this blog and be ready to change this to a positive blog, allowing people to see that this is a great opportunity. Because all your doing is just hurting those who couldnt benefit that dont take action due to reading all the nonsense on this page.

        1. 1.) Companies that advertise with Diamond Dynasty.
          2.) Proof of payments (I have found ex-members who state DD does not pay out as promised.)
          3.) Who owns this company. (I suspect it is you, Brandon. If I guess correct you are Brandon Williams.)
          4.) Explanation of why there is a PAID member DD group. If it is 100% free to be in this, then that group does not make sense? Unless you are using funds from previous members to pay new members.

          As I have said before. I am willing to change this review around. I looked into this company and nothing I saw made me think this is a legit opportunity for people. No companies marketing with DD, No info on the owners/founders, free website, relies heavily on the recruitment of others.

    1. If dd smacked you with proof that they get paid from marketing companies, one of which is listed on this post as Kurtis claims they are not affiliated with. I am not talking about random paypal shots, I am talking about government issued w9s. You all here are rambling on without knowing anything lol. Even with the proof provided people will still talk negatively about something so really what is the difference

      1. Brandon,it is not a FALSE claim.

        I have contacted Ads, Inc by phone and by email and we have discussed Diamond Dynasty and they have assured me they are in no way affiliated with diamond dynasty. So please tell us who is affiliated with Diamond Dynasty.

  15. SCAM, SCAM and More SCAMS! I am so tired of people trying to make money selling the IDEA of making money online. People are trying to sell magic tools, software, programs or something like Dynasty. This is because these scammers have never been able to actually make money doing marketing online. So, the next best thing for them to do is cheat other unsuspecting people into believing they were very successful at online affiliate marketing and that they have the secret to success. They want you to buy the secret and then make money selling this same secret to other sign-ups. Getting paid $60 to scam someone into signing up for a bogus program is NOT ONLINE MARKETING per say. Are these people actually making money directly from online affiliate marketing of various niche? Are they putting the time and energy into creating quality articles and Posts? No, they are tricked into making all their money on getting others to sign up for this magical program that is suppose to make you money. D ynasty does not care about your success in placing ads on FB or other sites that they claim to help you with. Maybe they really do. But, their main way of making income is getting people to pay and sign up, then having those people who sign up make $60 per head of other sign-uppers. BEWARE PEOPLE that there is no secret or magical method or program to make you rich by marketing online. The only way is to build a site or blog and write helpful quality articles. You then need to build traffic up over time and nothing happens quick. NO program can make you money quickly without the hard work. Sorry, they are all scammers.

    1. You do understand that no person joining pays anything, they get paid from the marketing companies diamond dynasty is affiliated with. So your whole comment doesnt make any sense. No scam here, real opportunity, real money to be made and the members love it.

  16. I agree with you Kurtis. There are too many non-matching points. In my opinion the three most dubious ones are:
    – The need to install Teamviewer
    – A free subdomain website from Weebly
    – No company or contact data
    Thanks for posting.

    1. Teamviewer is used to remote in and place the ad. The free website is still there due to when dd first started they created it and why change it if it is being used and it isnt broken. Who cares that its a free site. They dont have any company or contact data because they choose not to, doesnt make them a scam.

      1. Brandon Williams, I am guessing.

        I had thought you were the owner or founder of DD. I can’t figure out why someone who creates such a great opportunity would not take ownership of their great product.

        Even on your FB all it says is Entrepreneur at Self Employed. Yes, I did my research into your company and you were one of the top people, so I figured you would be by my blog sooner or later.

        What I cannot figure out Brandon if your opportunity is so great why not make the simple changes. Privacy Policy, About Us, more information onto the actual advertisement of companies. Why would you not take ownership of Diamond Dynasty and let people know who created and founded it?

        1. I do take ownership on fb and on my youtube videos, I have proof from w9s as stated, I do not have a about us because never made one, no particular reason, we have nothing to hide, we are upfront when speaking to prospects. In regards to the marketing companies on the website because people try and take business and clients, if we want to provide a great opportunity for our leads to come in and be able to have access to a source that will pay them for their time and effort and use of their accounts, makes no sense to let that out. In regards to the group it is a payment proof group not a pay group this opportunity is 100% free, it was made to show prospects that we pay we dont play, and also Ads inc knows who I am may not know Diamond Dynasty which is why you may have got the response you have. You keep saying using funds from other members but Kurtis NO ONE PAYS TO JOIN, they get paid from the marketing companies, so the whole pyramid scheme nonsense makes no sense. Your blog doesnt affect our business, because those who have showed me it, I simply provide explanation and proof to how this blog has alot of false claims and isn’t factual info, if you talked to me from the beginning, a reliable credible source you would have known that. You have my fb Kurtis, you know my name, I will not provide w9 proof publicly as I do not have to, but will to you when you contact me so that you can see for yourself. We can than have a conversation regarding all that has been said and you can change your negative false review to a positive accurate one. Look forward to hearing from you.

  17. Hi Kurtis
    This all sounds very worrying, so many red flags that it would be crazy to join them.
    Obviously the owners of this site are not at all happy to have been found out, but if they are legitimate, why do they refuse to offer any proof?
    You have done a great job in alerting us to this obvious scam, very many thanks.

  18. Hi I personally joined this opportunity a few months back. I never paid anything. I am a very busy mom so I the time I do have I spend making money. So far made $120. If I personally get scammed I can update you but nothing so far. And those I work with, none have been scammed.

  19. No problem. I joined early March this year. Had an ad placed for me. Got $20 for that ad. And now refer others to do the same. No bank info given. No hidden fees. All of my recruits thus far had no complaints. Feel free to email me and see how things are going. I signed up to your news letter.

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