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Earn at Home Club Review – Is it the real deal?


Earn at Home Club Overview

This is definitely one of the most peculiar and somewhat interesting programs that have gone public in quite a while. Earn at home club comes with your usual testimonials of great earnings and case studies of individuals who achieved success after having gone through a terrible patch in life. The website does a great job of convincing you that you have arrived at a quintessential moment in life where you can either decide to make a fortune or turn around and leave.

It provides you with claims of astronomical income and aggressively tries to convince you to sign up. However, while all this persuasion is going on, there is an important detail that seems to be left out at every turn- what the program actually offers you! That’s right, the website provides you with ample information on the type of money you are going to make and tells you to go ahead and purchase without telling you what you are going to sign up for.

Upon further research, it has become clear that earn at home club is a link-posting program. It involves the use of affiliate marketing to earn money online by posting ads in order to earn from the purchase of products. It is quite worrisome that they feel the need to hide this information seeing as affiliate marketing is a legitimate and highly promising means of earning money.

The purpose of this earn at home club review is to investigate the claims of massive income and also decide if earn at home club is a scam. This will help you to know if it is a program worth investing your money and time into.


Earn at Home Club Ownership

The product seems to be owned by a certain Jennifer Becker. However, further research has shown that this same name has been used to develop several other home business programs that operate the same way. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that they all offer the same thing in a different package, telling you that you could make a fortune working on your computer for just a few hours a day.

Jennifer Becker is introduced in the sales pitch as a mother of three who lives in whatever hometown you are browsing the website from and has discovered the “secret” to making money online.

However, this same alias has been used to promote programs like A to Z cash system, news reports today and my home cash system.

When a program exhibits such fraudulent and shady characteristics, it is usually a good pointer to know that it would not deliver on its promises and is just another scam. Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot more shady practices with earn at home club.


Unverified/fake testimonials

The website features a good number of testimonials where these so called “success cases” claim to have experienced a turnaround in income and swear that they have income coming in daily. Some claimed that the program changed their marriages as they could now take vacations and go on the honey moon they always wanted.

These testimonials all have something in common; they never explain to you exactly what the program is all about! Of course, one cannot help but wonder if these reviews are true and upon further research, a quick Google search shows that the pictures used as profiles for these “individuals” are just images gotten from several websites. At this point, there is no doubt that earn at home club is definitely up to no good.


Earn at Home Club Details

Name: Earn at home club

Website: www.earnathomeclub.com/rb/main.php

Price: $4.95 with several additional charges

Founder: Jennifer Becker



1.) It is safe to say conclusively that there are absolutely no advantages that you stand to gain with this program and you should beware of the promises being made.



There are several red flags that must be stated about earn at home club and they include;

1.) False advertisement strategies that include fake testimonials and shady ownership

2.) Absolutely no support as promised

3.) Unclear credit card charges in the subsequent months after subscription

4.) Absolute lack of orientation, information, and training for interested individuals


Earn at home club price

Before you even try to purchase the product being offered, you encounter a sales page with a countdown timer that creates a false sense of urgency to either sign up now or lose a massive opportunity. However, if you try to leave the page, the timer resets itself while directing all attention to the limited available time left to grab this opportunity as it is your “LAST CHANCE” to get wealthy.

The program is advertised with an initial price of $99 but is slashed down to $4.97, such a great deal right? Wrong! When you try to leave the page a few times, the price goes even lower to $1 which makes it look like you have absolutely nothing to lose. Reports have shown that this is not the case as they are a few hidden clauses hidden on the sales page.

Apparently, the $1 dollar cost only gives you a three day trial period during which you may cancel your subscription. If you fail to do this then you will be charged the full price of $39 which is the monthly fee you will pay until you decide to cancel. There is also an extra 10-day access you are provided with when you sign up and if you fail to cancel that after the stipulated 10 days then you will be charged $29 per month.

All these fees are charged to your credit card and of course, come with a 90-day money back guarantee which may or may not is false. This simply means that you will end up paying $69 within the first month for a program that was advertised for $1.


Problems and reports from past members of earn at home club

Members have reported extremely poor and non-existent customer service. Most people even claim that the customer care agents disconnect from contact when you report a problem.

These unexplained charges are not clearly stated which makes them unexpected.

Cancelling your subscription is extremely difficult and will leave you eventually having to call your credit card company as the multiple debts just keep coming.


My final opinion of earn at home club

At this point, I have absolutely no doubt that earn at home club is exactly what it looks like, a scam! It is just another program with no plan to offer you any reasonable product but rather to use the popular bait and switch technique to get you to sign up. Do not be fooled by the $1 fee as it is only setting you up to make several calls to get your charge disputes resolved.

In other to spot similar scam products and programs in the future, you may want to look out for the following signs;

Fake testimonials

An urgent call to action(usually with a countdown timer)

Absolutely no information of what the product contains

Very little contact information with fake names and details

Overall rank: 0/100

Overall scam rank: 0/100

Recommendation: STAY CLEAR

Verdict: NOT LEGIT

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