Easy Daily Profit Scam Exposed!


Name: Easy Daily Profit

Price: $250 Minimum

Founder: Dean Westhrope

Overall rank: 0/100


What is Easy Daily Profit?

Founded by Dean Westhorpe, easy daily profit is a program that comes with big promises and attractive offers. With the buzz that has been built around making massive loads of money online, everyone seems to be looking for the next best thing in order to become a successful online entrepreneur. Trading and investments have been a particularly interesting area as money is needed to enter into the stock market and reap the rewards that are often advertised.

An even more exciting dimension is binary options trading that is quickly gaining popularity. With programs that bring the high possibility of rewards, there is always an accompanying magnanimous risk factor and Binary Options Trading is not an exception. For this particular reason, traders are constantly trying to analyse trends and find loopholes that will help them in the market.

Easy daily profit offers you binary trading option software that could be set automatically in such a way as to conduct all trading activities on your behalf. It claims to provide you with the potential to make thousands of dollars in a week as the software is set to auto-pilot and can explore the loopholes that are present in the system. According to the video narrated by the founder-Dean, the software predicts peaks and drops in marketing pattern and trades to get you a guaranteed profit on your investment.

Dean comes off as your regular internet marketer; he claims to have a bachelor degree in business and economics and has always been interested in trying to earn a stable income using the internet. He explains that he himself had been struggling through a series of rough patches until he met a friend of his who provided him with the free video which turned his life around after which he made $2000 in just two days of trading which ultimately put him on a path to earn millions of dollars.

If you have followed this narrative closely then you too would have observed some glaring loopholes in this system already just as Dean plans to show you how to exploit loopholes in binary trading. Therefore in this easy daily profits review, we will verify the validity of the claim and decide if it is a scam or not. Let’s get started!


How valid are its claims?

During my initial research, I came across a glaring red flag that was impossible to overlook and that was even before going into the training video itself. The image used by Mr Dean Westhorpe on his website appears to be a stock photo obtained from iStock. This questions the legitimacy of the whole endeavour and sets off all sorts of alarms.

The idea that there is certain software out there that will make you thousands of dollars while you sit back and watch is not only outrageous but also fraudulent. You should first understand that binary trading is a dynamic and ever changing market that is not only risky but also highly unpredictable, and with no mention of brokers whatsoever, you are expected to throw in your funds by simply trusting a system to perform miraculously.

Aside from its apparently fake endorsements from sites like CNN and Bloomberg, the programme doesn’t hesitate to tell you that there will be a charge of $15,000 for purchasing a single license after the free offer expires which quickly invalidates his claim of trying to help people and not taking a dime.


How much would this program cost?

Easy daily profit comes with an initial investment of $250. It offers you the software free of charge but you would need to put in that investment before you can start trading. There is also a subsequent cost of $15000 for the purchase of a single license. According to the founder, the software that you are offered is able to accumulate $982 daily without any supervision from the investor.


Things to note

There are a few things that the program embodies and you may want to keep that in mind before diving in. These include;

  • Fake trading results
  • Fabricated testimonials from hired personnel who have nothing to do with the system.
  • No apparent proof of its validity
  • The program is essentially faceless as there is no real information explaining exactly who Dean is.


Conclusion on easy daily profits

The program appears fraudulent in its entirety. With programs that promise users high reward and no risk, one must be extremely careful so as not to fall a victim.

Easy daily profits showcase fabricated testimonials, a founder that is non-existent and a seemingly deep thirst for money that is unquenchable. This is not to say that there are no other safe ways to trade but expecting an Algo-software to guarantee you results that exploits “loopholes” is inaccurate.

It is also important to note that trading is vastly unpredictable and a program that guarantees you thousands of dollars with just a one-time investment is setting you up for a lot of disappointments.

Therefore, Easy Daily Profits is your typical scam product and by reading this review, you know better than to throw your money to the wind. If you are looking for ways to invest and reap rewards, you should look elsewhere as this program has nothing big to offer you.

Overall scam rank: 0/100

Verdict: NOT LEGIT

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