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Easy Marketers Club – Scam or Legit?

Is the Easy Marketers Club a scam?is the easy marketers club a scam

Is this just another program with false promises of making an income on autopilot? Or can you really make a sustainable income from the Easy Marketers Club?

The owner of this program is a self-claimed internet millionaire. So why does he have different sales pages with different names on them? But, only promotes one product through all of these sales pages?

Only one piece of software, Instant Income Producer.

The owner has run a few other scam type programs, which you can run a quick Google search and find out the truth about.

My Money Printer




Make 4.97 over & over & over

I am sure this owner will continue to change sales page names and continue to promote the same product when everyone begins to find out the truth.

This review of Easy Marketers Club is going to show you how this program is a total scam.


Name: Easy Marketers Club

Website: TheEasyInternetPlan.com

Owner: Mike

Verdict: Scam!

Better Option: See my #1 recommended option


What is the Easy Marketers Club

If you have gone to the website and seen the promotional video, you will have seen the claim of making over $1,000 per day by buying the Instant Profit Producer Software.

In the video, it is said this software is invite based only, so you will need to be invited to have access to buy this software because there are limited spots available.

This is false advertising, it is a tactic to create urgency so you will buy this product right away.

There are no explanations of how you be earning over $1,000 a day.

Lucky for you, I have done the research and found out how you would make this kind of money. Since the video did not want to explain how it was going to be done.

You will be doing link posting, which is a spam tactic and will not make you any money.

To make matters even worse, there are claims you will be able to do this with little effort.

Review of easy marketers club

High claims of how much you can earn and with little effort are the first sign of a scam.

Let’s dive into how this is a real scam.


The Testimonials are Fake

The testimonials on the videos of Easy Marketers Club are paid, actors.

These people claim how happy they are that they joined the system and how much money they have made. The truth is that these actors are from Fiverr. You can hire a person to create fake video testimonials on Fiverr, and that is where these actors are from.

Actor from fiverr for Easy Marketers Club

easy marketers club fake testimonials


Fake Students on the Easy Marketers Club

In the video, he mentions one of his students making a commission off of gold using his system.

Here is the student he was referring too.

fake student with the easy marketers club

As you can see this a Facebook post.

I decided to look Angelica up on Facebook to see if she had made any more sales.

As I had expected this is a fake profile.

fake post from the easy marketers club


Complaints against the Easy Marketers Club

Although the Easy Marketers Club claims to give you a 60-day money back guarantee, there is a ton of complaints from people getting ripped off and not getting refunded.

As this system is a total scam, there will be no way to get your money back once you purchase it.

You can find negative reviews about this company on BBB and Ripoffreport.

Here is one of the many negative reviews.

the easy marketers club review


Is the Easy Marketers Club a Scam?

Yes, The Easy Marketers Club is a scam.

Paying for this program is a great way to waste your time and money.

The only person who is going to be making any money from this system is the owner. He is only trying to rip you off and fatten his own wallet.

There is no quick system to getting rich and it does not happen overnight. If you want to make great money, you need to work hard. That being said there is a place to begin working hard for a better future.

There you will have all the tools to actually be successful, but it will not be overnight.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.


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  1. Very thorough article and I appreciate the detail you put into this. There are so many scams online these days it’s impossible to tell the legit ones based on face value. Now I know what to keep my eye on if I ever come across something that appears to be to good to be true!

    1. Dany,

      Whenever you see something claiming to make you a large sum very quickly, you should research into it. Use Google to reverse image search the people and testimonials and you will be able to determine if it is legit or a scam.

  2. Love the paid Fiverr actors the most.Lol yea its a total scam I would suspect. Good review on this and the alternative way to earn looks promising. I’m always wary of inflated hyped up programs so I steer clear. WA looks like a better deal.

    1. David,

      Stay clear, it is a total scam. I figured I better give a better alternative option. It is not an inflated system with false claims. This is not a system that will make you rich in the first 90 days! It takes time but it is your own business.

  3. You must have put your heart and soul to find out all the insight. Kudos to that.

    I’m sure this will save a lot of people from making wrong decisions.


  4. Wow! You really did some great investigative work. It blows my mind how people come up with all these schemes. I like that that with WA what you see vis exactly what you get. Great job with your review. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Josh,

      These scams are tricky. I spend a lot of time digging into these to see what is really going on. I am always looking for alternative ways to earn money online. If it was legit, I would have signed up and started earning. But, if I research into a company and it comes back as a scam, I will let others know. WA does not promise overnight success and making thousands of dollars a week. It is a real and honest platform. Takes work and time but it can be done!

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