is elevacity a scam

Elevacity Review – Legit or Scam?

Name: Elevacity


Owner: Robert Oblon

Location: Texas, USA.


Elevacity Review

Health Supplements have been embraced as verified alternatives to sustain a quality healthy lifestyle. The company Elevacity launched to tap into this niche and has created products to improve the health of its users and to also provide money-making opportunities for interested people through its products.

The company is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that makes a wide variety of health supplements. The company is best-known for anti-aging products like Xanskin and Timeless, as well as health supplements. Although Elevacity is silent about the profile of its founder, further research shows that the company was founded in 2014 in the State of Texas by Robert Oblon.

Prior to launching Elevacity, he was the president of World Ventures and he held a 5% ownership share of the company. It has a multi-level compensation structure which allows you to make money by selling their products on your own (directly), or by recruiting other people to sell its products. The company compensation scheme runs on a 12 Point Program, where you can enroll 12 different customers on EasyShip programs to build residual income.

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  • The Elevacity network provides a 12 Point Program that allows you to enroll 12 different customers on EasyShip programs to build a residual income by selling its products.
  • The company has three major paths to being in business with them such as selling directly to customers in person, getting your own e-commerce websites to sell and you can build teams of people and earn overrides.
  • It has real products in niches that are very much needed and lucrative. Affiliates will easy make sales and also find it easy to bring in people due to the bright prospects of the products.
  • Its business model plan is set up in a way that it allows you to be more on your schedule. It is less restrictive.
  • You can earn free products from the sales of products to others.
  • It has several mouth-watering bonuses including an all-expense paid trip.


  • You will need to pay a one-time fee of $49.97 to be a business partner and if you want to be paid commissions, a monthly charge of $25 is also required.
  • To earn commission, affiliates must meet the several targets that Elevacity has. This can be tiring.


 The Product

The company brags that its product line has been created and manufactured to truly elevate the health and happiness of its consumers with because its formulation is a blend of quality research and proven scientific processes. It currently sells six different products and they are separated into three categories;

Functional Beverages, Health & Wellness, and Anti-Aging Skincare.

Functional Beverages include Elevacity coffee formula from Elevacity Coffee. It’s a blend of coffee with other valuable ingredients, such as organic cocoa, green tea extract, L-theanine, and botanical extracts.

Its Health and Wellness category of products included Xanthomax and vitamin patch – the two supplements that claim to make you healthier due to their scientifically-backed ingredients.

Elevacity Skincare products include a range of skin creams which make you look younger and help you enjoy anti-aging benefits such as reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


Who is Elevacity for?

As a product, Elevacity is for people who want to elevate their health, reduce stress and elderly people who might want to look younger. Generally, if you think you can market well, persuade people to come into the system, you are dogged, have a thriving social life and you want to earn money through hard work then Elevacity is for you.


Compensation Plan

The company affords partners three ways to earn money; by acquiring customers, becoming a team leader and developing team leaders in turn. Your hard work and success will be directly proportional to your earnings. What this means is that each partner level will earn points in accordance with their personal volume (PV) sales and Organisational sales (OV). OV is the sum total of all partners and the recruits in their downline. These will determine how heavily partners will be compensated. Also, when you meet targets you are promoted to a higher level and your earnings will increase. When you are a retail customer you earn between 25%-45% on the products in your personal inventory, and when you are a preferred customer you will receive 10-15% discount, free gifts, and exclusive product promotions.

You also make income through a 12 point customer program. When you are a preferred customer (PC), you monthly earn $700 bonus.  When you refer 3 PCs within your first 60 days with a minimum order of 32 monthly, you will be paid $50 and also be given an Elevate stick bag. When you refer 5 PCs who each have a volume of 32 on EasyShip, you will get $150 and 2 Elevate bags. When 5 PCs are brought in with at least 32 points on EasyShip, you earn $500 and 5 Elevate stick bags.

When your new and old personal recruits buy a Demo pack, you will be paid 50% of the purchase. You can also earn through Team commissions monthly. This is the breakdown of percentage you will earn:

  • Bronze (level 1)- 8%
  • Silver (level 1)- 8%, Level 2- 8%
  • Gold- level 1- 8%, level 2-2.5, level 3-8%.
  • Sapphire – level 1-8%, level 2-5%, level 5%, level 4 8%.
  • Ruby- level 1- 8%, level 2-5%, level 3 5%, level 4-8%, level 5-8%.
  • Emerald- level 1-8%,level 2-5%, level 3-5%, level 4-8%, level 5-8%, level 6-8%.
  • Diamond-level 1-8%, level 2-5%, level 3-5%, level 4-8%, level 5-8%, level 6-8%, level 7-8%.
  • Crown-level 1-8%, level 2-5%, level 3-5%, level 4-8%, level 5-8%, level 6%,level 78%, level 8-8%.

In addition, you earn about 50% from the elevations of your personally enrolled partners. There is also an elevation advancement incentive bonus where you can earn up to $170,000. This is the breakdown:

  • Sapphire-$2,500
  • Ruby-$6,000
  • Emerald-$12,000
  • Diamond-$50,000
  • Crown-$100,000

You can receive about $36,000 as lifestyle and car bonus. In the global bonus pool who earn a percentage of the company’s total worldwide profit. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Sapphire-30%
  • Ruby-25%
  • Emerald-20%
  • Diamond-15%
  • Crown-10%

You also get to have Health and Wellness Bonus which range between $250 to$1500 and the options of being given health products. When you stay in Elevacity for a period of 2 years, you will be rewarded for life, given a family vacation plus air tickets and paid hotel bills for 4 members of your family to any destination you choose. To enjoy this you must maintain the level of Sapphire for 7 months.



Elevacity appears to be legit. I like the fact that it has loads of rewards, benefits, and bonuses, these make it very alluring. Being a health product it will definitely have a thriving market and affiliates/ business partners will make money. But you have to proceed with caution as the owner is not clearly stated and the compensation plan was only recently published in September 2017. Tread with caution, because MLMs has a knack for folding up eventually. Do not invest more than you are willing to lose.


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  1. Appears to be legit? Well I guess if all you do is read and pass on the companies own marketing materials without any thorough vetting of the medical claims nor the financial claims… then I guess you came to the only conclusion you could… the conclusion you were paid to give.

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