is elite deal club legit

Elite Deal Club – Legit or Scam?

Is elite deal club legit?

There has been a lot of buzz on the internet about this company with huge discounts all the way to free Amazon products.

I want to dive into a review about Elite Deal Club and find out if there is a scam going on or it is a legit company.

Sometimes great deals are too good to be true.

This is a 3rd party review to be fair and honest about Elite Deal Club.


Overview of Elite Deal Clubis elite deal club legit

Company: Elite Deal Club


Owners: Hidden, No information can be found about the owners.

Rating: 4 out of 10


What is Elite Deal Club?

Elite Deal Club is a website that offers products deeply discounted from Amazon. Products are usually priced to move on Amazon but with Elite Deal Club they are even lower.

The only way to get these discounts from Elite Deal Club is to give a real “honest” and positive review about the company before you even used it.  That is a red flag to me.

Elite Deal Club is considered an “exclusive” discount club that will offer 100-200 daily items at a 50% discount all the way to free.

How is a club that is free to join also exclusive?

I am not saying Elite Deal Club is legit at this point, there are some other issues that I will cover in this review.


How does Elite Deal Club work?

One of the main concerns that I have about this company is, why doesn’t Amazon promote Elite Deal Club?

Don’t you think one of the largest online retail vendors would promote an affiliate website that is helping sell products?

Well, the reason Amazon does not promote EDC is because EDC works with Amazon sellers and not Amazon itself. EDC has worked out deals to get products at a discounted rate from the top sellers at Amazon.

This most likely means that the deals you are getting are on retail products that the seller has purchased a large amount of. I am sure most of the products are not even at a discounted price, just a false advertised discounted rate.

This is not illegal, but it is very close to breaking the rules of Amazon’s policy. This is why Amazon will never promote EDC.


How to get the discounts at Elite Deal Club

You will first have to join the “exclusive” club for free. When you join for free you will receive daily deals.

Daily email deals

Every morning you will receive an email with a list of deals that are running for that day. To take advantage of these deals you will need to respond and act quickly as there is a limited amount of each product.

Claim the Coupon

In the email with the list of daily deals, each product will have a coupon for a discount attached to it. All you need to do is click on the item. Once you have clicked on the item all you will need to do is head to the checkout and purchase it. The coupon will be activated upon purchase.

Purchase and use Coupon

When you add your item to the shopping cart, you will be asked to enter the coupon code that was sent to you in the email. If you are an Amazon Prime member you will always receive the 2-day shipping that goes along with your account.

Last part is writing your review

In order for your order to be completed, you need to write a review on this product you just purchased. The only problem is you have not even received the product yet or know if you actually like the product. You will be lying on your review as you have no idea whether you like it or not.


Elite Deal Club products

There are hundreds of different products that you will be offered each day. The products range from a varied sector but the most common sectors you will be receiving products from is toys, health products, and electronics.

products from elite deal club

products from elite deal club








As you can see these products seem to range in the price. They will be coming from either FREE and all the way up to who knows. It really depends on what is offered on that particular day.

Whichever product line you are interested in, you will have to review it before you ever get to use it.


Complaints against Elite Deal Club

I have gone to the Better Business Bureau to see what kind of complaints are being filed by costumers and to see if this company can be trusted.

BBB complaints

There is currently 5 complaints against this company. All 5 are almost exactly the same. No response from customer service and no help to resolve problems. This company does not seem to care about their customers.

BBB elite deal club

When all the complaints are exactly the same, there is something going on with this company. I can speculate that they are only in it to make money in the short term from their customers as that is why they are not interested in fixing issues.

This company does not even respond to the BBB. The company has an NR rating. Which means when they have been contacted by the BBB, they have not responded. This company is hiding something and we do not know what it is. Maybe they do not want us to know exactly who is running this company.

BBB elite club daily BBB


Conclusion on Elite Deal Club

I wouldn’t trust a business that lacks in customer support and hides from the Better Business Bureau. There is something that is going on with this company. Why is the ownership and customer support so poor?

There needs to be an overhaul of the management system to fix these issues.

There are better ways to find discounts online. I would not use a service that I do not trust and asks me to write reviews before I even get to try the product out.

Why save money online when you can start making money online?

There is a 100% legitimate way to start your own business online. This is a great alternative to saving money online. It is free to get started and they do not claim to be “exclusive”

You can read my review here.

What you will do is build out a website based on the interest you choose. From there you will add content and build traffic to your website. You will then begin to affiliate market products related to your niche website.

All of this is offered with step-by-step training.

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  1. It’s good to know that somebody is looking out for us and providing real information on systems that are likely scams or poorly supported. To ask for a review of a product that you have never used is highly unethical in my book and I wouldn’t trust them. You mentioned better ways to find discounts. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. Patrick,

      A company that is not supporting their customers when issues arise is bad. Hiding information from the BBB is a cause for some serious concern. And you are right this company does seem to be unethical, but if you are okay being unethical and possibly tricking people into buying a product that is subpar because of a positive review you left then go right ahead. As for finding better discounts, I would suggest Swagbucks which you will earn rewards and points and even cash.

  2. Hello Kurtis!

    Great review. I was on the verge of purchasing a few products from them, but after I read your review, I changed my mind. You are right, if they don’t care to get in touch with their costumers, what are the chances for them to operate legally? Thank for your review. Do you know any similar websites that offer discounts that I could trust? Thank you very much!

    1. If they are operating illegally I do not know. If they are they won’t be around for long and maybe that is why they do not care about their customers that much. But, I do not think that is the case. I would suggest trying Swagbucks. You can use it as a search engine, games, surveys. You earn reward points for activity you already do online. Then, you can cash in the rewards for cash or products.

  3. This was a great review, I guess many people don’t think about things that can become a problem. It sounds like a site that is not recommended to use. I always get suspicious if something sounds to good to be true, it often is…
    Keep writing these kind of reviews it’s useful:-)

    1. Linda,

      The discounts are real and you can find products you might be interested in on each daily deal. But, if there is a problem with shipment or using a coupon, there will be no support from this company to sort out any issues. So, it seems more like luck of the draw whether or not you will have an issue.

  4. Customer support is CRUCIAL for any company wishing to be successful, without it what chance would they have? Tricking consumers into making them look better than they are? Incredible how they can ask for a review of something before you even obtain it… Nice review, keep up the good work!

    1. Dany,

      The lack of customer support by this company needs to be addressed. Hopefully someone from their management team will see this review and fix some of the issues I have addressed here.

  5. Wow, you write a review on your product before you get it. Sounds like a joke to me! But, the big red flag for me was the BBB. I have have 10+ years of business experience and have noticed companies like usually change their name. They typically call it “rebranding”. Seen it a lot over the years.

    I bet they will end up doing that once so much dirt is on their name.

    1. Garen,

      That is possible they would change their name and keep their email list. I do not know and I cannot predict the future. I know you can find some good deals on here but if something goes wrong you are entirely on your own. That is what I do not like about this company.

  6. I just don’t get how you can writ a review if you have not received the product. Something is fishy about this company. They are not transparent which raises some major red flags for me. Thanks for this review.

  7. Such a thorough review! Thanks so much for all the info. Do you know of a company that is similar (in principle) but is legitimate? Thank you!

    1. Manika,

      I did not say this was a scam or you would get ripped off. There is just things about this company that needs to be addressed and fixed. If you are looking for deals sign up now because I am not sure how long they will be in business.

  8. Kurtis!
    So, I really appreciated your review and will read some others that you’ve posted, but I had to respond to this about Elite Deals Club… “Some” of the issues you brought up – aren’t accurate….
    Now – I found this posting because I did a search to see if there were “other” people out there – who where members and suddenly discovered – for whatever reason the site stopped working. So, I emailed them – and I got the “generic” response:

    If when attempting to receive a coupon you are faced with “Code Not Found” it is because our system has flagged your account for suspicious activity and so you will no longer be able to receive coupons.
    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for sticking with us this far!

    Well, that’s nice….so what on earth constitutes “suspicious activity” – and I’ve written them about 3 emails now… but no response…now ironically – the same thing with my daughter – and she only used the account 2 times – and the last one was back in October 2016…. so she emailed them….and got the Exact Same Response…

    Now the way it works…. at 7 am – 11 am – AND 5 pm (PST) they open up the items, and there are a lot of items… it’s basically a first come – first serve scenario.

    You get the code – go to Amazon (they give you a link, but it’s not a Super URL- because they’re not supposed to, right?) get your product – THAT’S IT.

    Now – as someone who’s been a member since Before the big upset last year – I have gotten literally Tons of stuff – for Very, very low prices… and frankly – everything I’ve gotten has been great… and I’ve gotten products that I will now be a forever supporter to that seller – because I got the opportunity to use the product and now love it.

    You can only get any particular product – One Time.

    With regard to the reviewing of products…. Before the big upset….Yes, you were required to leave a review – but then it all changed and this is what they say:

    “You Are Not Getting Products In Exchange For A Review!
    You may leave reviews on products if you wish, but you are absolutely not required to! If you do choose to leave a review of your own free will, Amazon is no longer asking that you leave the disclosure, “I received this product at a discount in exchange for a review”.
    Remember, you ARE NOT receiving these products in exchange for a review!”

    HOWEVER — Because I didn’t have a clear understanding of Amazon’s TOS – and the ‘deal sites’ made it very confusing – and it wouldn’t be Until It Was Too Late – did I have a Clear understanding of what was going on (I mean, come on….does anyone ever have a clear understanding of any TOS – until it hurts?) because what I was getting – “Hey, here’s a product to try for a discounted price…by law we can’t make you leave a review – but we sure would like you to….just don’t leave the disclosure….”
    OK – so I continued along my merry way – reaping the rewards of discounted products…. and I would leave reviews… and “I” left honest reviews…I gave my opinion, shared what I thought/felt/recommendations, etc., etc., and I did it not because I HAD to – but because I’ve always done that (way before I ever knew about this promo codes) and yes, of course, a seller provided me with a product for a very low cost (in my mind, I figured it was the “cost of customer acquisition”) and of course, I want to help build up small businesses and people – I always have – and I still do — so I would leave my reviews…and true – if the product s*cked – I would say that too….


    “Why”? I cried? How could this happen? What did I do? This isn’t fair! And why won’t Amazon RESPOND TO MY EMAILS? Why won’t they tell me what I did wrong? NO – they never would answer me…just sent my emails into the round-file… and leave me in the dark (and really bummed, I mean, man, I had worked Hard on all those reviews… and A LOT of them, were waaaaaaaaay before I ever got anything at a discounted price) —

    So – I went to Amazon Discussion pages – and there I would learn the error of my ways…

    The FTC and Amazon – for that matter don’t care if sellers want to give away their products… but what’s Against the Law so to speak – is you Cannot Review a product that you got a deal on…. Basically, that’s the Nuts and Bolts – I know, I know – there’s a lot more to it than that – but IF Only I had understood – I would not have lost my Reviews and my ability to leave reviews…. BECAUSE I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND.

    So – Now back to Elite Deals — I have to “wonder” in the back of my mind What Really Happened? Why would I suddenly – be “flagged” – I did nothing wrong – I continued on as I always had – but I can’t leave reviews – but it clearly states – You Don’t Have to Leave A Review – so what could I have possibly done that flagged me as suspicious…and my daughter? She’s 3000 miles away from me, doesn’t even use the account – and they flagged her suspicious – Why? Because she’s related to me? I thought, well, maybe I sent her the referral link – and so anyone I referred got flagged too? Maybe they did a “random” sweep of people getting promo codes vs. reviews being left – and if you weren’t leaving reviews…you got flagged? Or maybe – sellers were getting MAD because, they’re paying for a service and giving their products away, to build their business, EDC is telling them, people will leave reviews, but then their not – so they start complaining to EDC?

    I literally Have No Clue — but what I will say about EDC – the 1 thing that makes me really mad – the Lack of Customer Service. Tell Me what I did – that’s all I ask… respond to my email… don’t just cut me off – eliminate me – and give me some generic BS answer…. If I had only gotten a response that told me why/what/how I did something wrong – I would be cool with it….but that really does irritate me… It makes me want to go out of my way – to hang them out to dry….

    In conclusion – I’m sad I lost my account with EDC – I loved getting great deals… and I just need to get over it… I know there are a million “opinions” on the subject – and a lot of that is negative… (like…one Top Reviewer on Amazon said – “….people sell their soul for a free selfie stick…” – in as much as I get the ‘point’ – not everyone is like that – and I don’t even have a selfie stick….

    I found one other item that may be of interest on their site – and based on your comments in this posting… this confuses me…?
    “Disclosure: Elite Deal Club is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We hope you enjoy the content and wonderful deals. We will be expanding to other markets and more Amazon deals soon!”

    I feel like approaching them as a seller – and do some “undercover” investigations…or I could just email a seller I got a promo code from and ask them some questions…

  9. Kate,
    So happy I found these posts!!! I just got cut too!!! with no reason!!! I am soooooo NOT happy!!!
    I joined EDC last August, after about 2 weeks I quit receiving the emails with the previews. I have begged them repeatedly to put my name back on the list, or do something, & they have done nothing, don’t even acknowledge it. So I got screwed out of a lot of things cause I took to long when it was time to shop.

    I had code problems on/off. Always a generic message. Even when they listed all the stuff they normally tell you to do, their reply is a computer generated one!! They say they test all the codes the night before, well apparently not, since a lot, especially lately (before I got exiled) didn’t work , especially from one particular company that was offering various electronic cords. Also, I found a price to be listed say at $1.50 & on purchase it was $2.10 (& the price difference was not tax). Not a huge amount of money, but still it adds up. That started to become semi regular occurrence. When I couldn’t get the codes to work, even after contacting them, & sometimes they replied, sometimes not. I just forgot about the item.

    I am concerned about this suspicious activity on my account. No one else has access to my account, I have not referred anyone. (unlike people who would do bulk pulls & submit 500+ referrals per week!! gee, you think that is legal? how long did that go on, or does it still, cause we don’t see the list anymore) I was doing reviews, then when they said you don’t have to anymore, I greatly reduced the amount I wrote. I didn’t like how the seller would constantly email you & say give me 5 stars, or I’ll fix it. But when I ordered something & wanted a different color, they wouldn’t help, Amazon was in charge.

    Anyway, is my information compromised, has my account been hacked? Is there a security breach where my credit card info & personal info is out there? This is not fair to be cut without an explanation. I didn’t do anything wrong either. If I did, then tell me!!!!

    I once found online, the owner or ceo’s phone number, & someone put it out there to contact him for problems they were having. I’m going to see if I can find it, to try & resolve my situation. If anyone finds it please post on here. Thank you!!

  10. I just recently had my account flagged for suspicious activity. When I contacted them asking why, they told me they were unable to tell me why. I haven’t used my account in almost a month, I find it pretty unacceptable that they re unwilling to tell someone why their account wa flagged. They also refuse to reinstate it. Anyone else have this issue? How can I file a complaint with this?

  11. Thank you for your review. I wonder about the quality of products that they are selling, especially the health supplements. It would be great to check the quality of they are selling for such discounted prices, can’t be too good. Thanks again.

  12. I ust recently am unable to log into my account with Elite deals, I recieve one e-mail that told me to clear my cookies or try a diffrent device, which I did, kept turning me back to the log in page…emailed them again and have yet to see a response. I went to their Facebook page and see all these comments about peoplebeing blacklisted for no reason and their accounts being flagged for suspcious activity. I haven’t recieved that info yet, but I expect to tomorrom, which is Monday morning. I am bummed as I was getting all my Christmas shopping done with a lot of really good deals. We have a baby coming in Febuary and 2 2yo in the house, and I got bibs and towels at unbelievable prices…..I’m going miss Elite and all the good deals I was gettin. I only reviewed a couple items and those were bad reviews, maybe they saw those and that’swhy I got bounced…

  13. This site is a farce to sell you internet security that is outrageously expensive. Look it up. Elite IT home. I was having probs with the site allowing me to use the codes or coupons. Hit one of the help buttons and someone called me immediately . Got my permission to look at my computer and ran a scan. Said I had several virus and malware. I had my computer checked out the next day and nothing!!! I might add all my devices were doing the same thing when I tried to use a coupon.

  14. They have buggy algorithms flagging you inappropriately. I am tired of dealing with their customer service. It is not worth the effort. Their technology is way behind.

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