EPS scam review

Email Processing System (EPS) Review

Email Processing is a not a new scam. These types of scams have been happening online for many years. That is not to say that all are scams and is why I had to look into Email Processing System. Could EPS be the real deal?

For only $25 can I really make over $3,500 a month by only processing 5 emails a day? This system sounded to lucrative to not be a part of, that is why I wanted to find out the truth.

Here are my findings on EPS, read the whole Review of EPS before you decide to send them your $25.


eps review

Quick Overview

Company: Email Processing System (EPS)

Website: EmailProcessingSystems.com

Price: $25 + upsells

Rating: 1 out of 10


Quick EPS Review

What is EPS?

A digital marketing product.

How does EPS work?

You receive prewritten ads and place them on Craigslist and all the social sites you are a member of.

What does EPS cost?

$25 to begin and there will be upselling.

Who is EPS for?

Anyone globally who is over the age of 18.


Email Processing System Review

My thoughts on EPS

Email Processing System is marketed as a get rich quick scheme. The ads and the website from EPS make unrealistic claims. That is why I believe EPS really is a scam. There is nothing new about this program that makes this seem any better than other email processing scam.

EPS says you can make an easy $200 dollars a day. To make $200 dollars a day you would need to have 8 people join EPS. Do you really think you will be able to find 8 people every single day to pay $25 for an email processing system? No.

What you are selling them in a money making opportunity. You will be using the same unrealistic claims that you feel for to try to lure other people into the same scheme.

According to EPS, this system is a no brainer money making system.

  • Easy $200 or more a day
  • No experience necessary
  • All you need is 30 minutes or less a day
  • Step by step instructions.

 All you need to start with EPS

  • $25 to start
  • A Paypal account
  • A computer with internet connection

I am sure everyone who reads the ads has these things. The difference is that most people who read these ads understand right from the beginning that it is a scam.

But what if you think it is real?

All you have to do is copy and paste the prewritten emails onto social websites. Then people will click ads, you send an email, and they send you $25. Simple enough right?

It might not be an MLM company but this is still a recruitment type of business. The amount of money you make is entirely based on how many people you can find to send you $25.

Every day you need to find someone new to send you $25. Good luck with that.


Let’s say you join

When you sign up for EPS, you will receive an email from the person whose link you clicked to join.

The email you get will look like this.

email processing system

Once you pay the $25 you will get an email like the one shown above.

All you have to do next is click the link for you “training” and the copy and paste ads and emails you will use.

Not very complex. You will be using social media to place ads. Ads that look like this.

email processing system ad

What you will be doing is selling the same exact system that you just bought into.

When someone clicks the link and buys into the system. You will be sending them an email exactly like the one featured above.

A money making opportunity. Since there really is no product offered. This is called a pyramid scheme. No products offered but the lure of being able to make money. That is a pyramid scheme.


How EPS makes money from you.

EPS costs $25. But, when you sell EPS to someone else you get 100% commission.

So EPS is not making any money from you signing people into their program.

EPS makes money by offering you a cheap website. A website that costs $10. It is cheaply made and is nothing special at all.

So everyone who is affiliated with EPS is being told they will need a website for only $10. Of course, this is not very expensive but the website is also not very good.

When a company is offering 100% percent commission that means a few things…

  • Their products suck and need as much incentive for you to sell as possible.
  • There will be no help and support.
  • No refunds on sales.


Is Email Processing System a scam?

Yes, I believe EPS is a scam.

EPS is not actually offering a legitimate product for your small purchase of $25. All you are buying is a copy and paste type of email for ads you will run on social media.

Without a tangible product, EPS is just a marketing scam. I have seen these before and I will see something like this again in the future.

This is not the work from home system you want to be a part of.

All you are doing is recruiting people into some email processing scam. If you want to start a real business from home then follow the same exact steps I took.

This program is going to teach you how to…

Take your passion, build a website, generate traffic to your website, and earn money affiliate marketing products related to your passion.

This is a real business. You will become an internet marketer. This can be a very lucrative business. It is not always easy and it is not a fast system but the rewards make it worth it.

To learn more about where you can learn how to do this click here.

If you are ready to join, then click here.


  1. I’ve never heard of EPS before so thanks for sharing your review of this system.
    I think a lot of these scammy systems seem to rely quite heavily on the product being reasonably cheap and people effectively taking a punt on them!
    $200 dollars a day for an outlay of $25 dollars should really ring immediate alarm bells.

  2. It really looks like an under-cover MLM scheme to me.

    And a poorly desgined one, if I may add. I’ve found many other MLM’s out there are which have expensive entry fees, but at least they produce high comissions and they’re very lucrative if you are into that kind of stuff.

    EPS sells low price entrey fee, but still you need 8 people to sign up every day and that’s a lot, given the resources they offer, like that low quality website.

    Thanks for the review! This is really a red flag program which I’ll never try for sure.

  3. There are a few mistakes with this article so please allow me to educate you.

    1. The $10 website is not required, it is an option and is usually only purchased by people who have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to building a website.
    2. What you receive when you sign up is completely dependent on your sponsor.


    Sponsor A: Free website, Ad copy, Craigslist Domination Marketing Training, Solo Ad copy
    Sponsor B: Top Selling eBooks, Craigslist Domination Training,Craigslist Ad Copy, Solo Ad Copy, Health & Wellness discounts, etc
    Because the system doesn’t have high value by itself, most people add value to it by offering different products in addition to the ones already given

    3. The ads you receive to copy and paste look nothing like what you’ve shown in this article . The ads aren’t even for facebook, they’re for craigslist. On top of that, there is also solo ad copy and craigslist marketing training no matter who you sign up under.

    Final word: If email processing is a scam because it doesn’t offer a tangible product, and because it only offers digital training and downloadable files, wouldn’t that make the program you’re promoting a scam also?

    1. 1.) I said everyone is going to be told they need a website as a way for an upsell. A 10 dollar website is trash. Premade websites never rank well on Search engines. Might as well throw your $10 away if you buy a website from EPS.
      2.) Craigslist has become a platform for scams and spams and it is clear that it is EPS is providing the spam on there. No one needs to learn how to MARKET on craigslist Aliyah.
      3.) That is a simple example but you get the point.

      And NO you are wrong.

      The product I promote actually has value for ANYONE! you would receive great training first off. But also you will have access to a keyword research tool.(needed for internet marketing) website hosting, website security. The website hosting is considered a double host. You have one website that is up and one that is a constant backup. so if the live one goes down, your backup will go live. That alone is worth more than the monthly fee. Let’s not forget the rapid writer tool also.

      so yeah, you get a lot more at WA than you would by joining EPS which as you say is teaching how to people to recruit on craigslist. Come on now, no one wants an opportunity that teaches you how to marketed on Craigslist.

      1. 1. I understand your primary way of promoting your business is through the Google search engine, but our company uses the Youtube search engine mainly – so it does not matter if our website shows up on Google, because our videos show up on Google.
        2. Tons of people learn to market on Craigslist, but I understand where you’re coming from. Our training also includes Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist and many other sites. Craigslist is the only platform that guarantees leads within a few hours, which is why it is pushed the most.

        From what I understand, WA teaches people how to blog negatively about home-based businesses to steal their potential customers. They may have great websites that are valuable to you, but the training isn’t something I would recommend – but I understand where you are coming from. Either way, I wish you much success.

  4. Thanks for the great info. Now I can really crush it with my new online Wealthy Affiliate website. It looks like you have it all figured out and your site design is very aesthetically pleasing. Email processing is based upon the oldest Panzi scheme in history. It’s almost as bad as those Africans who call and say they will give you a million dollars that is held up in their African bank if you can just pay them $10k to ge the money released from the bank.


  5. From your review, this really sounds like a Ponzi scheme. This is no real product and the health of the company depends on continuing to sign up members. No new members and it will just dry up..Sounds like the only people who will make money are those who collect the membership fee. Also, I agree that you are not going to get 8 new members per day. That’s a real stretch. Thanks for the warning.

  6. I feels like you may have tried and got burned…really EPS is what you make of it….it all depends on your coaching mentor usually. Like me for instance I simply use it as a segway and teach a number of different marketing methods which could be used with any marketing system. I teach SEO, SEM, PPC, and we touch on CPC, CPA, CTR , and sorts of things you could use with anything online… In this case i chose to use EPS to apply the teachings to…..so really again EPS is what you make of it…and yeah who ever you spoke with that introduced you probably made alot of open promises and didnt follow through so now you have a scape goat to put down, and at the same time throw your product drop in there. bait and switch sweet man . There are a lot of shady businesses out there that over promise and under deliver, but in my opinion I don’t feel that EPS is one. Also if you give value and stay consistent you can definitely earn more then 200 dollars a day, actually pretty easy when done right, on autopilot. SOOO yeah …thank you for the review though… keep it up and keep striving for bigger and brighter things. I’m sure you don’t mind me writing all this i mean after all content is key 😉

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