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Employee Motivation Ideas – 20 Ways to Motivate

quote to inspire employee motivationIf your employees are not happy and motivated to come to work, they will quit. You do not want to be searching for qualified employees every couple of years.

Entrepreneurs understand searching for a new motivated and qualified employee costs A LOT more than keeping your existing employees motivated. Do you want to be spending time, money, and training on someone new? Absolutely not!

When you are the boss you need to find ways to keep your workers excited to come to work, besides coming to collect a paycheck.

Create a work environment that will keep your employees looking forward to coming back into work. Here is what you can do to keep all your workers motivated.

20 Employee Motivation Ideas:

1.) Supporting Ideas:

When an employee comes to you with a solution to a problem or an idea that they believe will benefit the company, this is remarkable. Your employee has just come to you because they care about the company and their job. This is a perfect opportunity to show your support of their idea. Give your employees permission to explore their ideas. If you don’t another company will.

2.) Keep Boredom Away:

I know myself, I get bored very easily. There is a good chance your employees get bored easily too. Let your employees bring in their own music, plan happy hours, change who runs the meeting that week. Do whatever you can, bring in a dartboard and have a darts tournament one afternoon.

3.) Personal Milestones:

Celebrate the personal lives of your employees. When it is someone’s birthday, have a party with cake. Do this for everyone in your company. Do not forget to celebrate these achievements – work anniversary, wedding anniversary, or even engagement. Turn your work environment into a place that cares for the lives of your employees outside of work.

4.) Recognize Professional Achievements:

When an employee finishes a task, tell them job well done. This will go a long way with employee motivation. People need to be recognized for the work they are doing. Let your employees know you appreciate the hard work they are accomplishing.

5.) Reward Accomplishments:

There will be times when accomplishments need more than congratulations or high five. Reward employees with money. Give them a cash bonus or a raise when professional accomplishments are being met.

6.) Listen to your Employees:

This is a simple one that can be easily skipped over. Your employees may have complaints or concerned. Listen to what is bothering or going on with each employee. Make this a priority every day to listen to employees. You will be able to find out what is actually happening with the people who are running your business.

7.) Encourage Competition:

Competition in the workplace is good for employee morale. This can lead to a more productive workforce. Base your competition around rewards even if they are small things such as an extra vacation day or a gift card to a nearby restaurant.

8.) Create Goals:

Setting goals you want to have accomplished for your business will show your employees your expectations. People want to work towards a goal and accomplish goals. At the end of the year, you can determine whether your employees are motivated and working hard.

9.) Set Realistic Expectations:

Determine the exact expectations you expect from each individual employee. Do not allow employees to work without expectations of the work they should be doing. This will help employees stay focused and motivated to keep working hard.

10.) Encourage Creativity:

Creativity in the work environment will help your business flourish. Having a creative work environment will allow your employees to think outside the box to further grow your business.

11.) Allow Career Paths:

Your employees are coming in day to day to accomplish tasks, but knowing there is room for them to be promoted will increase motivation. Allowing your employees to advance within the company will keep them motivated for a long time.

12.) Learning New Skills:

The workplace is changing and changing very quickly. Encourage employees to learn new skills inside the business. Skills that will benefit them if they ever did decide to leave. Allowing your employees to learn more will only lead to greater business accomplishments.

13.) Set an Example:

Be the first one in and the last one out. Show your employees how hard you work and they will follow your example. Be realistic with your expectations, ask yourself if you are setting expectations for your employees that you would set on yourself.

14.) Start a Tradition:

This can be a holiday work party. An annual Christmas party for your workforce. Turn your workforce into a family. Celebrate a tradition for your workforce and this will bring everyone together.

15.) Keep the Workplace Interesting:

People can fall into a routine. Routines are good but they can affect motivation negatively. Break the work day up with something interesting. This will help break the dull routine of showing up to work then go home. People will enjoy their time at work not know what the day holds for them.

16.) Be Personal with Employees:

There is a thin line you should not cross. But, you should show interest in your employees as people. Taking an interest in your employee’s lives will create a loyalty within each employee.

17.) Laughter:

Allow people to laugh and smile at work. Encourage your employees to have fun while they work. Laughter is contagious and will spread joy throughout the office.

18.) Provide Balance:

Your employees have a life and family outside of work. Having a positive balance of work and personal life will keep your employee’s sanity and allow them to work harder when they are supposed to be working.

19.) Positive Work Environment:

A negative work environment will destroy your employee’s motivation. Keep the workplace positive. Give positive feedback when you can. Making your work environment positive is solely on you.

20.) Be a Leader People will Follow:

This falls onto you and you alone. You need to lead your employees to places that they will always follow you. If you are not leading your workforce how can you expect them to grow your business? Be a leader.


Now to motivate

You now have 20 fresh ideas to motivate your employees.

Start putting these into practice today and you will thank yourself by the end of the next fiscal year.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment box below!

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