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Employment Opportunity for Convicted Felons

Employment opportunities for convicted felons are not easy to come by. When someone has served their time and is ready to come back to society and change, society makes it incredibly hard to find jobs as a convicted felon.

Jobs for convicted felons always seem to be low wage, horrible hours, at a company you could care less about. A convicted felons job should be something they are interested in that will give them a positive path in life.

No matter who you are even a convicted felon, we all have hobbies, passions, and interests. After serving time, do you want to now spend your time following your passions and interests into the business world?

Jobs for convicted felons are not based on your passion, but rather a necessity of needing a job, this employment opportunity for a felon is about chasing your dreams once again.


What is this employment opportunity?

It is to become an internet marketer/affiliate marketer to start. Affiliate marketing can open the doors for a lot more opportunities in the online world. It is a great way to earn a substantial income online and further grow your income in time.

You are probably asking yourself what is affiliate marketing. Let me explain.

Affiliate marketing – Online there are special programs called affiliate programs. These are free to join. When you join an affiliate program you will be able to promote their product/service. You will be given a “special link” that will contain your user ID for the affiliate program. If someone clicks your affiliate link and buys that product/service, you will earn a commission.

For an example: has the largest affiliate program online. You can join for as an affiliate for Amazon. There are over 4 million different products sold on Amazon and you can promote ANY product sold on Amazon. Amazon has a commission rate of 6% to 8%.

There are over 100,000 affiliate programs you can join online and some have a commission rate up to 70%. It all depends on what you are looking to sell or promote.

The potential to earn a great income is there but you might be wondering what products would you promote and make money from.

I will show you how this can be products you already love and know about.


Products to promote and sell as an affiliate

The products you promote as an affiliate should be something that you use or are interested in.

Of course, you can promote almost every single product online but you want to be more specific and understand that there is a target audience you want to bring in. This is known as a niche.

A niche is simply a group of people with a common interest.

There are countless amounts of niche’s online and finding one of your own should not be too challenging.

I learn best by examples so let me give you an example of a niche and products that can be promoted to a niche audience.

Playing music – This is a pretty broad topic, so you might want to think smaller and become more targeted. This will allow you to understand exactly what your audience is interested in from the start.

Playing the guitar – If you know how to play the guitar and love playing the guitar this is a perfect niche to be working in online.

You could teach people how to play the guitar. Better yet, you could write reviews on different guitars that you recommend people should use. When someone sees’s your review and clicks your special link and buys that guitar, you will earn a nice commission.

That is just an example but I highly recommend as a great starting point choosing something you enjoy and/or interested in.

If you have questions about a niche of your own or don’t know what niche you should be in, leave a comment below and I will gladly help you.


How are you going to promote and sell these products?

There are 2 great ways to be a successful affiliate online.

  1. Creating a website.
  2. Social media.

Creating a website is not very difficult in this day and age. You might not have ever heard of a Content Management System but what that basically means is it is VERY user-friendly and easier to create/edit/upload/design your website to your own liking. You will not need to have any knowledge of HTML or CSS.

See how you can launch a website in 30 seconds.

Social media is a great resource to become an expert marketer. You can share your website on their for people to read and see your affiliate offers or you can share your affiliate offers directly on social media.

I personally find having a website the most effective method of affiliate marketing, so let me show you how people will find your website.


Attracting visitors to your website

Choosing your interest, building a website, and know which products you are going to sell is relatively easy compared to this part.

This is the hardest part of the entire practice and will take your patience and determination to draw in a large traffic flow to your website. BUT it can be done!

People will find your website because of search engines.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google makes up 70% of the worldwide web’s searches. That means you will need to have your website rank on the first page of Google’s search engine results page. Also, Yahoo and Bing make up the other 30% of searches so ranking on the first page of those search engines is going to be great also.

There are 2 ways to do this.

  1. SEO (search engine optimization)
  2. PPC (pay per click)

I am not going to discuss PPC and only SEO. If you want to read about PPC, click here.

SEO is free traffic coming to your website. Everyone loves free so this is why I am only going to talk about SEO.

Search engine optimization is the process of having your website rank #1 on the search engine results page. This is accomplished by the data that you have on your website. I call it data because search engines use an algorithm that considers it data.

The type of data that ranks on search engines:

  • Text
  • Video
  • Images
  • Links

How do you get these ranked in search engines?

Keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that people are typing into the search engine. If you put a keyword onto your page, picture, or video, there is a great chance you will rank specifically for the keyword phrase.

The more content you have on your website means the more people that are going to be coming to your website and looking at your affiliate offers.

More traffic = More opportunity

There is a ton of opportunity as a convicted felon to make a living as an affiliate marketer. You might be 100% new to this idea and will need some guidance along the way and accomplishing all of this online.

There is only 1 platform online that is the perfect place to start as a beginner with affiliate marketing.

Their platform will walk you through the entire process.

  1. Choosing your niche
  2. Building a website
  3. Generating traffic
  4. Earning revenue

If you want to see a review of this platform in entirety, click here to see a full review of my #1 Recommended Platform.

If this is something that interests you and you need help to accomplish this. Then, I suggest you join Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to join and get started. There is also a premium membership but I would hold off on that until you check it out as a free starter member.

Wealthy Affiliate Signup

If you have any questions about becoming an affiliate online then please leave a comment below.

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