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Enagic Kangen Water – Should you become a distributor?


If you are reading this review chances are that you have been approached by an Enagic distributor or you have heard about the company that sells state of the art ionization machines. An Enagic distributor may have told you about many exciting facts about the company, its products, and health benefits and how to make a good sizeable monthly income from the company.

These sounds pretty awesome right!! There are many business opportunities out there that promise groundbreaking results and unbelievable compensation systems.

The problem is many of them have failed and those businesses will never disclose enough information before you sign up. So, you might wonder “does Enagic fall into this category”, let’s find out.

Before we go on I would love to point out that I am neither an affiliate or member of the Enagic Company. I am here to give an unbiased review so that you can make up your mind whether the company is a waste of time and resources.



Enagic is a water purification MLM company that is located in California USA. As stated on their website they have been manufacturing ionizing water systems since 1974. The company was established in 2013 and it can be found in different 3rd world countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Their core product is called KANGEN water which is manufactured with their state of the art ionization machines.

The main job there is to distribute and promote the ionization machines. Individuals join as distributors to promote the products and earn commissions.

The company will give out marketing materials that can be used to recruit more people and better sell the products.



New members will have to buy a starter pack that contains and explains all the details of Enagic and inside the starter pack includes some promotional materials that can be used to recruit new people.

The company gives referral bonuses just like any other MLM company and those referrals can get more referrals and so the chain goes. The main logic is to get 34 additional people to join a marketing team and they will work together to make sales and commissions.

The other way of making money is by selling the water ionizers and that is the common way to make money on the company’s platform. The machines were manufactured in Japan and they are being sold over here in the USA.



The common belief that ionized water is better than the regular drinking water is debatable as there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. There are scientific journals that lay waste to these claims.

The Enagic Company makes bogus claims that their machine can produce water that will contain a reading of -200 to 400 ORP (oxidization-reduction potential).



There are 6 different categories that are listed on the company’s website and they are:

Machines – All machine sales require a sponsor to be associated with the order, so without one, you cannot make a purchase. In this section you will find the following items:

Anespa – This is a mineral ion water spa. This machine has been designed to remove chlorine and bacteria from the tap water.

Leveluk JRII – This machine is aimed at reducing energy consumption and it produces 5 types of water, Kangen, Clean, Acidic, Strong Kangen and Strong Acidic water.

Leveluk Super 501 – This a higher model similar to the JRII model except it is manufactured for heavy use.

Leveluk SD501U – This is also a counter top version of the JRII model.

Leveluk R – It is an eco-friendly model that is equipped with an LCD screen showing the water selection the machine is currently set to.

K8 – This is an Anti-oxidizer with high-tech features, like the 10-second automatic cleaning system, auto off & on options, 8 language displays, and audio options and it is also fitted with a touch screen.

Leveluk SD501 Platinum 5 Language – This machine can communicate in 5 different languages and it has a built-in electrolysis chamber and a big LCD screen that can operate using voice prompts.



Enagic pays its affiliates when they sell Kangen water machines and recruit members. They provide their members with 100% commission fees. There are 3 ways to get compensated on Enagic and they are:

1.) The rank system: Their compensation plan is similar to other MLM companies and there are 6 levels of rank to start out with 1A-6A. An affiliate and a team can go higher on the rank depending on how many machines they have sold.

2.) The 8 point system: Distributors are paid from the ground up. The company compensates its distributors 8 points for every machine they have sold. Therefore the number of points you are paid depends on your rank.

3.) 9 income streams: This is where the main commissions and bonuses are. The income streams include: Educational Allowance, Development Incentives, 6A Group Sales Awards, 6A Achievement Awards, 6A Step-up Award, 6A 8 Level Group Incentive

(Monthly & Quarterly), Filter Commissions and The UKON DD Commissions.



It doesn’t cost anything to join as there are no sign-up fees, inventory stocking, distributor fees, time limits and auto-ships.



According to the law, it is not a scam and is lawful. All things considered, is this truly a business you could see yourself flourishing in? Do you think you could convince someone to buy a $4000 dollar water ionization machine when they have no genuine evidence that they’re better and furthermore there are different machines with a similar quality for less cash?

Drinking ionized water has been proven to not change your blood pH level.

Realistically in the event that you get involved with any MLM, you will need to be a phenomenal sales rep as the item does not simply sell itself. On the off chance that anybody is interested in these Enagic ionization machines and chose to do an in-depth research, they would find that there are better machines for less cash.

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  1. How do i register myself as Distributor for Enagic and please letme know as how to get my personal ID Number to start selling Kangen Water Machines.
    with Warm Regards,
    Madan Mohan

      1. I have a question, I just started as a distributor I signed a contract stating I would get $2500 a month base salary but I can’t get anyone to tell me when I can expect my first paycheck, when did you get yours? briecnelson@gmail.com

    1. Welcome to my international business enagic team located in Singapore
      Willing to support u : training -info- gift $$ when u make sales… All the way untill u reach 5A rank
      For more info contact me
      +65 8165 1650 wtsapp

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