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Enviralizer Scam – The Truth Revealed


ENVIRALIZER REVIEWenviralizer scam

PRODUCT NAME: Enviralizer

URL: HTTPS:// WWW. Enviralizer. Com

PRICE: A onetime fee of $25.

OWNERS: Franco Gonzalez & Enrique Alberra


The instant a company or a product has an affiliate program attached to it, the question: “is it legit or a scam” pops up. The product in review- Enviralizer finds itself in the same conundrum.

A plethora of reviews, articles, and blogs has tagged Enviralizer has a scam. The question: “is Enviralizer a scam?” has been asked. Most times, these questions and comments come from a biased viewpoint. Some bloggers cannot stand the sight of the referral system. Though, Enviralizer operates such system, but it is more than that. The affiliate program is more of an attaché.

Now, Enviralizer takes the stand. Let the trial begin.



First and foremost, Enviralizer is an educative platform. It equips/ teaches business owners with tools and knowledge to expand their business. Enviralizer offers marketing tools and strategies to build an online business. To sign up, you are required to pay a one-time fee of $25. There is no renewal fee, no upgrades, and you gain a full membership badge.

Enviralizer also operates a referral system. You are paid $20 commission when you refer other people to join the system.



One question left unanswered is: what are the Ying and yang (strength and weaknesses) of Enviralizer? Like everything in this world, Enviralizer has the good side and the bad. Let us start with the strength of your Enviralizer.


1. It is educative. Enviralizer educates you on marketing tools that can assist you to transform your online business.

2. You get $20 from every referral.

3. No renewals, no referral fee, no upgrade.

4. You do not distribute any product.

5. The entry fee is cheap.

6. There is a strong community support on Enviralizer Facebook group.


1. The payment system is too restrictive or unidirectional. It means you can only pay via credit card. You cannot pay via PayPal, Payoneer or Skrill.

2. There is no refund.

3. All sales are final.

4. There is a hidden upsells within eBooks product to buy more products.

5. Contact with the owners only exists in our dreams; it is impossible.

6. The payment system restricts it to citizens of the United States. It is difficult for people from other continents to join.



Now, let us consider the select group of individuals Enviralizer is designed to sway their hearts. The audience of Enviralizer is basically all business owners. It is not just any kind of business owner, rather, a business owner willingly and determined to go the extra mile. Enviralizer offers products containing step by step instructions and strategies to promote business via the social media.

The products are tailored to the needs of business owners who are willing to take their business to the next level. So, if your goal is to generate web traffic to your website via social media, Enviralizer was designed just for you.

Enviralizer also caters for the needs of bloggers/ freelancers. Enviralizer also offers a tool to mold them into better professionals. It offers Tools to improve their writing skill, communicative ability, and Word Press usage.

Enviralizer provides the platform for business owners whose 80% of earning comes from the internet or internet users.



Enviralizer is like a digital library of social media and internet marketing tools to better your online marketing skill. Some of the products are:

1. Facebook Marketing Suite: This product provides a step by step approach on how to market on Facebook. This approach will increase likes and comments on your posts. This gives popularity and visibility. In a short time, this equals sales and sign up to your posted offers. It also teaches how to setup a fan page.

2. Elite Video Training course: With Video tutorials, you will learn tips to generate more likes, views, and comments on your video posts. You will also gain access to a list of popular video sites to boost your ranking. You also learn how to get paid to share video.

3. Word Press Hero. This is a compilation of eleven easy to follow steps made by an expert Word Press trainer. The video is an account on how to use Word Press without prior knowledge of any programming skill. This will assist you to understand the immense advantage Word Press gives you to get more traffic and sales

4. Copywriting 101: This is a tool to give your writing skill a facelift. You with be taught how to write to sway the hearts of your readers. It teaches you how to give your writing the symphony of a pro writer.

5. Twitter Marketing Secrets: Twitter Marketing Guide 2.0 will help you give your reputation increase, increase your online presence, build a relationship and attract massive traffic to your websites.

6. Skype Untold: Skype untold gives your business a tremendous boost. Skype untold teaches communicative strategies to convince your clients to the bidding. You can utilize the power of Skype marketing as a way to establish yourself as an authority figure.



ENVIRALIZER has diverse support platform:

1. The first support section is in your member’s section as soon as you login in.

2. They have an official Facebook group regularly updated.

3. Members of Enviralizer have Facebook groups to assist one another.



Enviralizer has a six marketing tools as stated before. As a member, you have access to these tools once you sign up. However, if you are not a member, and you would like to purchase these tools, here are the retail prices:

1. Complete Facebook Marketing Suite = $149.

2. Elite Video Training Course = $59.

3. Word Press Hero = $149.

4. Copywriting 101= $197.

5. Skype Untold = $97.

6. Twitter Marketing Secrets = $97



Since its inception in 2014, Enviralizer has weathered the storm of several negative name tags such as “Enviralizer Scam” and “is Enviralizer a scam?” This is year 2017, Enviralizer is not cooling off or burning out, and rather, it is firing on all synapses. Enviralizer has relegated such tags like “Enviralizer Scam” to the background. It has foregrounded its objective to teach businessmen and women how to increase earnings via social media marketing and internet marketing with six powerful online tools to help grow an online business. Enviralizer is proving to be more than an affiliate program. It makes the affiliate program a secondary component of the products.

After listening to the argument of both counsels, here is my verdict:

PRODUCT NAME: Enviralizer

OWNERS: Franco Gonzalez & Enrique Alberra

PRICE: $25

OVERALL SCAM RANK: 68 out of 100



Another Option

My #1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform teaches the same type of internet marketing as Enviralizer but has a lot more to offer.

The training is step-by-step with video walkthroughs. The platform is designed for someone with zero experience to really understand everything.

There are no hidden upsells.

It is free to join. The first month is $19 and every month after that is $49.

For free you will have access to…

  • 2 websites
  • 10 lessons
  • Live chat
  • Help and Support.

I prefer to rank WA higher because you are able to try the platform out before you have to buy a membership. The free trial places WA above Enviralizer.

To see my full review about Wealthy Affiliate click here.

Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned internet marketing without having to worry about whether it was a scam. I never had to worry about upsells or being ripped off as a member of their platform.

If you prefer WA over Enviralizer, click the link below to join Wealthy Affiliate.

Join Wealthy Affiliate.



  1. There are so many internet companies offering a quick fix that it’s hard to know what’s real or what is a scam.Your review on Enviralizer was pretty accurate. I checked out their website and can’t say I was impressed with their website. Honestly speaking I would stay well clear of them

  2. Great Review, You answered a lot of question I had about Enviralizer. I have been trying to find an unbias review on this opportunity and I see that you gave it an average 70 out of 100 which isn’t paid for an online opportunity but a little too low for my taste. I like the one-time fee and doesn’t seem to have any upsells it’s more like you get what you pay for. It a cheap investment and I will take a look at and see what it has to offer. I also see you recommend Wealthy Affiliate which is, in my opinion, the best opportunity I have come across in my online career. I will keep an eye on this Enviralizer for sure.

    Great Review,
    Robert D.Gee

  3. Please move your Social Media buttons for mobile users.!!!

    Tried to read your blog, but the buttons are so annoying that I am going to read a review somewhere else.

    Sorry, maybe next time

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