Essante Organics Scam – Full Review

essante organics review

Essante Organics Review

Name: Essante organics


Owners: CEO- Michael Wenniger,

President- Dr. Jonathan James Levine,

CMO- Angie Levine.

Price: $30/year wholesale customer and distributor plan


Essante organics overview

With the high demand for products that come from biological origins, many companies have abandoned synthetic production routes in favor of more environmentally friendly products. Essante organics is one of such organizations whose products are organic and environmentally friendly wellness and beauty products. It operates on the basis that organic and natural products are more beneficial to the body as chemicals are harmful and not entirely suitable for human applications. Founded in 2009, the company operates within the health and wellness industry and has established quite a name for itself. It possesses a wide range of products with distributors and affiliates in different geographical locations.

It is a multi-level network organization founded by Michael Winneger, a man who is known to have created a few other successful business ventures. The company is based in Arizona and seems to offer a good opportunity to its audience and interested members who are hoping to join a multi-level marketing scheme. However, like all MLM networks, there are a few technicalities that present themselves with the manner of operation and it is of great importance that you understand exactly what the company is all about before becoming a full-time member. There have been nothing but good review about Essante organics but then we must explore the possibility of a possible Essante organics scam.


The good

The company produces and advertises its own 100% organic and non-toxic product line. This is a step in the right direction as there is a lot of focus on innovations that are of natural origins as they are better suited to the health industry.

The cost of start-up is not as exorbitant as most other MLM companies which allow you the liberty to start at a rate that favors you.

Being a multi-level network, it allows you the liberty to work as much or as little as you want and either get involved full-time or on a part-time basis. This provides some sort of financial freedom and allows you to participate in other activities while being fully engaged in the network.


The bad

The major problem here is the main problem that all MLM setups face, which is the issue of recruiting new people. If you are able to quickly generate new leads then, by all means, go for it but if not, you may want to have a rethink.

Marketing of the products at a retail price may be a little bit difficult without brilliant sales pitch seeing as the prices are higher than similar store bought alternatives.


Who is Essante organics for?

The Essante organics system has no restrictions as to who can participate in the scheme. All it requires is a basic understanding of sales and referrals and you’re all set to go. It is especially suited for people who are interested in the beauty and skin care industry, perhaps beautician and aestheticians who carry out skin and facial treatments and can recommend some of the products to their patients. Those looking for a good way to earn through referrals system can also join here. Anyone can go ahead and sign up to the network but be sure to carefully read all terms and conditions and get an in-depth understanding of the operations.


Essante organics products and health care categories

The organization focuses on several areas into which their products are divided. Below are a few products listed from each category to provide you with an idea of what Essante organics sell.

  • Body care
  • Sweet and shower gel
  • Handmade body bar soap
  • USDA Organic Deodorant
  • Hair care
  • Restore leave-in hair serum
  • Nourishment hair conditioner
  • Mangoberry shampoo
  • Facial and skin care
  • Rejuvenate moisturizer
  • Vitamin c facial cleanser
  • USDA Organic lip balm
  • Oral care
  • 25 sparkle packets
  • Sparkle toothpaste polish
  • USDA organic lip balm

Other categories include; therapeutic essential oils, baby care, home care, nutrition/fitness and a few others.


Essante organics support

All new and intending members can visit the website at where the valid company information is provided in case of any inquiries. The website is also equipped with a “frequently asked question” section where users can check out the answers to possible questions that they may have.


Essante organics price and compensation plan

In this network, there are two ways in which members get paid. The first is through direct retail or wholesale marketing of the Essante organics products where they can earn a commission of every product sold. While the second is through referral which gives you a commission on a number of goods sold by your downlines while simultaneously moving you a little bit up the network chain.

As a part of the system, you stand to earn 30% commission on every product sold without having to track inventory. There is also a special commission for every wholesale pack you sell; you receive $50 for every $199 below wholesale pack sold, and $100 for every $499 wholesale pack sold. The system also provides several different bonus levels with the ultimate being that you get a $500 bonus for maintaining a gold level for three consecutive months. To begin as an affiliate with Essante organics, you can sign up with the network as a wholesale customer at $30 a year and proceed with referrals and product sales. The more you grow your network, the more you increase you earning potential as you get paid on each and every one of your downlines.


My final opinion of Essante organics

If you have had doubts that Essante organics is a scam then you can rest assured that it is not. They offer a great line of products that seems to be doing well in the market. The only problem may be the high rate of recruitment as regards to actual product distribution; this can only be solved by individuals who are great at marketing and identifying the right audience who might need the product. Therefore, if you are confident in your skills of generating leads and recruiting more links then you should definitely go for it.

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