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Evo Binary Review – A Forex Trading Ponzi Scheme?

Evo Binary has been trending upward since the fall of 2016.

As this Evo Binary program begins to generate more attraction online, there is a big question.

Is it legit or is it a scam?

Well, I have dug into this program, Evo Binary and here is my full review. If you have bought into it or are thinking about buying into it, read the whole post so you know what you are in for.


Evo Binary Quick Reviewevo binary review

Company: Evo Binary

Website: evobinary.com

Owners: 2 owners. Roman Alcantara. The other is unknown.

Rating: 2 out of 10


Evo Binary – What is it?

According to their website, Evo Binary has a Forex trading robot. This Forex trading robot is supposed to be doing all the work for you. It does not matter if you are experienced or are a total beginner. This automated system is going to be earning you huge ROIs.

Does it sound to good to be true?

What Evo Binary actually seems to be is an MLM company in the Forex trading niche. So, that means if you are an affiliate with Evo Binary, you will be earning quite a bit of money from recruiting others into Evo Binary.


Founders of Evo Binary

The website from Evo Binary says that there are 2 men who started this program. Roman Alcantara but for some reason, there is no mention of who this second person is.

Nowhere on the web can you find out who this mysterious second CEO of Evo Binary is. I find that to be very odd.

The company is based out of Dubai.

Do either one of these guys actually have the qualifications they say they do? From my research online, I have found nothing on them that says they do or do not.


Inside Evo Binary’s products

The main issue is Evo Binary cannot prove that their robot is actually earning anyone huge commissions. Or trading in such a fashion that anyone of their affiliates is earning from Forex trading.

The only service that they have is an automated trading bot, which we have no proof actually works.

There are no actually products or services from Evo Binary.

Evo Binary does have an app that you can download, though.

So how are people earning with Evo Binary?


Evo Binary compensation plan

Joining Evo Binary means you have to invest into this company and hope for an ROI. Affiliates can invest all the way up to 20,000 euros.

Levels of investment

Partner – Invest 500 euros and receive an ROI of 81 euros a month.

Professional – Invest 1,500 euros and receive an ROI of 270 euros a month.

Master – Invest 3,000 euros and receive an ROI of 540 euros a month.

VIP – Invest 9,000 euros and receive an ROI of 1,620 euros a month.

VIP Premium  – Invest 20,000 euros and receive an ROI of 5,400 euros a month.

These are the ROI claims from the automated trading robot.

Evo Binary is making outrages claims on ROIs without any proof of their trading bot.

Wouldn’t you think someone who had this system would just take out a huge load and turn on their trading robot, collect millions in trading profit and retire?


Evo Binary payouts for recruiting

As Evo Binary is an MLM company, they will be paying out members who go out there and recruit others into this program.

Here is how the payout structure looks for recruitment.

Recruit someone to the Partner level and receive 20 euros

Recruit someone to the Professional level and receive 50 euros

Recruit someone to the Master level and receive 100 euros

Recruit someone to the VIP level and receive 300 euros

Recruit someone to the VIP Premium level and receive 1,000 euros

The more you recruit the more you will make. Don’t forget you should always be getting ROIs every month from your initial investment.


Residual Income Commissions – Binary

What this basically means is you have 2 different downlines.

a left side and a right side.

You can sponsor someone directly or indirectly on either side.

When someone joins one of your downlines a point system will be awarded.

Partner – 24 points

Professional – 60 points

Master – 120 points

VIP – 360 points

VIP Premium – 1,200 Points

In this situation, each point is equal to 1 euro.

Each side will be counted. You will be paid out on the lesser point side.

The remaining amount of points for the higher side will be rolled over.

Commissions for this point system are capped at 12,500 euros.


Residual Income Commissions – Matrix

Evo Binary has a 4×7 matrix commission structure.

The matrix starts by having 1 affiliated placed at the top of the matrix.

That affiliate goes out and tries to fill 4 positions below them. Once this is done, each one of those affiliates now needs to go out and fill 4 positions below them.

This process continues down 4 times. In order to fill a matrix that is 4×7, you will need to fill 87,380 positions.

Commissions in the matrix are only paid out when it is full. The amount of money that can be made from a matrix is also dependent on which level of invest each affiliate has bought in at. (partner, professional, and so on.)


Binary Rewards

You can also receive binary rewards on the lesser side of the point system.

8000 points – iPhone 6S 128 GB
20,000 points – 13″ Macbook Pro
60,000 points – 27″ iMac Retina
300,000 points – Mercedes Benz E-Class
1,000,000 points = Porsche Panamera
2,500,000 points – A House + an addition 1% investment for their entire downline


Costs to join Evo Binary

This all might sound very wonderful for you but I can promise it sounds way to good to be worth joining.

For you to begin with Evo Binary you need to pay a membership fee of 50 euros.

From there you can decide which level of invest you would like to buy into.

Partner – 500 euros

Professional – 1,500 euros

Master – 3,000 euros

VIP – 9,000 euros

VIP Premium – 20,000 euros

The only difference between each level is the ROIs promised for each level.


Evo Binary Complaints

With this company trending very high the past few months, you know you can find some serious complaints against this company.

As it was just launched when many of the reviews of this company first happened, there have been quite a few complaints warning people to stay away.

Here are 2 that I found for you.

evo binary scam

It seems Evo Binary is actually a scam. Well, better yet it is a Ponzi scheme. As we can see from this screen shot below.

Evo Binary is still holding high on Google trends. This company might fall off and die soon but as of right now it is still hot.

evo binary scam


Evo Binary a Ponzi scheme

Is Evo Binary a scam? Yes, I think this is a huge scam.

Evo Binary is making outrages claims of ROIs with no actual proof of being able to generate those promised amounts.

We need more than “We have the know-how and the trading robot”

How are they making their trades in Forex? Are they even making any trades in Forex?

Evo Binary states that their trading in Forex is how they are able to fund this whole operation.

With no proof of any trades actually happening, it seems this whole operation is run by affiliates investing into this company.

If the whole system is built on having a new member join and invest and then paid the member who joined before them. Well, that is a Ponzi scheme.

They are using new members funds to pay older members.

This system will come crashing down.

Evo Binary is a scam.


A better option for you

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  1. Thank you for exposing Evo Binary for what it really is, SHADY BUSINESS! People want a different type of life, a free life and freedom to enjoy life the way they see fit. The need for this is so bad that we sometime get fooled by this online opportunities that claim to make you rich and make you rich quick.

    You are offering a great service, we need people like you exposing these con-artists and shady business plans that are there for one thing taking honest people’s money.

    Great post, Thank you!

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  2. You have done a great service to many newbies who tend to believe in such con-artists like Evo Binary MLM schemes. Being scammed many times in the past it is easy for me to spot such a dishonest scammer. I shy away from any MLM scheme, even though I believe there could be good MLM businesses. The majority of them are outright scams. Better not to give them any chance to bleed your wallets.Thanks once again for the great review.

  3. Your review fully confirmed my thoughts what I think about Evo Binary and most of the binary trading robots. It´s that we can´t believe in Evo Binary. A good review: ,Where are any of the proofs that you can be and you will be sure awarded within this programme´, although Google trends show that Binary is on the peak now, how it will be throughout the future year or so on. An online endeavour isn´t always a good chance for a profit.

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