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FastLegacy Analyzed – Read before signing up

Quick Summary

Name: Fast Legacy


Owner:  Johnny Scofield

Location: Philippines



“Project stop poverty!” is the slogan of FastLegacy, an organization that seeks to alleviate poverty through the affiliate marketing of educational tools and health products. Its goal is to reach the masses so that they can earn life-changing income. FastLegacy is a business opportunity based in Philippines, and the company says it has over 40 years of experience in wealth creation and marketing.

Its founder is Johnny Scofield a Business Consultant with well over 24 years’ varied experience in Direct Sales and Network Marketing. It is said that he started his career at the young age of 17 and at 19 he made his first million dollars. The combined knowledge and experience of his has been used to coach thousands of people successfully, according to its website.

The business model is set to favor affiliate marketers over the company. FastLegacy submits that they have decided to make “profit sacrifices” so that more profit can be earned by the people who sign up with them because they are the ones who do most of the hard work.

What are its products?  It flaunts affiliate hosting software and tools in the education, health and mindset niches. It rewards its affiliates through direct sales, residual and passive income. It ranks 792,802 among the over 30 million websites worldwide and is ranked in the 10,244th position amongst websites in the Philippines.

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Product and Services

FastLegacy sees itself as a humanitarian entity, a project that makes the way for struggling marketer and gives back to charity. How does it do this? Online marketer’ biggest job and worry is getting enough traffic that can be converted into sales, FastLegacy helps by its creation of automated marketing system that organizes traffic to the marketer.

It also has educational vault videos whose tutorial content is based on marketing skills and strategies. The purpose of the content is to systematically teach tested and proven ways to “drive truckloads of Hungry Targeted Visitors’’ to marketers’ products and businesses.

Secondly, it has Health facilities wherein right dietary choices, health tips, exercise and workout styles are emphasized. Also, its health products and supplements are said to be exclusive and created by highly qualified research medical team.

Thirdly since Johnny is a life coach and motivational speaker, he has infused this into his business. The third service FastLegacy offers are “mindset”, here members are taught about the ropes of success, the right mindset to have towards a career, finance and life, and diverse ways that will build self-improvement.

When people subscribe to its Hosting plan they are given their own eStore where all FastLegacy’s products (health, educational, agriculture etc) will be found at lesser prices. This will enable affiliates to make more and quicker sales.


The Good

  • The company has virtual and digital products that can be used to push sales.
  • The company is very open about its products and business model, this is a huge plus.
  • There are multiple ways of making money so subscribers are not put under undue pressure to recruit.
  • The pedigree of the owner Johnny Scofield is impressive, working on this premise the company will surely be around for long.
  • It gives to charity, subscribers are hereby afforded with the opportunity to touch lives through their earnings.

The Bad

  • Even though it condemns Traditional Marketing, its system and reward scheme is not much different from others.


Rewards and Compensation Plan

On the website, FastLegacy submits that “there are countless of online and offline opportunities making obscene claims these days of creating wealth for you but the reality is far from the truth. So as a company our main objective is to change this trend and make a real difference in people’s life by providing a special Affiliate Hosting Services with amazing built-in marketing software to help you generate sales.” Now that we understand that FastLegacy wants to reward its members handsomely, let’s examine its reward scheme.

New subscribers are allocated an eStore shopping portal where they can make direct sales to earn. When sales are made on its hosting plan, 83% payout is paid. Through direct sales, 67% profit will be made. In addition to earning through direct sales, money is made through recruitment.

When subscribers recruit new affiliates through their referral links, they earn 1000 pesos ($19.87) this is named Tier 1. When your tier 1 recruits also bring other people in turn under them, you are rewarded with 500 pesos, this constitutes tier 2. When your Tier 2 subscribers recruit directly you get 100 pesos. These rewards will be given out monthly. When you purchase a product personally, you are given a cash rebate of 10%.

When your recruited affiliate purchases health products in their online back office, you get a commission on each of the products. The company also operates a global bonus pool, 7% of the profit made on products globally is put in the company’s share pool and shared accordingly. However note that because FastLegacy is humanitarian, 50 pesos will be deducted from subscription earnings and given to charity for the purposes of improved standard of living and education. Bear in mind that pay-out is every Wednesday.


Membership Fees

To subscribe to FastLegacy a fee of 2000 pesos is required, for now, there is no monthly renewal.


FastLegacy Support

The company promises 24/7 support for subscribers and would be ones. It emphasizes that it’s customer support is ready to put members through and answer all their question and as at when due. You can contact them through



FastLegacy International looks and feels legitimate. Its openness is uncommon with scam sites, it has diverse products that have real values and can be successfully marketed. Johnny Scofield has ample experience in the marketing sphere and going by his credentials he will be able to keep his afloat and to this end, subscriber’s investment will be safe to an extent. Unlike other MLMs, it does not depend on the influx of people to pay existing subscribers because it has enough quality products to keep it running. Notwithstanding, have in mind that online business investments can be risky if 2000 pesos is spare money to you can definitely try it out.


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