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FB Freedom System or FB Scam System?

FB Freedom Cash System Review

Name: FB Freedom Cash System/FB Cash System

Website: www.fbcashsystem.com

Owner:  Jonathan Crisper

Location: Scottsdale, United States.



Tons of people spend ample time on social media platforms. Smartphones have made this easy as people readily go through their news feed, like, share, comment, socialize, and widen their socio-cultural horizon. One of the most populous of these platforms is Facebook; the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg.

Several people have benefitted from it financially through ads or viral stories amongst others, but the biggest beneficiary is Mark the creator. Zuckerberg’s successful platform rakes in lots of money for him, recently this financial gains of his has been cashed on by online money opportunity creators who promise that by doing random things, you make loads of money.

FB Freedom Cash System is one of the many systems that have sprung up and promised members that by ‘messing’ around on Facebook, they can make over $300 daily. To start with, little is known about the owner, the narrator in the pitch video states that he is Jonathan Crisper. According to him, at a restaurant where he worked, he eavesdropped on Mike Zuckerberg and Bills Gates’ conversing about the loopholes in the FB system which can yield about $3.2 billion.

He alleges that this top information that was jokingly spoken of between the business magnates changed him and made him prosperous. Our #1 rated program online.

The registration of the domain is private and the system bears a striking resemblance to another opportunity called Facebook on Fire. Both opportunities tell the same story of eavesdropping on the two men and their modus operandi is so alike.

Is FB Freedom Cash System a scam? How are we so sure that Crisper was indeed at the supposed meeting eavesdropping? Is there really a loophole on FB for making billions of dollars? Are there proofs about the earnings of the creator and verified testimonies of real people? Who is this opportunity for? What skills or tools are needed to milk these loopholes if there are any?

This review will examine the claims of FB Freedom Cash System review and verify if these seeming bogus points are anything to go by.


The Good

  • There are chances that investment will yield a profit.
  • These pieces of training may be of help to personnel looking to make money through affiliate marketing.

The Bad

  • Earning claims are unrealistic. Making over $300 daily will involve more than mere information.
  • The unreliability of the creator due to the way the company and the owner are shrouded.
  • The value of the information is largely unknown, why then should people invest in what they are not sure is worth the bill.
  • The creator manipulates the psychology of people watching the video by appealing to their need for financial independence and freedom from employers.
  • The company lies about getting $500 when you watch the pitch video, at the end, you realize you have to invest more to get the money.
  • It bears a striking resemblance to other scam sites using FB as a means to making money online.
  • There are upsells.
  • Testimonies in the promotional ads and videos are fake, most of the people are paid actors from popular freelance sites.
  • The screenshots of earnings may not be true and there is no way to verify them.
  • There are coaches involved. Their job is not to put you through the system, but to make you invest more.


Membership Fees, Product, and Earnings

The bulk of what is known about FB Freedom Cash System is gotten from the sales pitch video by Jonathan Crisper. He states upfront that you can earn $300 daily when you are a recipient of his training.

This is a bit amusing because while it is possible to make much money online, it is not this quick or easy as Crisper preaches. He goes on to state that with about few hours of work weekly, you can make over $1000, this claim is over the top obviously. Money making involves skill, guts, strategy and persistence, these values and tools have been downplayed here and the get rich quick tactic will definitely be blinding.

He opines that all the skill you need is a fast internet, typing skills, a smartphone/computer and the ability to click a mouse. You certainly will need more than this.

The video narrator tells you to what you to want to hear, he knows that you’ll prefer working at your own pace, dumping your employer to become your own boss, and making so much money with less effort. He jumps on this wagon and preaches nonstop on how to free yourself from the grips of financial slavery and dependence.

In addition, the company creates a false sense of scarcity, this is a tactic most scams use by selling the lie that there are few openings, then people rush to invest. The truth is there is no scarcity; the system will always be open to new members. Otherwise, how will it make money?

There are two stages involved in joining FB Freedom Cash System, in the first stage (stage 1) you drop your email, address and phone number, then you proceed to stage 2 where your money starts counting as you watch the video. You won’t get the $500, there are conditions attached to it, and the company will find a way of saying you earned the money.

To buy into the program you pay $47, be also aware that the system involves upsells and the coaches will call you to obtain how much you make and suggest you invest heavily. They will not necessarily mentor you but fleece you. What is the company’s product? The training is to equip you with tools for affiliate marketing. It will give you ways to post links, and you will get a commission anytime someone clicks on it and purchases the product advertised on it.


Who is This For?

The answer is nobody! Yes, it is possible to make money, but there are tons of online businesses that are legitimate, open and trustworthy. These qualities are absent from the company.


Final Remarks

FB Freedom Cash System sells a bogus dream to you, a very unrealistic and unreachable one at that. The processes of making a huge amount of money with the company are still not disclosed, why would I then blindly put my money into what has no guarantee. The truth is I have seen several sites that run like this and they always almost never fail to rob people of their money. My verdict? Ignore the company, turn a blind eye to its entreaties. The company attacks your rationality by psychologically appealing to your needs, do not fall for it.


If you want to make money online, you have to learn and earn every penny. It is not always going to be easy and it will definitely not be fast. But if you really want the freedom of working remotely, then I suggest checking out our top-rated program here.

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