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Name: Financial Education Services




Financial Education Services is a credit repair company offering a credit repair product line as well as a service and a business opportunity that entails promoting their services/products while referring others to do the same. The company helps people to achieve financial security and also gives them the opportunity to make money if they would like to while doing so.

They can fully harness this business opportunity by telling others about the service and getting them to join FES. In other words, members can earn by selling the credit repair services that the company offers. There have been testimonials about people succeeding in cleaning up their credit when they used the company’s services. Also, the company has been in operation for over a decade and appears to have experience in the credit repair industry.

The good

  1. The company is not new. It has over a decade experience under its belt and this speaks of stability
  2. The market demand for credit repair is huge
  3. People can make a lot of money through Financial Education Services

The bad

  1. Making the money is a lot of work because the product line is not such as easy to sell as it sounds and much of it are things people can do on their own without outside help
  2. The monthly fee payment is high and not affordable for newbies looking for an online business opportunity

Who is it for?

Financial Education Services is for anyone looking to stand on their feet again financially. It is for people who are looking to build a financially secured future and make some money while doing so.. The third group of people that can benefit from this company are people who have an existing business that can provide them with people to refer to FES with ease.


Financial Education Services has nine products altogether which are:

  1. FES Protection Plan
  2. Secured Card
  3. Credit Restoration
  4. MyCare Plan
  5. Lifelock
  6. Smart Credit
  7. Rental Kharma
  8. UltraScore; and
  9. Merchant Services.

These products are sold to members at a fee of $89 per month. The FES Protection Plan is like a mother product that encompasses most of the others and the products are very valuable. Under MyCare Plan for example, FES can help you with your HealthCare, Wills and Trusts, Powers of Attorney and so on. They help you ensure that your interests are adequately represented in these documents. Credit Restoration which is also one of the FES products helps you to dispute and resolve inaccuracies in your credit reports. They claim huge success in this area, reporting that in 2016 alone, they were able to successfully correct about 885,000 false credit classifications.

Business Tools and Training

Members are trained on how to restore their credit and get ahead financially using the products of FES and these products are also the tools that FES sells to enable members to recruit others underneath them. To be a seller of the services, however, members must first enroll in the FES Protection Plan. They do this via a local independent representative and after paying the first installment of their monthly $89 fee. Members can also become independent representatives themselves and participate in the system by recruiting others. These independent representatives are also called agents.

Compensation Plan

Members can earn $50 through direct referrals on selling any products but will earn a varying amount when their customers refer others. For the United Credit Education Services for example, they will earn $10 for customer referrals while for Lifelock they will earn $5. For a customer underneath them referring someone under MyCare Plan they will earn $10 and if it is underneath the FES Protection Plan, they will earn $2.

This means that people who are already in the credit repair niche and who have lots of people to refer will earn a lot of money.

Final Opinion

It would appear most of the services that Financial Education Services offer are things that people could sort out on their own. However, promoters of the company are of the opinion that our lives could get so busy that we end up needing help along the way which is true. Also, the company has fused the MLM marketing model together with credit repair service thereby earning money in multiple ways.

Overall, the company is legitimate and has a wide market seeing as it is based on a niche that involves just about everyone. Also, if you have no credit repair problems yourself and only want to sell to others than it could be a huge waste of funds especially if you do not already have the people you want to sell to and subsequently recruit on standby.

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