finding keywords for your website

Finding Keywords for Your Website

searching for keywordsIt all begins at the search box.

Your website lives and dies by what people are searching. If you do not know, how will your website ever receive traffic?

Well, with the right keywords on your website, you will be ranked high in search engines.

I will show you how to choose the right keywords for your website. Do you need more traffic? Of course, you do. Finding the right keywords for your website is exactly how you will generate more traffic.

My favorite tools for finding keywords is Jaaxy.

Let’s begin…


website keywords for SEOUnderstanding Your Website

This might seem trivial but I want to cover everything with you.

You need to understand your niche. If you are unsure of what a niche is you can find out here.

As you begin to think about your next post or article on your website, you will want to think of a problem or a question your viewer might have. People are usually typing into search engines questions, that they need to have answered. Provide people with answers to their questions.

This is a great way to use keywords to drive more traffic.

Find out all about keywords here.

I will show you how to find the right keywords for your website.


Finding Keywords to Usefinding your keywords

I learn best from real examples. I will provide you with a real example for you to follow and demonstrate how you should also pick your keywords.


You have a website that is based on travel destinations.

On the post you are about to create, you want to provide people with their next vacation destination.

Someone who is searching for vacation destinations has a problem, they do not know where they want to go next. You can solve this problem for them. Make sure they can find you.

finding keyword for website

The keywords “vacation destinations” has a ton of monthly searches, but also has a lot of competition. (QSR is competing websites)

Choosing a broad keyword such “vacation destinations” will not help you get ranked in search engines. When you see the KQI is red, you will have a tough time being ranked for that keyword. Also, you want the SEO to be high as possible, the bigger the number, the better your chance of being ranked high in Google. (scale 1-100)

You are trying to help someone choose their next vacation destination for your travel website.

Let’s say the “vacation destination” you want people to visit is in the United States.

help finding the right keywords

Now you can see “vacation destinations in the United States” would be hard to be ranked for also.

But you can see “best family vacations in the united states” has a lot of searches, with very little traffic.

That would be the keywords you would want to target. You can even use “fun family vacations in the united states”. Keywords with close to 100 searches and less than 50 QSR is the perfect keyword to become ranked for.

Before you begin to create your post, there is one more step you want to do.

You want to head over to Google and perform that search yourself.

If you do not see too many well-credited websites ranked or competing over that keyword search,  you have just found the perfect keyword to target


Adding the Keywords to your Website

Example Continued:Finding keywords for your website

You have chosen the keywords with lots of searches and little competition.

“best family vacations in the united states”

The title of your post is going to be your keywords.

This will show people exactly what they are looking for in search engine results.

Remember to…

  • Provide the answer or quality information.
  • Use those keywords or related keywords in your article.
  • Make your post for the view, not the search engine.
  • If you add graphics, use your keywords.

As you do this and complete your post with your keywords, you will find your site becoming ranked much quicker.

Low competition = opportunity to rank.


Keywords Conclusion

I use Jaaxy to find the perfect keywords. It has all the information I need about the keywords and other keywords related. This is how I choose which direction my post will go.

Do not go blindly into creating an article on your website. No one will ever see your hard work.

Read my Review about Jaaxy. Jaaxy offers 30 free searches and requires a paid membership after those 30 have been used up. it is only $19 a month.

If you want your website to rank you need the best keyword tool.

Now it’s your turn. Try Jaaxy yourself.


Jaaxy Review


  1. Excellent article on how to find and use keywords for your website. Keywords are definitely essential for your success and how you will get ranked on the search engines. I use Jaaxy a lot and it has helped a number of my posts get ranked on the first page of Google. I certainly think Jaaxy is one of the best keyword tools out there and certainly goes more in depth than the keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate, though that is a good one to use too.

  2. Hi Kurtis

    I always have doubts when searching for Keywords, but this post has clarified a lot of things for me. I always try to aim for those low hanging fruit Keywords, but I feel like I do it blindly. I find great keywords following your steps, but when I write my post I don’t find it in the top Google pages.

    Let’s say the competition for a good keyword has 10 competitors. Does that mean I will be in the top ten for that keyword?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Luis,

      That is what it should mean. But there are other factors that go into it.

      Realitivity of your post.

      If you post is what people actually want when they search those keywords.

      But, yes if there is only 10 competitors for that keyword, you should also Google search it and make sure. Take a look at the SERPS and see for yourself.

  3. Great article!. I never really thought about it as I’m trying to answer a question for my target audience. This really helped me look at it from a different perspective.

    1. Rob,

      People are usually searching with a question or looking for an answer. Be the website that can answer or fully explain what someone is looking for. I think you will do great.

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