four corners alliance group review

Four Corners Alliance Group – Review

four corners alliance group review

Company: Four Corners Alliance Group


Owners: David Harrison and Jim Yarbrough

Price to join: $18 – $555 + monthly free

Overall Rank: 3 out of 10


Four Corners Alliance Group, that company name just sounds credible. A company that is taking operating in the four corners of the globe. There is a lot of talk about this company, mainly because of how much money people are making with 4 Corners.

I would like you to know I am not an affiliate for Four Corners Alliance Group, rather I wanted to make a third party review of this money making system. I did the research into this company to determine whether it is right for you to join or not.

Four Corners Alliance Group is a multi-level marketing company. Multi-level marketing companies are very difficult to make money with. If you do not have the experience with networking and being able to sell, you will never make any money.definition of multi-level marketing

There is no doubt that Four Corners Alliance Group is a multi-level marketing company, but is it also a pyramid scheme? Multi-level marketing companies are not illegal and either is pyramid schemes. But the major difference between the two is that a pyramid scheme is only a waste of time and money.

Is Four Corners Alliance Group a pyramid scheme?


Four Corners Alliance Group’s Products

Let’s first take a look at Four Corners Alliance Group’s products. From there we can determine if this company is legitimate multi-level marketing opportunity or just another pyramid scheme.

4 corners products

It may look like Four Corners Alliance Group has their own product line. Four Corners have 6 different sets of books to purchase. This is the 1st product set.

Four Corners Alliance Group does not write or create these books. Four Corners might claim to be experts in the financial field but they are lying!

Four Corners sells Private Label Rights. The intellectual material 4 Corners is selling is not produced by their company. All they do is purchase the rights to these books and slap their logo on the covers.

Four Corners Alliance Group likes to let people believe they create their own products, but all they do is put their logo on the cover of someone else’s work.

Each product set costs a varied amount.

Product Set 1 costs $10.

Each set rises in price.

When you go Four Corners Alliance Group’s website, you need to be a member to purchase the product sets in order to resell. But, I have found a website that is selling 4 Corners Alliance Group’s products.

4 corners alliance products

This can only mean 1 of 2 things.

Either you are going to be in direct competition with a 3rd party website that is also selling 4 Corners Alliance Group products or David Harrison has purchased the company name 4 Corners Alliance Group, paid the PLR amount and is now distributing purchased private label right products with his logo on the cover.


How will you be paid with 4 Corner

Four Corners Alliance Group is a multi-level marketing company. That means the majority of the money you will make is determined based on a number of people you recruit into this company.

I do not mean actually selling the product to customers, but rather how many more people you have signed into 4 Corners, who are now selling the product too.

In multi-level marketing companies, this is known as a matrix. Below you will see 4 Corner’s matrix.four corner alliance group matri

As you can see you purchase into each product level. Product levels 1-2 cost the same, but then each level costs significantly more than the next.

The money you make with this company depends on how many affiliates you have joined into this scheme. The more affiliates selling this product, the more money you will make.

Your earning potential is based on recruitment.

How much you make is entirely dependent on how well you can sell people into this scheme.

This is not easy to do, and no one usually makes a lot of money with this type of business. The only people really earning money with a company like this are the ones who started it or joined very early on.


Is Four Corners Group a Scam

In my opinion, I believe Four Corners Group is a scam.

This company is not only a multi-level marketing scheme, but is definitely a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are always a waste of time and money. You will not make any money for yourself joining this program.

4 Corners Alliance Group also has a $47 per month program designed to teach you how to promote 4 Corners’ products. The product line of this company is e-learning, the problem is the course does not compliment the existing products. It is more of a learning on how to recruit into this company.

This is a pyramid scheme.

Yes, this company offers you books to educate yourself and others on how to become financially free using a bunch of different methods. But, will you actually read these books? I do not think you will, you will not make money reading them, you will make money back recruiting others into this scheme.


A Better Option

Since I do not recommend anyone joins this multi-level marketing company, the least I can do if offer you a better option to make money.

Four Corners Alliance Group is going to be extremely difficult to ever make any money with.

If you are interested in building your own business then this is the best option for you.

What you will do is…

  1. Choose your interest of choice.
  2. Build a website around your interest.
  3. Generate traffic to your website via search engines.
  4. Collect Revenue from that traffic.

This process is simple. But, will still require your best effort. The difference between this and Four Corners Alliance is that this is your own business. You are not making money for anyone else but for you.

You get to work on something you love each day.

To me, that makes it worth it.

You will need to learn how to do this and there is only one place I recommend. Everything will be taught to you. There is courses for you to follow, video walk-throughs, and live webinars to teach you.

See my #1 Recommendation for building a business online.

If you have any questions regarding my review about Four Corners Alliance Group, please leave them below.

If you have had a negative experience working Four Corners Alliance Group or any MLM company, feel free to share your story below!


  1. Hi Kurtis

    I have never ever heard of Four Corners Alliance before. It looks so legit on the outside.

    Even as an affiliate marketer myself i would have been fooled…I like the fact that you took the time to write that review, so as to warn us.

    I was definitely going to get fooled had I somehow stumbled upon this scam.

    Thanks again.

    1. Yes, the owner of this use to work for Herbalife. So, you can say he knows a thing or two about setting up a MLM. You can become an affiliate for this program very easily online. But, there is no way I would ever want to trick people into a mess like this. I morally want to only steer people to a legit place. I hope you find what you are searching for.

  2. Thanks for your honest review of this MLM company. And you’ve hit the nail on the head with your analysis of the industry.

    You have to be able to sell. And not just products, either. You need to be able to sell a dream. The dream of making money from home.

    Lots of places boast about the profitability of a full matrix. But that’s a super rare occurrence.

    Maybe if the company itself is a super recruiter and the members can buy into a pool that would dish out spillover.

    Has any MLM that actually worked for you for an extended period of time? Say, a whole year?

    1. Jon,

      When you are in the MLM business, a person needs to have a certain type of skill. You are not upselling customers to buy more product. You are looking to sell people into a “dream”. That is hard to do. Not everyone has that type of skill. A person can develop that skill and be very successful in an MLM company. But, you should know going in if you do not have that ability, you may never make a cent.

      No, I have never been a part of an MLM company. I never will be. I hope the same for you too.

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