foxx legacy review

Foxx Legacy Review – a healthy MLM company?

Name: Foxx Legacy

Owners: Stan Pophal and Derrick Bushman

Co-founders: Michael Burnett, Rodger Hill, Blaine Williams and Jonathan King.


Location: Wausau, Wisconsin.



Foxx legacy is a multi-level marketing company that sells human and animal supplements. In recent times, people have become more conscious of their well-being and health than ever before. Daily people take supplements as preventive measures against illness and for the effective management of existing ones.

Cashing on this, supplements sales and marketing has sprung up all over the world, promising dietary solutions. Foxx Legacy is a subsidiary of Fromm Brothers Incorporated which was founded in 1901. It created vaccines that effectively treated and prevented worms and viruses in cats and dogs. In 1936, it established Foxx laboratory and subsequently Foxx legacy in 2005. Foxx legacy appears to have a lot of experience in the health business if we put its background into perspective, and their products are primarily geared towards improving the health of animals and ensuring they stay in shape.

It drives its sales through multi-level marketing, and like every other MLM, partners earn through sales to direct customers and also by residual income through recruitment. Scores of people appear to be pitching their tent with Foxx legacy as they are enticed by the many financial prospects that it promises.

It is then pertinent to ask, is Foxx legacy legit or an outright scam? Can substantial money really be made from it? Are its products effective and worth your consideration? Can it be trusted to remit the exact earnings of partners and as when due? Will it be better than our #1 recommended program online? These questions will be dealt with, and only then can the appropriate stance be taken.



  • Affiliates get 5% commission from each product sold which is a bit higher than what several other MLMs offer. Thus affiliates who cannot recruit can still make decent money.
  • Its profit through residual income is operated on a very simplified unilevel system and dangles a lot of opportunities, earnings, and bonuses.
  • Joining the network is cost-effective. First, signing up is free and there are no hidden charges or starter kits to buy. Also, you do not have to invest too much in products before you make a retail sale and there are no ongoing costs.
  • Its risks are very low. Because it does not require affiliates to invest too much cash in its product, coupled with the fact that membership does not need to be renewed time to time, loss of investment will be extremely low

The Cons

  • Vital information about the company and its products are not clearly stated on its website. This affects its credibility and will make buyers of the products skeptical about their choice since comprehensive information is lacking.
  • More money will be made majorly through recruitment, affiliates who are unable to successfully expand their team will make less money.
  • Foxx Legacy products are not really popular and so have to compete with other known supplements. With this, affiliates will have to do intense marketing to win the purchase of retail customers.
  • It does not give enough information on how much affiliates will earn through residual income, this will deter new recruits from participating as they will want to be sure it is a profitable venture upfront.


Compensation Plan

To start with, Foxx Legacy is big in retail sales. Its compensation plan encourages more direct sales and the profit that can be gotten from it. Its recruitment model is actually directed to drive more sales for its human and animal products.

Affiliates get to be paid residual income when they recruit and expand their team.  Residual commissions are paid using the unilevel payment structure, this implies that within a team that there is an unlimited number of levels that can be formed. However, it limits its payment structure to the first five levels of each team. Though the percentage it pays each level is not precisely known, information culled from the company’s website suggests that for every product sold, levels 1 and 2 are paid 1$ and levels 3 to 5 get 2$.

In the compensation structure, affiliate ranks are broken into11. Each rank comes with more money opportunity and bonuses.

Rank 1: Ambassador- Get a direct buyer or recruit an affiliate who in turn gets a retail customer.

Rank 2:  Senior Ambassador- get a minimum of four recruits or retail buyers.

Rank 3: Silver Manager-sponsor or get 6 affiliates or retail buyers.

Rank 4: Silver Manager 2 star- uphold silver manager rank and have one silver affiliate a downline of at least 30 customers.

Rank 5: Silver Manager 3 star- recruit 3 Silver Manager 1 star, gain 11 affiliates or retail customers and a downline of 150 customers.

Rank 6: Gold Manager- have 11 recruits, gain 2 silver manager 2 stars in three different unilevel legs and a downline of 250 product buyers.

Rank 7: Gold Manager 2 Star- maintain the previous rank and have a downline of 500 retail buyers.

Rank 8: Gold Manager 3 Star- get 16 recruits or retail buyers, have 2 silver manager 2-star affiliates, and a downline of 1000 retail buyers.

Rank 9: Platinum Manager- get 21 affiliates or retail buyers, acquire 2 silver manager 2 stars and a downline of 2500 retail customers.

Rank 10: Platinum Manager 2 Star- maintain previous rank and a downline of 5000 of retail buyers.

Rank 11: Platinum Manager 3 Star-maintain previous rank and a downline of 7500 retail customers.

Generation Bonus: Money is also made through Generation bonus which is independent of the 5 unilevel payment tiers. Once a team has a Silver Manager, the first generation finishes, and the second generation begins. This is applicable to the Gold and Platinum managers.

Money is also made through First Purchase Bonus, this means that when a new customer or a new recruit buys a product you will be given 5$ or 10$. Also, when your retail customers buy products they have never purchased, you get to enjoy the first purchase bonus. However, you have to be a silver manager or above to merit this bonus.



It can now be satisfactorily said that Foxx Legacy is no scam but a very legitimate way of getting returns on investment. It offers several ways to make money and actually has physical products, unlike some other MLMs. Investing in it will not take a toll on your pockets as costs involved is low, thereby making it less dangerous and risky. Despite these, you will need to be wary of some things.

Its products are not popular and its effectiveness as a brand cannot be easily judged, thus you will have to work extra hard to convince people, even at that sales might be poor. Foxx Legacy is big in the sales of their products and the recruitment system and the monetary promises offered is where it ensures its goals are achieved. Making residual income through recruiting looks tedious and the targets of each rank appear a tad outrageous and unrealistic, therefore you need to ask yourself if you have the stamina, marketing acumen and above average entrepreneurial skills to pull this through. Making significant profits on Foxx Legacy platform looks like a task only the fierce at heart can undertake, the question to ask is, are you?


MLM is not for everyone. Few are able to sell and recruit enough members to actually make money. That is why we always recommend an alternative option to our readers besides just MLM. We suggest trying your hand at affiliate marketing. To learn more about how and where you can start. Click here.

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