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Content Management System – WordPress

The best free content management system – WordPress

There is no other content management system that is easier to use than WordPress. If you are looking for simplicity while still being able to build a beautiful website, then WordPress is for you. is the best free CMS out today. You might wonder how can such an amazing CMS system be free. Well, because no company or one single individual owns WordPress.

The only issue you will have when using WordPress is you need to have your own hosting platform. Don’t worry, at the end of this article, I will tell you where you can find a free hosting platform also!


What is a content management system (CMS)

A CMS is a software that stores data such as text, documents, pictures, videos, music and will make all this data available on your website. CMS will aid in publishing, editing, and modifying your content.

Using a CMS system makes website development much more simple and quicker! You will not need to have a background in HTML to add all the content to your website.

Most CMS you will have to pay for and download. With WordPress it is free to use all you need is a hosting platform.

How is WordPress free

If WordPress is so awesome why are they not selling it as a software and making a ton of money off of it? The only issue with doing that is who would get paid. No one actually owns WordPress and there aren’t any companies that own it either.

WordPress is an open source community project where tens of thousands of people have helped to create an amazing piece of software. There is a core group of developers who started the software project, but anyone can contribute ideas to further better the project. You can even move up to become a core developer on WordPress yourself. Everyone involved will help with patches, report bugs, features, and so on. The community of WordPress created a software that will truly benefit everyone.

No matter what your goal online is there is not a better free CMS available today. Where else can you find thousands of people working on one piece of software to keep it beneficial for everyone?


What’s so good about WordPress

Using a CMS such as WordPress is going to help you create content for your website at a much quicker rate. Your website design, modification, and publishing will be incredibly easy. If you are looking to build a business online, you will need a CMS.


  • User Mangement – Allow user management such as changing the role. (subscriber, author, contributor, administrator) Create passwords and user information. The main role is to authenticate user
  • Media Mangement – Tool for all the media files and folders on your website. (upload, organize, and manage)
  • Theme System – Modify the view and functionality of your website. While still including imagines, stylesheets, templates, and custom pages.
  • Extend with plugins – Thousands of plugins to meet all the needs of the user and their website.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Includes many tools for your website to use SEO. Easy to use for an on-site SEO campaign.
  • Multilingual – Translate the entire content into the language the user prefers.
  • Importers – You can import data in the form of posts. (custom pages, posts, files, comments, and tags)

You will have all these features on WordPress with a dashboard on the left side of the page for the convenience of navigating through your website CMS system.

Advantages of WordPress

  • Open source platform and free for everyone to use.
  • CSS files can be modified to the specific way a user wants or needs.
  • Thousands of plugins and templates for users to choose from. Also, each can be modified to the specific needs of each user.
  • Very easy to edit all the content from text, pictures, videos, and any other documents placed on your website.
  • Adding media is very simple and quick.
  • Customization is easy and can be done the way each user prefers.
  • Serval SEO tools in WordPress to further extend your reach in search engines.

Disadvantages of WordPress

  • Too many plugins will make your website slow and hard for visitors to use.
  • Software updates are needed to keep your website up to par. If you do not download a backup file of all your content you will lose content on updates.
  • Modifying graphics to fit as you desire can be a challenge at first.
  • PHP knowledge will be needed to modify your website in WordPress.
  • Will need your own hosting platform.


Where you can find a hosting platform for free

WordPress is not a software you can download. Since you cannot download WordPress, you will need to find a site to host in order to build your website. Most places online will require you to pay monthly. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can join for FREE as a starter.

Of course, there is a premium membership which will have a lot more benefits. But, if you only need a website to host, Wealthy Affiliate will let you stay a starter member for as long as you wish.

You will receive two free websites from or you can host websites on domains that you already own.

There is also website security and website backup courtesy of SiteSupport on Wealthy Affiliate.

Another major benefit is the keyword search tool that is offered through Wealthy Affiliate.

I recommend you read my review about Wealthy Affiliate if you are a new to building websites.

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  1. Howdy Kurtis,

    In other words, CMS is like a database? Or more than just a database as it is a statistical and analytical tool? On WP, I just knew that it is multilingual. It really is beneficial as online considered is an international world. Where people from different backgrounds and countries interact each other. It’s much more convenient rather than copy and paste on google to find what it means as translated.

    1. It is definitely more than just a database. For sure it is statistical and an analytical tool with the plugins you will add to your WordPress website. You will find many great plugins to add. The web is a great way to find people all over the world. WP accounts for that with their multilingual options. I wish you the best of luck with your website!

  2. There seems to be more and more open source community projects on the internet these days and it’s amazing how stable they all end up being!
    I have heard of wordpress before but I was told it was difficult to learn – how did you find it?
    Also, how easy is it to add media with like videos?

    1. Open source projects are the best sustainable projects on the web. WP is a very simple and easy software to learn and use. If you need extra help I would suggest using Wealthy Affiliate as their program will walk you through using all the functions of a WordPress website. Adding videos is very simple. all you need is the embedded code which you can find say on a youtube video. Copy and paste that code into the text section of your content page. Your video will be added when you click back to visual.

  3. Hey Kurtis,
    Thank you for taking the time to write such a simple article on WordPress and sharing your vast knowledge.Additionally, you are talking about sharing knowledge about this Hosting site that will host 2 websites for free no money down. What is the difference between Wealthy Affiliate and other hosting sites that also offer free websites? such as WIx for example
    Yours Truly,

    1. Carlton,

      Well, the real benefit of Wealthy Affiliate is if you ever were to get stuck or needed help. There is a live chat and full community that you can ask questions too. Also, having this community is a very powerful tool to have your content read by a 3rd party to give you feedback whether its positive or negative on your content. I hope this helps.

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