is free money system a scam

Free Money System or Waste of Money System?

Is the Free Money System a scam or can Walter Green help you become a millionaire in 90 days?

With this Free Money System review, I will reveal the truth on whether you will earn money or waste your money.

This seems to be another web page with a video claiming to help you become financially free. Someone who was in the same exact shoes as you struggling to get by and has now found the secret to making millions.

Walter Green says he has the secret and is willing to share it with only 7 people. This is most likely not his real name and this is a tactic to try to create urgency so you will hurry up and buy into his product.

The Free Money System will never make you rich, it will only steal your hard earned money.


Free Money System Reviewfree money system review


Owner: Walter Green

Price: minimum of $200

Rating: 1 out of 10


What is the Free Money System?

The Free Money System is an automatic trading system that claims to make you a millionaire in 90 days.

So by investing $200 and clicking a few buttons this automatic trading system is going to make you a millionaire.

Yes, that sounds very believable.

free millionaire blueprint

Let me show you how this system is fake.

Free Money System Video

Walter Green is helping people become millionaires.

This is simply not true. Walter Green has been hiring people off of Fiverr and paying them to make fake testimonials.

This is something commonly done with scams. You can see The Easy Marketers Club did this exact same thing.


The 7 Millionaire Spots

Walter Green says these spots are going to fill up and you need to act right now.

This is just false and 100% not true. The spots are open every single day. Go back in 1 week, you will see these spots are still open to be filled.

You can stay on the page until the millionaire counter reads 1 spot open. Then, go and delete your cache of your browser and the millionaire counter will be back at 7.


Nothing is free on the Free Money System

You will have to start by investing $200 to begin. The video makes you think this is all you will need to pay in order to become a millionaire.

That is when the high price up selling starts. You will then be asked to deposit $1,500 – $8,500 to speed up the process of reaching millionaire status.

These deposits are not to help you become rich yourself, all the system is doing is trying to fatten the bank accounts of the owners of this scam.

the free money system scam deposits


The Risk Disclosure

Walter Green promises you that the Free Money System will make you a millionaire in 90 days.

But why is this on their website?

Why not just disclose the risks in the video?

Is it because he wants to earn a big commission off of you?

He wants you to invest without thinking.

free money system tricking you


The Fake Testimonials

“Yes, I am a millionaire”

That is exactly what one person said in the video.

If you go to the bottom of the page and view the disclosure you will find this.

free money system disclosure

The video is for entertainment purposes. Really?

I thought Walter Green was promising to make me a millionaire in that video!


Free Money System Scam

Is the Free Money System a scam? Yes, yes it is.

Trusting someone to invest your money for you is never going to make you rich. If you want to learn how to invest your money, you need to do the research.

You can make a lot of money in binary investing but not from the Free Money System. I highly recommend you stay away from this to make money online

If you are looking to start your own business, then you should read my review.

This will help you turn your passion into a business online. It is free to get started.

Wealthy Affiliate Review.

This is a great way to make a living online. It is not an overnight success system.

This will require you to work hard and learn how to do it.

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  1. Thank you for your thorough review of the free money system. I wonder how many have fallen prey to Walter Green. Glad I came across your review. You made mention of Wealthy Affiliate. I am in total agreement with you. They are a great source to become successful online. Thank you for providing this information.

    1. Jerome,

      I am not sure how many have been tricked into his scam, but if I can help it no one else will fall for it. It is a great platform to start a business online. I hope to see you over there and if you need any help let me know!

  2. Kurtis,

    These videos are funny if you look at them closely. Marking them for entertainment only give you the clue that it is all fake. Thanks for highlighting the small print. IF I had an extra $1500, I would not put in Binary options. That would pay five years of my membership at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a you state a much better option, just takes more time and effort.

    1. John,

      Yes, once you know they are fake, you then can watch this video and laugh. But, when you land on that page from Google, it does not seem like a joke just a scam. Binary options are not a scam but Walter Green is scamming people. I know I would like to spend less and not get ripped off by someone that is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. I’ve never heard of this one before this, but I’ve come across many programs like it before. Thanks for exposing these scammers.

  4. Hahaha! I never laughed so loud reading a review! How you make it clear about this ‘millionaire’ guy just makes me smile big! Very clear reasons why NOT TO invest on any Trade-For-You website. Ive been into one of this programs and I’ve lost some money, so now I’m reading before I invest. Really appreciate your review and hope for some more, as scams never ends! Take care and keep up with good work!

    1. Michael,

      I think my review is more entertaining to read than watch this con artist claim to make you a millionaire. There are no programs that will invest for you and make you a millionaire. That is a complete lie. If you want to invest, buy a Barrons newspaper on Saturday and read about what the market is up to and what experts think of different companies. But, no one can predict if a stock is going to go up or go down. Glad I could entertain you, Michael!

  5. This Walter Green character certainly seems very dodgy. I won’t be getting any of his products, or systems.
    Thanks for the warnings!

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