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Genesis Pure Review – Is it really pure?

Name: Genesis Pure




Genesis Pure is a multi-level marketing company founded with the aim of providing health driven products to people, some of who can opt into its prosperity plan that entails selling those products and then earning from such sales. Although the headquarters is in Draper, Utah, the company has extended its tentacles to various countries of the world including the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and Japan.

The company has a wide variety of products that subscribers can choose from based on their needs. Its multilevel marketing platform operates through a program called Independent Business Owner (IBO) to which new members can subscribe and then become business partners with the company. They then receive incentives for becoming IBOs starting from the rank of Crown Diamonds and advancing to the rank of Diamond while passing through ten stages.

So, basically you join the company, you become an Independent Business Owner, you buy the products and then also sell the products. To ignite faster growth, you refer other people as your downline in order to improve your earning potential. Here is our #1 rated work from home program.

The good

  1. The company’s products are actual products that can be accessed
  2. The company’s board is well constituted
  3. The company has an accessible physical presence

The bad

  1. The Genesis Pure Products are expensive and may, therefore, be hard to obtain
  2. Advancing the rank and recruiting enough downlines to enable you to make a huge profit is something that will take you a long time considering how small the figures that add up are.
  3. The company has had legal trouble that cannot be shoved aside with its co-founder having been described as a fake doctor and then subsequently charged and fired to the tune of $9 million.

Who is it for?

Genesis Pure is for everyone irrespective of what your financial goals are. Anyone can participate in the Genesis Pure business opportunity.

Products and Business Tools

The company has a wide range of products but its product lines are Live Pure Nutrition, Live Pure Performance and Live Pure Beauty. These products have to do with weight loss, better physical performance, skincare and nutrition.

The company’s major business tools are the mobile back office which is an app that makes the company’s business idea easy to implement with features such as enrolling your down lines by obtaining and sending them a direct link from your device, shopping for your products, managing your business and educating yourself on the business opportunity.

Compensation Plan and Support

The first step in this business as we have explained above is to become an Independent Business Owner (IBO). The company compensates you for this by offering you six ways to earn as follows:

  1. Retail bonus
  2. Sponsor bonus
  3. Team bonus
  4. Generation bonus
  5. Leadership bonus
  6. Lifestyle bonus

The company also operates a first order bonus that allows you to make money on the first product that people enrolled under you buy.

The company offers support to its members through its optimized app and its training programme for new members where they get to meet and learn from a much more experienced IBO Leader.

Final Opinion

I have found no real evidence to substantiate the claims of Genesis Pure. As a matter of fact, the promises on the company’s website are rather vague with very general expressions like “sourcing the best ingredients from across the globe”. I think a more legit business will say in more exact terms what ingredients and from where they are gotten.

The removal of the co-founder Dr. Lindsay Duncan from the team members displayed on the website is also suspicious and something that makes one wary of the company. However, some people have made money from the business although there have been complaints that the income earned is disappointing. Since the company has products on sale, it is not a scam but might require a lot of work before you earn.

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