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Get My Ads Review – Legit or Scam?

is get my ads a scam?

Have you been paying attention to the majority of the hype for Get My Ads?

If you told me that somebody had pitched the idea to you of late, this wouldn’t surprise me. It has made the rounds in social media of lately.

I need to tell you that I am neither an affiliate nor distributor for Get My Ads – I am here to give you an unbiased review.


What Is Get My Ads?

GetMyAds, the domain name for the organization’s official website was registered by an unknown source back on December 4th of 2015.

In any case, the real company didn’t launch until 2016. If you closely investigate the GetMyAds website, we can see that somebody by the name of Frank Hanson is the organization’s Founder and CEO.

Taking a look at Hanson’s Facebook profile, it appears that he stays somewhere in the Virgin Islands of the United States. This is where we suspect that GetMyAds is being run and operated out of.

The bio that is shown for Frank Hanson on the GetMyAds website is simply just marketing stuff for the organization, yet we can discover more data on him by means of his Facebook profile.

According to Hanson’s profile page on Facebook, GetMyAds is a “multi-million business enterprise” that was crafted from nothing by this exceptionally youthful visionary-entrepreneur.”

On top of that, GetMyAds is apparently a “young business and it has changed into what it is today, one of the giants in the highly competitive online advertisements industry.”

That may sound amazing, yet it makes us scratch out heads as to how genuine this really may be. Why is that? Hanson’s profile is telling us that in only a couple short months, GetMyAds has bloomed into a “giant” in the world of online advertising.

If you take a close look it seems a bit too optimistic. Notwithstanding all of this, the GetMyAds website claims that they have paid out commissions valued at more than $14 million.

Once more, this is an absurd claim to make for such a young organization. Even if GetMyAds had been out for an entire year, that would be a hard pill to swallow.

According to reports that were conducted by Alexa, over 42% of all the activity that GetMyAds’ website gets comes straight out of Germany. This would mean that GetMyAds is really being run out of Germany, and not the Virgin Islands in the US like we at first thought.

Things get more befuddling when we take into consideration that the Terms and Conditions for GetMyAds are constituted under Philippine law. Also, even better, GetMyAds initially was putting forth a corporate address some place out of Norway.


Does Get My Ads Offer Any Products?

As to the product offering that GetMyAds has set up, there is genuinely nothing to discuss here by any stretch of the imagination. The organization doesn’t have any kind of product offering to talk about, so therefore, affiliates are only able to market and sell the affiliate membership to prospective investors and buyers.

The organization doesn’t have any kind of product offering to talk about, so therefore, affiliates are only able to market and sell the affiliate membership to prospective investors and buyers.


What Kind Of Compensation Plan Does Get My Ads Have?

With the compensation plan that is set up, members are pushed to invest $50 into “tokens” that the organization offers. When money has been invested into the tokens, affiliates are told to expect an ROI that is greater 100%.

GetMyAds doesn’t give exact information on the value of the ROI available, yet they do state that it works out to around at least 1% every day. In addition to this, a commission of $6 is additionally paid out on investments that have been made by affiliates another person personally recruited.

There is also a “Mentor Bonus” that is mentioned; however, GetMyAds doesn’t give any information with respect to how that works.


What Is The Cost Of Membership With Get My Ads?

On the off chance that you want to join GetMyAds, the membership is free. In order to take part in the MLM side of the organization, you will have to make an investment of $50 to begin.


Conclusion for Get My Ads

It doesn’t require a great deal of mental ability to see that GetMyAds is operating as a Ponzi scheme. Affiliates invest $50 at once into tokens and are then guaranteed a day by day return on that investment.

Also, straight from the horse’s mouth, GetMyAds takes 40% of all cash being put into the organization and uses that to pay off ROIs that they owe to existing members inside the organization.

When you join this Ponzi scheme operation on top of all the straight up nonsense we went over above, it ought to be quite certain that GetMyAds is an organization you need to avoid as much as possible.

This company has no product line that is going to crash in no time.

That being said, it is always going to be challenging when you join as a distributor for an MLM company. Building a strong network and downline is not easy and a lot of people quit before they ever become successful with their opportunity.

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